Question from Team_Lord

Cwcheat for psp go??

I can't have a cwcheat on psp.... why?? can someone help me??

Team_Lord provided additional details:

I'm using now TempAR. But TempAR has no PSX cheats, Where can I find them??


Molivious answered:

the best solutions to your problem are probably found in google.
not to mention that we might be breaking some TOS regulations if we prolong a discussion about it.

But to answer your question in the simplest way:
- you will need cfw (custom firmware; might be specific for the GO)
- you will need to learn how to install plugins

if all else fails, ditch cwcheat and go for TempAR (it will also load your cwcheat .db files)
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Molivious answered:

There is no way to do that
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