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Open Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Yugioh Tag Force 4 and 5 - Miracle Contact? 0
Can anyone make my monster hunter freedom unite save to 99x? 1
Can we download the PSP 3000 games online and then put them on the memory stick to play in the psp system? 4
Can you talk to your opponent using a skype headset on madden 09 ? 1
Ceanataur Pincer!? 2
Garuga Ear? 3
How can i get the cell phone ? 1
How can i use the weapon in Tekken 6?? 1
How do I buy a propert, a boat and a car ? 2
How do I earn a promotion? 1
How do i enter a code in indiana jones 2? 1
how do i get a basarios wing?NEED FOR ROCK EATER BOWGUN/ARBELEST 3
How do I go on an aircraft on GTA liberty city on psp ?If I have finished the game. 7
How do i pickup and use med pacs in Halo Combat Evolved? 2
How do I unlock the chaingun on StarWarsBattlefrontEliteSquadron? 2
How do you colored gems and the items from password friend cards in Final Fantasy Dissidia? 1
How do you get a Gorjan Stone in Locoroco 2? 1
How do you put in the jet pack in little big planet, while makin a stage? 1
I can find a aircraft but I don't know how to get in, in GTA LCS on PSP so can you help? 4
I need help finding the suten rs turbo on gta IV? 1
I need help in creating levels in little big planet. Can we glue magic mouth or any other item on creations? 1
I need help to fix ma psp? 1
I want auto tracker? 1
I wanted to make costly punch 100 Atk but accidentally I got status strike at atk 100? 2
Im playing graw 2? 1
Looking for an older game....Can you please help me out? 1
MHFU how to get royal armor sphere? 2
OMG!!!..... Prinny pirates gonna drive me crazy! why is it so hard to find them?! help please (>.<) 1
Patapon 2 Manboth or Manboroth? 2
Phantasy star portable 2- what is this weapon called ? 1
Playing little big planet stuck on how to put the beak on the bird? 2
Psp go? 1
Question about Harvest moon: Hero of leaf Valley (Where can I find The Prize in Horse Race??) 1
Terra's Attack Command? 1
What do I do in God Eater when I try to receive an aragami bullet and it says too many? 1
What monster in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 drops the mystery bone? 5
What player do I need to play movies on my pc that I got off of Crackle on the psp? 4
Where are the blue crystals at on star wars the force unleashed for psp? 1
Where can I find Karasawa MK-II? 1
Where can I get an xlink?? 2
Where do i move a psp game save from my computer to my psp? 3
Where do i type the cheats in for nfs prostreet? 1
Where to put songs on rock band unplugged? 2
Whitill wings on a cast? (phantasy star portable 2) 1
Will camera cards work with this? 6
Will the o/s Bakugan Defender of the Core game play on my PSP, given that Oz does not have the PSP release ? 1
Technical Help Answers
*Why does my PSP keep going to a Red Screen with different languages? 1
???I have the original psp and cannot connect to psn... ... 6
Activating system? 2
Back-up data on PC? 2
Battery drain while off - not in sleep mode - new psp?? 1
Battery or Charger? 2
Battery/Charger Issues...Help? 3
Broken screen? 1
Can All Memory From Browsing Internet On Psp Be Erased? 5
Can any body help with my data? 1
Can anybody tell me why my full version games in my pspgo suddenly cant be played? 2
Can anyone help with lost saved game data? 11
Can I play games without UMDs if I don't have CFWs? 1
Can't boot the game (ISO)? 3
Can't play PSX games? 1
Certain games freeze, then turn off my PSP, what's causing this? 18
Charging psp 3000 using ipod wall charge? 1
Connection error 80431064 can anyone help? 2
Corrupted save data? 1
Disk Error? 3
Emulator cheats? 1
Erorr 8010850F ? 2
Error = PRX type unsupported, help? 2
For some reason, my psp can run any UMD games, but can run UMD movies. Y? 1
Gahhhh... When does PSP-3000 will have a Off-Able CFW? 6
Game reading?? 1
Games load problem? 1
Got a new PSP but it wont connect to internet?? 1
Having big problems with wifi access help? 1
HELP please? I cannot run DOA Paradise in my PSP3000 ver 5.03GEN-C 1
Help, can someone tell me what's wrong with my psp? 3
Home Key Issues? 1
How can I connect to the internet? Having Problems. 1
how can I get my videos to my psp slim? 3
How can i improve the WI-FI connecting range on my psp? 3
How come my friends cant see me in Gathering Hall of MHFU? 4
How come my PSP go can't recharge anymore? 1
How did you reactivate your PS account? 1
How do i change the button layouts? 4
How do i download little big planet on my psp? 1
How do I fix theDirectional-pad? 1
How do I get a PSN account of the right region and get the Prinny demo? 1
How do i get my pspgo to read its 16 gig memery? 1
How do I get my slim PSP battery to work in my FAT PSP? 12
How do I sort picture files by name? 2
How do i use and old psx save on a psp game? 1
How do i use Xlink Kai? 1
How do u deactivate a psn account? 3
How do you clean an UMD disc? 1
How do you record gameplay on a psp to a computer? 3
How do you take screenshots of of your PSP ? 5
How do you trade invizimals? 1
How easy should it be for the analog nub to come off? 2
How is the order of pictures determined? 1
How to Convert PSP Game Save Version? 1
How to make CXMB file work? 1
How to repair? 1
I am using the joylite software for my pc but my psp,s analog is? 1
I can't enter text on my psp, please help? 2
I can't play music why? 1
I cant log in to my account? 2
I cant sign up to playstation network? 2
I do not know how to make a networkconnection? 7
I have a PSP 1001 and a 2GB Memory Stick. Is it possible to download games on the PSN from the PS3...? 1
I need help really bad. please could you help me? 2
I need help with my charger 'cause I think somethings wrong? 1
I used a lot PSX eboots before But i cant seem to make tactics ogre work? 2
Im trying to update to ver 5.50. help? 7
Insufficient space on memory stick duo is there a way to overcome this? 1
Ip address problems? 1
Is it illegal? 1
Is it ok to leave the battery out of the PSP while I'm not using it? 2
Is it possible to play upcoming games in psp1000? 4
Is it worth it to get a PSP3000 to replace my 1st gen? 2
Is the WLAN switch on the PSP3000 loose? 2
Is there anyway i can disable my wandering analog stick? 1
Is there something with my battery? 1
Issues? 1
It will no longer turn on?! 1
Japanese PSP firmware update help? 1
Loading problem?? 3
Missing? 1
My PSP aren't functioning properly? 1
My psp cant find my wifi connection when im right next to the router? 4
My PSP cant read memory stick during update data install?! 1
My PSP doesn't charge when I'm using WiFi, or playing online. Help? 6
My psp has water in the buttons how can i fix this? 1
My PSP keeps freezing and then turning off. Sometimes says game cannot be started. What is the problem? 2
My PSP keeps randomly bringing up the grey "Would you like to quit the game" screen? 12
My psp makes unusual bzzing noises, how can i fix this and resume normal play? 1
My psp says the game could not be started (80020321)? 2
My psp shut down at the exact same place..? 1
My PSP will read video discs but not game discs how can this be fixed? 1
My psp wont connect to other psp's via ad-hoc. any suggestions? 3
My PSP wont turn on, I need help bad.? 4
My Resident Evil 2 keeps freezing on my Go, what's wrong? 1
NEED Upgrade? 2
Not enough memory? 1
Ps Menu? 1
PS3 must be on all the time for remote plays? 3
PSN games trouble? 1
PSN/PS1 download problem? 1
PsP 1001 ? 1
PSP 3000(1?) Analog Stick is "loose". How to fix it? 1
PSP 3000: Wireless TV Input option? 2
Psp 404 error code connecting online? 1
PSP activation for for PS store is stuck on "Please Wait" screen in the USB screen? 1
PSP charging time? 1
PSP freezing every time I play any game? 1
Psp Go: Charging with green light/ no charging? 1
Psp memory stick slot holder help? 1
PSP save for (final fantasy viii)? 1
PSP Slim & Lite Component AV Cable Connection ? 3
PSP slim-No sound when using earphone jack? 2
PSP won't charge, how do I determine if charger or internal problem? 1
PSP/Charger issue? 1
Questions about using wi-fi? 1
Reboooting my psp 3000? 1
Save data from psp to psp go? 2
SaveData Problem Help? 1
Stick to go! ? 1
Sticky R button? 2
Swtiched from 1000 to 3000, Why isn't the memory card loading? 3
The circle button keeps on pressing itself on my psp and the analog stick is moving to the left can some one plz help? 3
The game freezes at a certain point so I can't play any futhur. What to do? 1
This 4 years-old PSP won't charge? 2
Trying to get former PSP's game data to read on new PSP? 3
Umd problem ? 1
UMD vs. PSN download? Which ones work together? 1
Usb cables connectors? 2
USB conection problem? 2
Weird line on bottom of screen? 3
What can I use for a mic on psp 2000 for Skype? 2
What does a PSP have to do with the PS3? 4
What is error code 80029724 and how do I fix it? 1
What mics are compatible with the PSP1000? 3
What si system name for prom 4 5.50 with cfw? 1
What's my psp's Problem? 1
When testin Internet Conection, my PSP says "The Key Info Exchange Timed Out" how do i fix this? 1
where can I find a componet cable to hook up to tv and how much does it cost? 1
Where is my PSP UMD ID? 1
Why can't I get update version 5.55 on my psp 1001? 1
Why Can't i play PSOne Classics through the component cable? 2
Why can't my PSP enter XMB after a long period of time? 4
Why can't my PSP read the save file, it's different PLEASE Help!?? 3
Why Can't My PSP Sometimes Read My UMD's??? 3
Why cant I get on wifi? 1
Why does it ask me this? 1
Why does it not turn off? 2
Why does my downloaded ff8 keep sticking? 1
Why does my PSP keep shutting off, despite being at full power? 1
Why does my PSP not recognize a memory card? 2
Why does my psp telling me a connection could not be established HELP? 2
Why does the download keep telling me conection timed out? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (Your username is not allowed)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me cannot start game error(8002032)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me Corrupted Data? 2
Why does the game keep telling me error could not connect to logans shadow multiplayer server? 1
Why does the game keep telling me internal error has occurred(80410a0b)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me Network connection lost? or A DATA READ ERROR HAS OCCured 1
Why does the game keep telling me to activate in acct. management? 1
Why does the home menu pop up when i'm playing a game and why does it shut down? 4
Why does the psp keep telling me DNS error 80410410? 1
Why does the system keep telling me network not available? 1
Why doesn"t the internet work? 2
Why have the planes in my the airport on the runway invisible? it wasn't before 1
Why is my down d-pad constantly moving? 5
Why is my lcd screen have a "burnt" discoloration around the edges? 3
Why is the PSP keep...? 1
Why isn't ff7 crisis core available for psp go in the ps store? 3
Why my psp does not show all of the games? 1
Why won't my computer won't recognize my PSP? 5
Why won't the UMD play? 1
Wow why isnt this working?! 1
XMB Menu Not Showing Up? 2
Other Help Answers
PSP online help? 0
A certain PSP robot game, bu what is the name? 1
About Hori screen protectors? 1
About zeta gundam in gundam vs gundam game? 2
analog messed up? I can't tell (Fifa 08) 2
Any Games from the playstation network save anytime? 1
Any good online games? 9
Any good rpg's? 1
Are ps1 saves (downloaded from gamefaqs) useable on the psp3000? 1
Battery last how many hours? 1
Best game? 1
Best software? 1
Booting up? 1
Burnout Legends or Domanter? 4
Can a psp3000 be used as a ps3 headset? 1
Can I buy games from Playstation store with an account that's different from my country? 1
Can I charge my PSP-3000 with this universal charger? (pic link included) 1
Can I connect my PSP 3000 to my PS3 so it can record PS3 Footage? 1
Can I listen music/radio while using the internet? 8
Can i play ? 3
Can I really copy save from gamespot to my PSP? 2
Can I redownload games I bought from the PSN onto another memory stick? 1
Can I update my PSP if my PSP is 5.00 M33? 2
Can I use dial up? 1
Can I use my UMD save file on a downloaded game? 1
Can naruto accel 3 play a verse match against another psp ? how 1
Can psp play on normal TVs? 1
Can somebody teach me how to play online? 2
Can someon give me a list of the greatets rpgs in psp? 2
Can someone help in transferring music from PC to PSP3000? 2
Can someone help me beat MGSPW ? 2
Can the camera that comes with Eyepet take pictures? 1
Can the PSP connect to the PSP Go (like multiplayer)? 2
Can you copy a downloaded movie to a PS3 after downloading from the PC PS store to your PSP? 2
Can you create a superstar or diva on smackdown vs raw 2010? 1
Can you download psn games to a psp 3000 and a psp go? 2
Can you play runescape on a psp 3000? 1
Can you update the Madden 09 rosters on PSP? 1
Change language in media manager? 1
Channels? 1
Charger Cable, PSP, Or Battery? 2
Charging the battery the first time? 3
Cheating on PSX games on the PSP Go? 2
Cleaning the INSIDE of the UMD shell? 1
connection error occurred (80410B05)while connecting internet ? 1
Corrupted data? how and why? 1
Corrupted video files? 1
Cwcheat for psp go?? 2
Dino Crisis or Resident Evil 2? 1
DLC question..? 1
Do you fight sora? 1
Do you need the wifi max to use the psp3000 online around the world? 1
Do you still need to data install? 4
Do you want to quit the game PSP-2000? 3
Does anyone know how to downgrade psp to 3.01? 2
Does anyone think? 2
Does the battery charger released in 2007 work with the extended life batteries that work in the PSP 3000? 1
Does the psp have free internet in Serbia? 1
Does the PSP support any lossless music codecs? 2
Downloading games from different regions? 1
English PSP on European charger? 1
Error Code (80410402)? 1
Except mhfu ...,other top ten role playing games...? 2
Extra GOW Ghost of Sparta DLC code anyone?? 1
Favorite Games? 2
Firmware of a new PSP-3000 Core Pack? 1
Flash Player How Does It Work ??? 1
For the psp go, would I be able to get my money back on a game I don't like? 3
Forgot 4 digit security code and would like to change it? 2
Games 6.20? 1
Games with Good story (i like sad stories...emotional :P) could u list some ? 3
God of War: Ghosts of Sparta Bonus Download Help? 1
Got a new faceplate, having trouble getting the screws back in? 1
Help 6.10gen a ? 3
Help pleaseee?? 3
Help with mp4's? 1
Help? 1
Help???????PLSsssssssss 2
How are the sounds made in the patapon series? 1
how can I download the save data from gamespot to my psp?[please answer it in step by step] 2
how can i go in to the LocationFreeTM Player???? 2
How can I put my Recorded Videos from my PS3 3000 onto my computer? 1
How can i sign up for psn if i can't find my country? 1
How come gamespot psp has no new reviews? 3
How come my psp connection says unsupported with an airport extreme? 1
How come my SSID is greyed out? 1
How could i close my questions on Gamespot ? 1
How do i activate the action replay cheat for secret agent clank (U.S.)? 1
How do I add DLC to my games? 1
How do i configure my router? 2
How do i crouch in final fantasy 7? 1
How do i delete my old metal gear portable ops plus file??? 1
How do I find the demo for Lunar silver star harmony? 1
How do I fix my PSP so the power will come on? 1
How do I fix my PSP so the power will work? 1
How do I fix my PSP-3000 charger? 2
How do i get 100% Almanac? 1
How do i get and install ctf themes? 1
How do I get NFS most wanted 510 on the psp 100% complete? 1
How do i get special illustration #12 and 13 in guilty gear accent core plus for the psp? 1
How do i get youtube on psp? 4
How do I know? 1
How do i rip sprites from a psp? 1
How do I transfer photos? 2
How do I uncensor Manhunt 2 CSO File? 2
How do saves work??? 1
How do you be able to play as chaos? 1
How do you delete comics in the comics app? 2
How do you edit the version text? 1
How do you fix a stiff button? 2
How do you perform a big hit in Madden 10 for the PSP? 1
How do you use an m3u file to make the psp play cd songs in orginal track listing? 1
How far WLAN connection on PSP? 3
how I can do now on my PSP? 2
How many colors are aviable for PSP 3000? 3
How much would you pay for a pretty new psp 3000 with 8gb card? 1
How mush does a LCD screen cost in the Philippines(davao)? 1
How PSOne game looks on PSP? 1
How to clean psp? 1
How to deactivate my account on someone else's PSP? 1
How to find WEP Key? 3
How to fix a Bricked psp? 4
How to fix lines on psp? 1
How to fix Valkyria Chronicles 2 corrupted saved data ?? 1
How to increase the hit rate?In FFT:TWOTL 1
How to install psp games? 4
How to play fifa 11 on a psp 1000? 1
How to recover my device? 1
How to repair analog nub psp-2000? 4
How to save ISO/CSO games in the computer? 1
How to transfer FF7 ps3 saves to my psp? 1
How to upgrade CTF from 5.00 M33-4 to 5.50 GEN-B? 1
How to use adhoc? 1
How to use universal cheats in any game? 1
I am having time server timeouts when I download games and movies, what else should I do? 1
I can't play dynasty warriors : strikeforce on my psp ! WHY ? 2
I cannot go in to the psp WINDOWS XP internet!!!!? 1
I Don't Know How To Download Ps And Other Games? 3
I don't know which PSP to buy, could someone advise me? 1
I forgot my password, can someone save me? 1
I have finished all my games and i need some advice for a new game to play? 4
I have PSP games on a cd so how do I get them on my PSP 3000? 2
I need help? (PSP screen and sound problem) 1
I need to know something related to PSP 1000 and PSPgo? 2
I want to downlod some games from where? 1
If i bought PSP from the USA does it work at isael? 1
If I don't care about the mic, would it still be advised to get PSP 3000 over a slim? 3
If I tether the PSP Go to a 3G cell phone, can I play games online over my phone's 3G connection? 2
If you use a Dualshock with a PSP Go, can you use the L2/R2 buttons and both analog sticks on PS1 games on the PSP? 1
Imported Movies and games? 1
Internet help? 1
Internet videos? 5
Internet? 1
Is a psp better than a nintendo ds????? 6
Is it possible to download PS one classics off of the Playstation Network without the use of a PS3? 6
Is it possible to play a PSN PSPGO game on my regular PSP? 1
Is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep coming to the United States? 1
Is Lord of Arcana being released in Australia ? If so, when ? 1
Is the psp go gonna have there own games or are the games downloadable only? *plz help* 1
Is the psp go worth it? 5
Is the psp region locked? 3
Is there a cheat device for psp?? 4
Is there a game similar to Castle Crashers on the PSP? 1
Is there going to be a demo for Formula1 2009 in PSN? 1
Is there some device that let's me plug in my Pro Duo and use it as my memory stick for the PSP Go? (Like an adapter.) 1
Issues with 8GB Sandisk Pro Duo? 4
Japanese PSP's in the US, everything work ok? 2
list of PSPGo games? 1
Looking for a good RPG game for psp? 4
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 online tips? 1
Milimeters: Height and Length: How big is the screen? 1
Minna no Tennis Portable JPN Multiplayer not working? 1
Modification version ? 2
My computer says my PSP memory card is full, even after I delete data? 1
My PSP can't connect to the Wi-Fi!? 1
My psp cannot be turned on ? 3
My psp is freezing when i turning it on!,what will i do? 1
My PSP speaks English, the game speaks Japanese, what do I do? 2
My PSP's music folder is POSSESSED!? 1
Note Key Stuck Problem? 1
Old gamer looking for a new start. Can you help me? 1
Pandora battery? 3
Pictures? 1
Playstation network help??? 1
Playstationportable magazine? 1
Please help?? 1
Problem loading PSP normally? 1
Problems with getting connected to the internet? 1
Project Diva in the US? 1
Ps1 game help? 1
Ps1 Saves for PsP? 1
PSN cards on japanese PSN? 1
PSN Downloads on 2 memory cards? 1
PSN Problems, help please? 1
Psn set up? 3
PSN Video Question? 1
PSP 2000 brick.Firmware 5.50 GEN-B.pandora battery aid? 2
PSP Charger? 2
PSP classics on the psp??? how???? 2
PSP Dpad problems and how to fix it? 1
PSP game saves? 1
PSP GamePlay Footage Recording (How do I do?) 1
PSP games bought on PS network? 1
Psp games problam? 1
Psp games where you can climb buildings and kill people like assassin's creed but for the psp? 1
Psp games? 1
PSP Go or PSP 3000? 2
Psp go registration? 1
PSP Go Savegame/Data Transfer to PSP 3000? 1
PSP GO trade in value? 1
PSP Internet Problem, Help!? 3
PSP iPod? 2
PSP not working? 2
Psp or 3ds? 1
PSP random "Do you want to quit the game?" 2
PSP Screen has a line of distortion on the right. Help me? 2
Psp slim 2000 after charging started to act funny? 1
Psp slim backplate scuffed what can I do to fix it? 1
PSP w/ Dissidia Final Fantasy Bundle coming when? 2
Psp wallpaper problem? 1
PSP Won't Work? 1
PSP wont charge!! D:< ? 3
Psp wont connect to my router anymore? 1
PSP-2000 motherboard? 2
PSP3000(1) Will not charge? 1
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - First Person Help? 1
Request for Hacked Crisis Core save file (see specs below) anyone? 1
Reusing Data Installs? 1
Right now in 2012 how much will i get for my psp 1000(fat) without it's memory stick at game stop? 1
Save data corrupted? 1
Should I get a PSP 3000 or a PSP go ? 3
Should i get a psp 3000 or a psp Go? 2
Should I swap PSPs? 1
Shutting of PSP? 1
Soft resetting? 1
Some PSP keys problem. Help me please? 1
Sub/master account? 2
Suikoden 2 on the PSN, When will it happen? 1
System default help? 1
System update? 1
The cheap AC adapters on ebay? 1
This is kind of off topic but how much will gamestop give me for these items? 1
Top 10 psp game list? 1
Umd weird noises? 2
Videos to PSP? 2
Videos won't show up? 2
Way to get back overwritten save? 1
What are the pixel dimensions for the PSP Go? 1
What are the top 10 psp games? 1
What causes a squeaky d-pad? 1
What do I do about no noise coming from my speakers? 2
What does blinking orange light mean when charging? 2
What does this error message mean? 2
What games isnt played with the analog stick? 1
What gender is your child for harvest moon boy & girl for PSP? 2
What good online games would you recommend? 1
What is the best shooter to get for the PSP? 2
What is the difference between the PSP headsets? 1
What is the diffirent? 2
what is the recommended age for star wars battlefrond II? 1
What is the total battery life of the PSP 3000? 3
What is the trade-in value of a psp-1000? 3
What is the Wep security reset code? 1
What is this wireless lan for the psp? 2
What means TBA ? 3
What the heck???......... 2
What's wrong with my PSP? 2
What, if anything should I use to fix my PSP Screen? 1
Whats the most online played game for the PSP? 1
Whats the Purpose of Remote play? 3
when does Dot Hack//Link release in the US? 2
When running remote play, can you get trophies? 2
When you play harvest moon for PSP and play as a girl will the game end when you get married ? 1
When you transfer games from PS3 to PSP? 1
Where can i download it 6.10 firmware? 1
Where can i download psp new games? 3
Where can I find a boat on GTA liberty city? 1
Where can I find a Conductive Rubber Contact? 1
Where can i find playstation network card in wien? 1
Where can i fix my PSP? 3
Where I put the savegame in the psp? 1
Which 1 should i buy? 1
Which is the best yugioh tag force game in regards to gameplay? 1
Why can't i update my PSP Go system software? 2
Why can't my psp recognize my memory stick? 1
Why do i keep getting a black screen when i turn my psp on and then turns off by itself? 1
Why do these music files keep getting corrupted on my PSP? 1
Why does my analog nub goes down when no one is touching the nub? 6
Why does my PSP 1000 only have sound with head phones? 1
Why does my psp do this...? 1
Why does my sound only work with Bluetooth? 1
Why doesn't my PSP take my mem card anymore? 3
Why doesn't my PSP work without the power cord? 2
Why is Wlan light flashing nonstop and screen black? 1
Why my 3000 won't connect to my house's Wi-Fi? 1
Will 32 or 16 GB slow downs PSP3000? 2
Will the ps vita be able to download minecraft pocket edition? 1
Will the PSP2 have backwards compatibility? 1
Will the sony 16gb memory stick pro duo MARK 2 work on a psp 2000? 1
Wipeout Pure or Burnout Dominator ? 1
XPERIA Play? 1

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