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What is an AOSS switch?

I know I can get on the internet with my PSP, but I have this function known as AOSS. Apparently, it allows me to get on the internet without a WI-FI connection. I want to use it but, I don't know where the heck it is! Help?!

stephen_sawyer provided additional details:

I belive it's an older version. It's a bit bulky. It's also a refirbished model. You know what, I haven't seen the newer ones.

stephen_sawyer provided additional details:

OK. I have finally found the answer! Apparently the AOSS switch was made to go with a modem made by the Buffalo CO. If you press a certain button on said modem, then I can use the PSP to get on the internet. There is a catch however, the modem in question must have WI-FI capabilities. So kisameitachi5, I thank you for helping but i got it.

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kisameitachi5 answered:

What model psp do you have? The older one that is heavier and bulkier or a newer model that is light and thinner?
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