Question from Darkasian666

Error code 80020148?

I tried to play disgaea infinite and it couldn't start and this code came on "80020148". Help how do I get ride of this crap!

MC_BatCommander asked for clarification:

Are you trying to play on the UMD or did you purchase it from the PSN?

Darkasian666 provided additional details:

A umd

MC_BatCommander asked for clarification:

Forgot to ask what firmware you were using.

Accepted Answer

PaladinCrusader answered:

Try the following steps:

1) Go to Recovery Menu (turn off then hold R and turn on)
2) Configuration -> Use NO-UMD (Disable it)
3) Go all the way back to main menu
4) Advanced -> Advanced Configuration -> (Disable all of them)

If those steps don't work, try updating your PSP
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