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Is their a way to modify a psp game save on the pc?

I am looking for something with an easy interface and I would like it to run on the PC not the psp... I have downloaded saves where the person states that they modified the save but they did a terrible thing and skipped chapters with out aquiring key items causing me to miss features... all the games i have I have completed but i Miss a few things and i would like to max my stats... can any one help...
one game i want to edit is dungeon explorer warriors of ancient arts.
my firm ware is 4.05 and i have no intention of modifying my psp just the saves on py PC...

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CyberElfSlut answered:

You'll need a hex editor for your PSP, and to understand the exact format that the game stores it's data in, and how to adjust the file so the game doesn't see it as having been tamperred with.

This is beyond the scope of a single post here.
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countzander answered:

That question is about PC software, not a PSP.
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Rolen74 answered:

Save games are encrypted. You can't edit them without decrypting them first with homebrew (Savegame Deemer). After they are decrypted you can use a Hex Editor to change values, but it's trial & error to find what you want to change. It's much easier just to use the homebrew CWcheat.
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