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Technical Help Answers
"Games"? 2
"Not Supported"? 4
.rar file problem...downloaded the C&C freebie & need help? 5
2001 Slim battery problem? 3
A connection error has occurred. The signal may be weak? 1
A question about the directional buttons?? 1
About downloading games from the Playstation Store? 3
Analog stick? 1
Any change? 1
Anyone know where to find a cheap replacement LCD for the 1000? 4
Battery covering problems...? 1
Battery dies very quickly after full charge? 5
Can a North American PSP GO play games from the Japanese PSN? 3
Can a psp 2000 faceplate work on a psp2001? 1
Can anyone help with lost saved game data? 11
Can I download directly on to the PSP? 1
Can new PSP batteries work in the 1001 model? 1
Can PSP games from the PSN run on a PS3? 1
Can purchased downloadable games be transferred between PSPs? 1
Can the psp memory stick be like put into a pc? 5
Can we play assasin's creed2 in the psp1001 ? 2
Can you download ps2 classic on psp like you can on ps3? 1
Can you play downloaded PSP titles on your PS3? 1
Can't Import Videos Since Update? 1
Certain games freeze, then turn off my PSP, what's causing this? 18
Control stick broken, any way to fix it? 1
Corrupt data recovery? 4
Crashing!!!? 1
CWcheat list problem??? 1
Do all people playing local multiplayer on a game need to have the game too? 1
Do any regular headphones work on the PSP? 1
Error code 80020148? 1
Error code? 2
Game saves problems? 2
Game Saves? 2
Gray spaces cover parts of my psp, what are these? 1
Has anyone heard reports of damaging (overheat, etc.) PSPs by leaving them in sleep mode? 1
Headsets? 2000-3000 1
Home and Note button turn off screen? 2
How can I fix the WLAN switch? 1
How can i put the game of a UMD on my memory stick? 1
How can I reset the internet security password? 2
How can i restart my psp? 2
How can I stop my PSP from randomly turning off? 1
How can i transfer a purchased game of an account to another account of psn? 4
How can i unregister a psp from my psp without aving the psp anymore? 1
How can I use a WPA connection with a PSP 1000, without changing other networks? 2
How can you get 5.50 or later software for your psp? 1
How do I change tha language to English? 1
how do I clear another person's account off a psp? 1
How do I convert a data for the PSP ? 3
How do I download? 2
How do I fix the analog nub? 6
How do I fix this? 1
How do I get images on PSP? 1
How do I get the game to fit the TV? 1
How Do I Get the WLAN Switch on My PSP 1000 to Work? 1
How do i go online with my psp 1000?? 1
How do i know if i have custom firmware? 1
How do I make my PSP full screen on a tv? 1
how do I play my psp go on a tv? 1
How do I play the PSP games online? 1
How do i put pictures and music on my PSP? 2
How do I transfer music to my PSP? 2
How do i update my psp into version 6.10? 1
How do you fix the UMD? 2
HOw many more firmwares must i download? 1
How much for a cracked screen? 1
How much space do game saves take up? 1
How to download java to the psp? 3
How to look at pdf files from for psp? 1
How...? 1
I can't download this? 2
I can't find a video, please help? 1
I cant play my game..? 1
I dropped my psp and now its broken what do I do? 3
I have a broken psp and I don't know where to get it fixed can somebody help me? 1
I have corrupted data on my memory card from downloads off PSN. It won't let me delete off my memory card. Help? 1
I have corrupted data on my PSP! How do you fix it? 1
I have got a corrupted Game Save. Is there anyway that this can be recovered? 1
I have had my PSP on charge for probably around a month will it be fine? 1
I Need Help With Downloading Game Saves? 2
I'll be getting a PSP-3000 soon; what will I want to get the most out of it? 3
i've got questions about the PSPgo Plz help!!? 1
I've got the wrong component cable...any way to fix this ?? 4
Installation Failed (rock band unplugged)? 1
IP Address timed out? 2
Is it okay to leave UMD inside PSP for a long time? 1
Is it okay to take a disc out of the plastic case thing? 1
Is it possible to change the name of PSP savefiIes on a PC? 1
Is it possible to get a virus on psp? 1
Is it rue that downloaded games cannot work on psp 3000 or 3006? 2
Is there any way to get my RSS/Podcast feeds from my PSP to an RSS agregator on my new Laptop? 2
It is possible to connect a fat PSP on a TV? 1
Low charge battery? 1
Micro M2 Pro Duo adapter trouble? 1
My PSP can't read the UMDs.(?) 5
My PSP keeps randomly bringing up the grey "Would you like to quit the game" screen? 12
My PSP Slim can't take MP3 files. Help? 5
My psp wont update? 1
My PSP's buttons won't work, Why? 1
My PSP3000 can't read iso/cso files from my memory stick.(?) 4
Need browser help? 1
Need help downloading songs to my PSP (? required question mark) 2
No UMD icon ever apears? 1
Playing psp on tv with the ps3? 1
PS1 games on PSP? 1
PSP Battery/Charger Problem? 1
PSP Battery? 3
PSP File formats? 2
PSP save data format? 1
Removing UMDs? 1
RemovingUMD Discs? 1
Save Data Problems? 1
Security System? 1
Stamina Battery? 1
The "hold" button / switch doesn't come off. (?) 3
There's no color when I connect my psp to the tv? 5
Update 6.20 'This game cannot be started' ??? 1
What are these lights for on the console? 1
What is an AOSS switch? 1
What is the differnce between the two versions of the PSP-2000? 1
What is the w lan switch? 2
What kind of memory cards work in the PSP? 2
What Should I Do When My PSP Doesn't Show The Screen? 1
What tvs are compatible with psp 3000 av cable? 1
What video formats do PSP's support? 2
What's an access point? 1
What's ther difference between Interlace and Progressive? 4
When i connect the psp to the internet it doesn't do it and just says it "timed out"? 1
Which Game Is Playable Online? 1
Why can't we talk about hacked psp? 1
Why does my PSP keep exiting out of the internet brower and going to USB connection? 1
Why does my psp make buzzing noises when I play it??? 1
Why does my PSP not play games when I connect it to my TV? 1
Why does my psp tell me that there is no room for saving my game data when the memory card is empty? 4
Why does the game keep telling me (cannot delete folder.)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me sytem timed out? 1
Why does the home menu pop up when i'm playing a game and why does it shut down? 4
Why doesnt it turn on? 2
Why is the Composite cable plugged in and tv screen is black? 3
Why my PSP is................? 2
Why won't my file of Bloody Roar 2 work? Please Help! 1
Why won't my PSP work? 1
Why won't nba2k10 and disgaea 2 work? 2
Will it make my battery life longer? 1
Will you be able to play psp games on the NGP? 1
XMB Menu Not Showing Up? 2
Youtube on psp? 1
[?] Need help recovering PSP from ver.3.40 OE-A back to 1.50 to get back to official 1

Other Help Answers
(create your own question)when I insert the memory sitick it comes right back out what do I do ? 4
- Do most games on the PSP use the analog nub? - 1
A question about downloading games from the PSN? 1
A website that streams videos that the PSP can play? 4
About connecting to the PS3...? 1
American PSN Games? 1
Analog stick problem? 1
Answer please... I wanted a game like this... ? 1
Anyone know some good Action RPG's? (please read post before posting) ^_^ 1
Are there any games like monster rancher or like pokemon on the psp? Basically Breeding Games. 1
Are there any PSP game just like Fable 2 ?? 3
Are they going going to release Final Fantasy VII on UMD? 1
Battery Charger Does'nt work? 1
Bluetooth? 1
Burnt Like Shades On PSP-2000 Screen? 1
Can anyone make a hacked Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker save please? 1
Can anyone recommend a good RPG game? 1
Can I access the store without a PS3? 1
Can I copy umd games to the memory stick pro duo and play them without the umd? 4
Can I download PS3 DLC to a PSP? 1
Can i get World of Warcraft on my psp?? 3
Can I store downloaded TV episodes on my computer? 1
Can I use a PS2 Slim power cord to charge PSP? 1
Can I use a Sixaxis controller to play a game on my PSP 3000? 1
Can i use the internet while playing? 1
Can someone help me create this's Character's and lv up the team for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions? 1
Can someone plz name a good shooting game and say if its online? 2
Can the PS3 access DLC for the PSP, then transfer it? 1
Can the psp 1000 charger be used on the 3000? 4
Can u tell me the assasain games like assasain creed among PSP games ? 1
Can you buy Final Fantasy 7 on PSN and play it on psp without a PS3? 1
Can you explain how do I transfer game saves between 2 memory sticks? 1
Can you get ps2 games on the psp some how? 1
Can you like download games from the pc and put it into your pspGO? 2
Can you play a European version of a game on an american PSP? 1
Can you save game without memery card? 3
Connect PSP Slim to a TV? 1
DBZ tenkaichi tag team psp go? 1
Disadvantages? 1
Do I get all I missed? 1
Do the multiplayer servers for games ever get closed once the game becomes unpopular or out of date on the PSP? 1
Do you need a credit card to make a PSN account? 1
Do you still need to data install? 4
Does Anyone Know How To Get A Psp Charging Again Or If You Can Buy Just A Battery Charger? 1
Does anyone know how to solve directional pad/ mini stick problem? 1
Does m2 memory card inserted in adapter work with psp? 1
Does the PSP 3000 ship with memory card? 1
Does the psp have memory on it or is my only option to buy a memory stick? 1
Does WPA encription work on the PSP-1000? 1
Does YouTube work on the PSP 3000? 1
Downloadable save data not working!!? 2
Filming help? 1
Firmware for Dissidia? 2
Game become slow when memory card full??? 1
Hardware problem, with hold and select, see details for more info.? 1
Have they release Final fantasy X on psp ? 1
Help with MP3? 1
HELP!!! how do I get the user posted saves to work on my psp? 1
How can I download videos to my psp? 2
How can I get flash player on my PSP? 1
How can i get movie on the PSP? 3
How can I Make a psn Account? 1
How can i tell what series my psp is? 1
How can you convert PSOne PS3/PSOne saves to play on a PSP? 2
How can you download Games for the PSP? 1
How do I add music to files on sense me? 1
How do I close down my Playstation Network account on the PSP? 2
How do I copy over saves from gamefaqs using the media manager? 1
How do I delete photos? 1
How do i get videos on to my PSP? 2
How do I put a game save on psp? 4
How do i put music on my psp from my computer? 1
How do I update my PSP? 1
How do I use online? 1
How do u play PS games on a psp? if its really possible 1
How do you create an internal memory card on the psp, so that i can transfer my psone save file from my ps3 to my psp? 2
How do You Download Gamesaves? 3
How do you input Promotion Codes on your psp? 1
How do you transfer over the many UMD's you have over to the PSP GO? 2
How i play multiplayers game...? 3
How much is a psp go they say it is gonna release on 10-01-09? 1
How much the limit? 1
How much...? 1
How to arrange the order of iso files? 2
How to hack? 1
How to install the program where i can put my videos in? 3
How to make sure I get a 3000? 2
How to put action replay codes on my PSP? 1
How to put pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness inside psp? 1
I can not go on the playstation store on my psp? 1
I can't update.(?) 1
I have lost my charger? 1
If i delete my account will it affect my other psn acounts? 1
Internet browser question? 1
Is anyone having issues loading action replay? 1
Is assassins' creed bloodlines and gta liberty city stories good for psp? I want to buy it 1
Is gran trismo and MGS piece walker will work with PSP 1000??? 1
Is it possible to play ps1 and ps2 games in a psp console? 4
Is it possible to record PSP gameplay with AV Cables and a DVD Recorder? 2
Is it worth it at all? 2
Is PSP browser same as PS3 browser? 1
Is PSP Go, a good PSP? 1
Is the browsing memory all erasable? 1
Is the PSPgo the same as the PSP except a different shape? 3
Is their a way to modify a psp game save on the pc? 3
Is there a way to enable WPA-enterprise on the psp? 1
Is there any way to set the PSP so can use it on plane? 2
Is there anything that can fix this? 1
Is there such a game? 1
Is this possible? 2
Lost my psp? 1
Max amount of memory? 1
Memory Cards? 1
Memory stick pro duo help? 1
Memory stick Pro Duo? 1
Memory Stick Question? 1
Memory stick trouble? 1
Memory Sticks??? 1
More games like dj fight or tekken 6 ? 1
Music? 1
My PSP didn't charge, so I bought a new battery, but it still won't charge!Help? 1
My psp wont read the game disc what do i do? 2
My umd case broke what do i do? 1
Newest CFW? 1
Not creating any more games? 2
Not playing games? 1
On A PSP Go? 2
Online or Offline Multiplayer games ? 1
Order of songs in PSP music menu? 2
PCEngine and NeoGeo on PSP?! 1
Playstation Network taking out games? 2
PlaystationNetwork question? 1
PlayStationNetwork? 1
Problems with AV output connection? 4
PS1 classics? 1
PS1 Download Game Help? 1
PSN Help? 1
Psp 3000 or psp Go? 1
PSP 3000 series? 3
PSP 3006 or PSPGO? 1
PSP battery got problem? 1
PSP battery problem? 1
PSP Differences? 1
PSP Go ! ? 2
Psp go quality? 3
PSP language ? 1
PSP Memory stick? 1
PSP No more upcoming games in 2012?? 1
PSP prices? 2
Psp region? 1
Psp update problame? 1
PSP Vita will release when?? 1
PSP1000 (fat)? 1
Question about RECOVERY mode? 1
Recommended Games please? :) 1
Removing umd from psp? 1
Should I buy a PSP? 1
Should I buy the brand new PSPgo ?? 3
Should i get a componet cable? 1
Should i get the PSP- Slim? 2
Single system activated on multiple accounts? 1
Size of pic for photo? 1
Skype? 1
Sleep mode vs. Turning off the PSP? 5
Socom for PSP? 1
Some other way? 1
Sub Folders? 1
Tekken: Dark Ressurection? 1
Updates? 1
USB Camera Question? 3
What are 'Game Saves'? 1
What are signs that show my LCD screen is starting to ware out? 1
What are the Best PSP games of 09-10? 1
What flashgames can i play on psp? 2
What games don't need analog sticks? 1
What happened to my memory stick and my psp? 2
What is CWcheat? 1
What is the deal with the PSN titles I've seen in my local gameshop? 1
What is the trade in value for the PSP 2000? 1
What is the wi-fi speed of the PSP go? Is it b, g or n? 1
What kind of PSP should I buy? 1
What purpose do GBs have on a PSP? 1
What the difference between the 1000, 2000 and 3000 models? 1
What will happen to your PSP? 1
Whats the highest dimensions of pics that a PSP supports? 1
Whats the trade in value for psp 1000? 1
When is the real PSP2 coming out?! 2
When put into sleep mode does the psp drain battery?and how fast 3
Where can i get the application to play pokemon on my psp? 2
Where i can download PsP Games free? 3
Which one is better? 1
Which PSP should I get? 1
Which PSP would be better for me to get (this is directed towards people who've owned the 2000 and 3000)? 2
Which version should I get? 1
Whitch charges faster? The wall or pc? 2
Why did my games disappear? 2
Why do i get disconnected? 1
Why does my 16 GB memory card run slow? 2
Why does my PSP completely shut down after battery is depleted? 2
Why does my psp say that i dont have enough memory for a website? 3
Why my psp freezes?!? 1
Why won't some of my downloaded music and videos play? 1
Why wont my psp read my memory stick? 2
Will my memory stick pro duo work on a psp go? 1
You know when you have a game selacted for a while and music and a special backgroung pop up? 1

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