Question from boo_crye

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can i get the application to play pokemon on my psp?

I watched someone playing pokemon on her psp?
she said i need an application...
and what is the name of that application?

Accepted Answer

From: danielbrix98 5 years ago

Its a hack
its a nintendo ds game then he convert it to psp

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You will need to do some research on this one, but i'll try to explain some here so you can know what to research.

1- First you will need an Custom Firmware, that is, an Non-Official Firmware. With this Custom Firmware, you can run homebrews, homebrews can be programs or emulators.

2- After you do the Custom Firmware thing, you will need an emulator homebrew to run the game, in your case the pokemon.

Do some research, the Custom Firmware and SOME homebrews can be kinda dangerous, since it can break your PSP. But if you do everything right, then there will be no problem, if you dont know what you are doing do some research or ask, this way you can prevent the bricks.

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what Nazgulbr sied. but normal homebrews can't harm youre PSP. only ones that toutch youre FLASH0 (firmware installed) can harm it most homebrews say when they toutch FLASH0.

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