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How do i go online with my psp 1000??

Yes i have a router/pc. I go to network settings under settings. Then i choose infrastructure mode. I scan for an ssid and get 2wire619, with wpa-psk(tkip) (security) and 100% signal str. I choose wpa-psk (tkip) as security settings, and easy foradress settings, (no proxy and no internet browser). But when i test connection all i get is

lotr15 provided additional details:

All i get is the connection to the access point has timed out.

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lpm888x answered:

1. its not really your router its picking up- (i was picking up next door's signal at 100%)
2. its your internet connection- (is it a wireless plan?)
3. your router is broken
4. your psp's ir is broken
5. you arent inputing the right security codes for your wireless network- (most likely, try this first)

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Hope it helps!
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