Question from JesusFreak1990

Certain games freeze, then turn off my PSP, what's causing this?

A long while back when I was playing Socom: Fireteam Bravo 2, there was a part of the game where as this bridge explodes, my PSP would freeze then turn itself off after about 20-30 seconds. I eventually found that, for some weird reason, if I looked away from the bridge as it exploded, the game kept playing.

I figured maybe it was just a glitch in the game at that part.

Then later I found this freeze and shutdown glitch to happen on the online mode every once in a while.

Now I have had this problem on several other games as well, such as Thrillville: Off The Rails and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Anyone know why this problem is happening?

JesusFreak1990 provided additional details:

In Response to DELIRIUM-XY's post: One time a friend knocked my PSP out of my hand, and it hit the carpet, making my game pop out. But that was it, and my PSP worked fine after that.

But this problem was happening way before that. And as I said, it only happens with certain games. The majortiy of my games never make my PSP do this.

JesusFreak1990 provided additional details:

In response to DaAmazinStapler's post: No, I forgot to mention that it also happend with a demo before, so I don't think it has anything to do with my UMD laser.

starfox6492 asked for clarification:

I have the same problem too, but ONLY when playing field commander, which also has large explosions. the UMD disc is pretty scratched, but i'm not sure if thats the case...

JesusFreak1990 provided additional details:

jackson1000, it is not a scratched game problem, all of my games are in great condition, this is just a problem that happens with certain games, even some demos I download, and those are not even on UMD obviously.

shigonkuro asked for clarification:

ok now i got a question my psp was working fine until yesterday. When i turned it on everything went fine but when it got to the main screen for the game it froze i couldnt hit start x or anything to select what i want and its never done this before and i dont want to spend 150 bloody dollars to get a new one anybody know whats goin on

plasmalips asked for clarification:

I had the same thing happen on my psp3000 I even updated to 6.10 but this shutdown problem just happend on my music wich i downloaded using media go and it makes me mad because I just bought the dang thing yesterday for my birthday brand new


DELIRIUM-XY answered:

Yeah this has happened to me too (not online) and i have no idea what's causing it. Maybe we can help each other figure out? Did you drop your psp a lot or something?
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DaAmazinStapler answered:

I say it would be your lens on the UMD laser, take a qtip of rubbing alchohol and rub it on the eye. It's only happening with UMDs right?
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gTaChEaTfInDeR answered:

I know what it is. Almost completely positive. Because it happened in my Thrillville. Sometimes looking away is just qoincadence (<-- dont know how to spell :D) Point: Something is either dusty inside of your UMD slot and you should do what DaAmazinStapler said and take a delicate peice of material to dust off any bacteria that might disturb the performance of your game. Just be sure not to accidentaly drop or brake your PSP in a severe or slight way, causing your game to not only freeze and randomly shut down, but demolish completely.
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gamersdream777 answered:

if you go to the developers treehouse in size maters and use the watering thing, it will freeze the game. this probably isnt your freezing problem, though. the UMD my be severely scratched or the lens could be damaged.
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0BanjoKazooie0 answered:

Tru it mught be the umd that has a problem, that happened to me, and i found out the problem, it was that my PSP needed an update!
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jackson1000 answered:

That means ur game is scratched
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PspGetBirthday answered:

My game has a similar but ANNOYING glitch exactly like yours. It is not the game, it is your PSP. I can never continue
most games when this happens! I always end up selling them, but they are never scratched. And TODAY I found
out it was my PSP. You should sell yours and get the PSPgo, like I'm selling MY PSP, and getting the PSPgo.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and I'm not sorry, though, I'm MAD. So sell your PSP, and get a
BRAND NEW one, of course. The new ones go for over $200.00, but it's okay.


I just experimented with my PSP, trying to find out the problem, and it needed an UPDATE! So DON'T sell your PSP,
just connect it to the Internet and update it! I FINALLY completed the game today, and it was awesome!
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pspdudes answered:

It's probably another system from sony that when you have to update ur psp it starts freezing, or the game has some sort of glitch, the same thing happened with my brother but when he updated it it stopped.
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kinnovittorio answered:

The games that you use is not compatible with your psp, this also happened to me :(
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deathshong answered:

I have this problem before.My friend say its the memory stick. Get your memory stick from your psp if there is a red line in it. If there is I recommend buying a new one with out a redline or with a black or white line.Note:not only umds have this problem even downloaded games like mine.
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__Ryoki__ answered:

This is weird, It only happens in ONE game for me. But not just me, me and my friends all have had Monster Hunter Freedom Unite randomly crash and return to the opening during wifi-play. My guess is that it has to be the UMD.
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sebiastianbam answered:

Happened to me before, try upgrading you psp, maybe it's too old and can't catch up with ur psp.
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asadie answered:

I had that problem also! (not with my new psp go) On spider-man 3, my psp-1000 freezes on the final battle; I personaly think that your psp is either old or you got the illegal copied version.
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rezpatriot answered:

It's a glitch in the actual game files. Unfortunately this is typical of games and this is why Patches are released. So put the UMD in the PSP, go to the UMD menu and select UMD with the Triangle. Take a look to see if there is an update available. Its hell of annoying. Its a glitch 100% certain.
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ReddjToon answered:

The Explosion created a laggy effect on your PSP, which makes it harder to load, which makes it hang also because
of the explosion's high lighting.
After 20-30 seconds it should turn off like your PSP because it hanged. If it is an ISO/CSO, it should happen because
it isn't an original game so sometimes, PIRATED games/movies lag a lot.
If it is a UMD game then it should be a glitched epic game explosion that caused the hang.

I have also played SOCOM FIreteam Bravo 2, but deleted it BECAUSE it ALWAYS hangs when I press Multiplayer
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jejejames answered:

I have been through all this observations and i have an answer,,,do u play you're psp while charging?? because if u do,ur battery will be corrupt [but some do it all time BUT!! if ur battery gives up,,it will be corrupt] corrupted batteries will cause freezed game followed by automatic shut down followed again by returning to the xmb a.k.a main menu screen,,,and need to buy another battery,,,it will happen to all games even umd's and downloads,,,,,another cause is by installing many cheats.,.,.,.,i hope this helps you all folks:))
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DethBladeX answered:

Ignore most of these answer attempts. It's simply bad programming on the developer's part. I have to put up with the same issue with the Grand Theft Auto games, especially when I'm playing around with the tank. It's simply the PSP getting overloaded, possibly memory overflow or the game was unable to process the sudden and massive influx of data and simply hung. The fact that the PSP turns itself off is because it is able to determine that the game is no longer responding and powers itself down because you would be unable to turn the device off otherwise (aside from removing the battery). This is not the fault of the PSP, just a game bug.
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PrOdIgYY-Life answered:

This happened to me when I used to play Socom FTB2. My two theories is a lot of data being presented to your PSP at once that your PSP can't process in time.

My second theory is that many hackers have been overriding the game lately so that may be the problem. It is NOT anything to do with the game in general(that I know of)
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