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My PSP keeps randomly bringing up the grey "Would you like to quit the game" screen?

It is one of the red God of War PSPs.

My hand is nowhere near the button and it will keep popping up. Its been increasing in frequency in the last few days, now when it pops up, it does so several times over just as fast as i can hit the cancel button

Knives54 provided additional details:

Nope, doesnt do it with any other games. I gave up and simply used my brother's PSP for FFT. Oh wells.

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muscarella_jc answered:

Ive been having the same problem with my PSP 2000. I ruled out the sticky home key issue since hitting the home key does not cause loading issues with games, but when the "quit game" screen came up, the game started having loading issues. The system brings up the menu whenever the disc tray is opened up. I looked inside and noticed that there is a small lever that is pressed in when there is a disc present in the tray. On PSP 1000 series its black and if the screen is facing you, when you look inside it will be towards the top and to the left. On PSP 2000 and 3000 series it is again towards the left, but more towards the bottom of the tray, its also a tan color so much easier to notice.. I put a little bit of tape on the lever to hold it down and I didn't get the "quit game" screen at random times anymore. When it finally started happening again, the tape had pulled up. I used electrical tape so it doesn't have a very strong stickiness that lasts. Perhaps masking tape would work better and a bit of advice would be to use tweezers to try to get the piece in there as there isn't much finger space.

Hope that fixes your issue and good luck.
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demo_vol1 answered:

Maybe your Home button is broken?
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He_Who_Playeth answered:

Mine was doing that a while ago with one of my games. It was doing it when I moved the PSP or if I pushed the back of the disk tray thing. Does it happen with any other games?
Mine stopped after a few days, BTW
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kk120 answered:

had that problem for a couple months, some one else also posted a similar question and a lot of people gave answers. It sounds like your home key is "sticky" i had the same problem usually happens when you've dropped your psp. This isn't guaranteed to work after a couple trys but it helps you just need something like a sowing needle or tooth pick and lift up the home key a bit by useing a bit of leverage by putting the end of the needle (the sharp part) under the homekey and gently lifting it took a while to work on my slim but now i dont have the problem
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gamersdream777 answered:

All i know is the PSP UMD tray may think its open. if not then the home button is stuck.
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arceus17 answered:

Gamersdream777's answer is like mine but my home buttons not stuck.
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natervader13 answered:

The same thing happened to my psp slim. There's a pretty simple solution. You pretty much need to just adjust where the umd is. Try to test if it does that still by tapping it a couple times. It should work with it then. Good luck your psp!
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ezraadriadiputr answered:

I think it's the UMD,
In my PSP, if I open the UMD in the middle of a game, it ask me to quit, like the home button does.
Try to open (or wedge) the UMD while playing.
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FaithIsIgnorant answered:

I had this problem and was searching for days for an answer, I've finally found the solution on my own.

There is a small button inside the umd tray that register weather the tray is open or close, I reckon the problem is because the button isn't fully pressed. I took out the cotton from a cotton swap and stuck it on the button, seems to fix it for me.

The button is located on the upper left corner inside the tray, using anything that keeps the button down will fix the problem.
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netPikatron answered:

The sheer number of questions here and topics on the PlayStation official website's forums all discussing this same problem have led me to a single conclusion:
This is the result of a fault with the PSP itself, and is something Sony REALLY needs to look into. My (brother's) BRAND-NEW PSP-3000, with a BRAND-NEW copy of Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is having this problem ALL THE TIME. Sometimes the Home menu pops up IMMEDIATELY after being closed! I suspect the UMD isn't positioned correctly inside or something, a problem that never occurred with our previous, "fat" version on account of that metal part guiding it into position. Why did they remove that for the slim version anyway?

...well, enough ranting from me. Bottom line: blame Sony.
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netPikatron answered:

Addendum to my previous post: after taking out the game and putting it back in, my brother's been playing for several whole minutes without experiencing this glitch at all. This lends credence to my hypothesis that the UMD had been positioned incorrectly.
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imbaskie12 answered:

Check Out My Channel Just Watch my tutorial to how to fix that error
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