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(Tutorial) Video Conversion Guide for the PSP (version 5.7) 

This tutorial will teach you multiple methods to get video and music 
onto your PSP without using any commercial retail software, you simply 
do NOT NEED IT, plus the commercial stuff isn't anywhere near as 
capable as the free stuff. Everything downloaded in this tutorial is 
100% free and 100% LEGAL, and you do NOT need Modded Firmware to put 
videos or music or pictures onto your PSP.

Each Section is set up in simple step by step instructions that are 
easy to follow as long as you follow along WHILE you're reading the 
instructions. Don't try to read it all first, then do it, that only 
results in problems.  Read the step, DO the step, it's very simple 
as long as you don't try to make things deliberately difficult for 

I will say right here and now that all videos will be transferred to 
the VIDEO folder (all caps) outside of the PSP folder unless 
otherwise specified. If you don't have the folder, you can either make 
it, or you can backup all your important data from the memory stick, 
then format it using the option in the System Settings menu of your 
PSP.  It will make all the folders you need, then you just transfer 
the data back to the stick in the proper folders.  The MP_ROOT folder 
structure is no longer used or needed on your memory stick, and if you 
try to use it, you're only making things more complicated than they 
need to be.

There's 5 types of MP4 files, and only two of them are supported by the 
PSP, and even then, only specific resolutions are supported. 
Any deviation from the accepted formats or resolutions and the files 
will show up as Unsupported or maybe even Corrupted Data.  The PSP can 
only run 3 kinds of video files, MP4, MP4-AVC, and MotionJPEG AVI files.  
The PSP absolutely CANNOT run standard AVI files and it can't run all 
MP4 files either, just because you might have a file in "MP4 format" 
does NOT automatically mean it's compatible with the PSP, there are 
very specific resolution restrictions, and specific video and audio 
codec restrictions, again, any deviation from those accepted codecs or 
resolutions WILL stop the videos from running on the PSP, the files 
will show up as Corrupted Data or Unsupported Data.  Corrupted usually 
means it's the wrong kind of MP4 or it's using the wrong video or audio 
codecs, very seldomly will the file actually be corrupted unless 
something happened during the file transfer from your PC.  Unsupported 
usually means it's the wrong resolution.

Table of Contents...
Section 1. Downloading Youtube or other Streaming Videos
Section 2. Installing Xvid4PSP v4.115
Section 3. Converting Videos with Xvid4PSP v4.115
Section 4. Converting Videos with Xvid4PSP v5.037.5
Section 5. Recommended Video Bitrate Settings
Section 6. Converting DVD's to PSP formats
Section 7. Creating MP3 Playlists with WinAMP
Section 8. Fixing Corrupted MP3 files with WinAMP
Section 9. Creating your own PSP Wallpapers using Irfanview
Section 10. About Conversion Speeds and "Website Converters"


Section 1. Downloading Youtube or other Streaming Videos

For those that want to convert Youtube videos to the PSP, you've got a 
few choices, you can either use a website converter to download and 
convert the file for you, and hope it works on your PSP, or you can 
download the file, and convert it manually and make sure it works on 
your PSP, personally I prefer the latter simply for the sake of 



Thanks to s3phir0th115 for the Downloadhelper link.  It only works in 
FireFox to my knowledge so all you 3 remaining Internet Explorer users 
are SoL.

Using DownloadHelper is MUCH easier than using the other sites, and it 
usually works when the other sites don't.  Simply load a page that has 
a video embedded on it, and click the down arrow just to the left of 
the URL bar and you'll see the list of videos embedded at that URL, 
select the video you want and click Download.  Ignore the 
Download & Convert option because there is no option for PSP conversion.

If you're using the DLH plugin on YouTube, you'll see several download 
options for most videos, pick the best quality version, look for the 
MP4 or FLV with the [HQxx] prefix, and pick the one with the HIGHEST 
number for the best quality source file.

Keepvid is just a standard filegrabber, it downloads the raw FLV or MP4 
file for you, then you manually convert it with any of the methods 
listed below.  Or you can choose to download the higher quality MP4 
file and convert that, converting from a higher quality source file is 
always recommended.

Vixy will convert the file for you, but it will only work if your PSP 
has the most up to date firmware, or close to it, it doesn't work on 
older firmwares, as of this writing it's right around 5.00 and up.

Also, Vixy tends to get slammed at high traffic times of the day. 
The most reliable method to get Vixy to work, is to wait until after 
9PM in your area (possibly even later), then download the file to 
AVI+MP3 format, then convert manually using one of the methods below.


Section 2. Installing Xvid4PSP v4.115

Remember, this process is ONLY for those with firmware 3.30 and higher.

1. First, download the recommended version of Xvid4PSP and install it 
with ALL options checked, leave the install folder alone, don't change 

As I can no longer directly link to Xvid4PSP v4.115, all I can tell you 
to do is "Google it".  Basically go to Google and type in 
"Xvid4PSP v4.115 (full)" into the search and the very first link should 
get you what you need guaranteed virus and malware free.

A special note for any of you still running Internet Explorer, 
especially older versions of it, you might need to manually add the 
.EXE file extension to the Xvid4PSP installer, especially if Windows 
asks you which program you want to use to open it with.  
It's an installer, just doubleclick it.

2. Now, if you don't already have the dotnet framework 3, or 
Direct X 9.0c installed, do that, they're available from MicroSoft's 
site.  If you already have them installed, skip this step.

3. If you're going to be converting Realmedia files, or if you're going 
to be downloading videos from iTunes or Google video, or any other 
Quicktime format videos (.MOV or .M4V), you'll need to Google and 
install the latest KLite Codec Pack, or the latest CCCP (Combined 
Community Codec Pack).

4. Since you just installed all those things at once, take a break and 
restart your PC, then we'll get started on setting up Xvid4PSP and 
converting video, even adding subtitles if you have them.

Please keep in mind that the latest STABLE version of Xvid4PSP as of 
this writing is 5.037.5 (and there's a v6.0 Beta version but it's 
kinda unstable right now) and the version I just linked to is an older 
version, but it IS far more capable because the programmer started over 
from scratch with the v5.xxx series, and hasn't finished adding 
everything back in yet.


Section 3. Converting Videos with Xvid4PSP v4.115

Now for the actual conversion process . . . 

This part of the tutorial covers ONLY version 4.115, the higher version 
will be covered in another section.

1. Click File in the upper left corner, go to Open, and pick a video 
you want to convert, a new preview window will pop up.

2a. If your video does not have built in subtitles, or multiple audio 
tracks, just click the OK button and move on.

2b. If your video DOES have multiple audio tracks, go to the upper 
right corner and highlight the Tracks box, and pick the audio track 
you want.

3. If your video has embedded subtitles, go to the upper right corner 
and choose the Subtitles option and enable it if you want the subs to 
show up in the final video.

4. If you want to Crop your video (to remove encoded letterboxing), this 
is where it's done, just click on the arrows to the right of the video 
until the crop is where you want it, then click the OK button and move 
on to the next step.

5. In the Core box in the upper left corner, there are multiple options, 
set the Format option to MP4 PSP 330.

6. Go to the Presets box, leave the first 2 options alone, and select 
2-pass Ultra.

7. Now to the Video box (upper middle) for a first run we'll choose the 
following options . . .

Codec = x264
Bitrate = 512
Size = XXX

Leave the Size box alone for now, I'll cover what that one effects 
in a bit.

Resolution settings and cropping settings should be left alone, they're 
automatically calculated, and every time I mess with them, the 
conversion stops with an unknown error, so I leave them alone.

8. That should be it for now, unless you have a video with a seperate 
subtitle file (.srt - .idx - .sub), so click on the Advanced Tab at the 
top, and go to the Subtitles box at the bottom and add the subtitle 
file manually if it wasn't autoloaded.

Once that is done Click the OK button, that video has now been added to 
the batch.

9. Now just click the Start button and wait for the encode to finish.

Now for the explanation of the Size box, if you want to set your video 
to be an exact size when it's done, you set the size in that window, so 
if you want your video to be exactly 100mb, you set it to 100, and this 
alters the video bitrate numbers to get that filesize. This is NOT a 
good option for those who like QUALITY in their videos.

Setting the Mode to 2-Pass does two things, it lowers the filesize just 
a bit, and gives a better quality video. Yes this option takes longer, 
but the results are worth it.


Section 4. Converting Videos with Xvid4PSP v5.037.5


Installing v5.037.5 is much the same as v4.115, just leave all the 
option boxes checked, just change the installation folder to something 
different if you intend on running both the older and newer versions at 
the same time.

You can have both versions of the program instlaled at the same time 
safely, just install them to different folders, they won't interfere 
with eachother that way.

1. Once the program has started, click the Open button and find the 
video you want to convert.  Open it and wait for the Caching process 
to finish, once you see the preview of the video, then you select the 
video type you want to convert to.

Underneath the Open button, it says "Format", with several dropdown 

2. In the top box choose MP4 PSP AVC, leave the Denoise/Sharpen box, 
and the Brightness/Contrast box alone for now.

3. Next to the Video Encoding box is a button with the letter E on it, 
click that button.

In the new popup box that opens up, where it says "Encoding Mode", 
choose 2-Pass Bitrate.

Where it says "Bitrate (kbps)" choose 512, leave all the rest of the 
boxes alone and press the OK button.

4. Click the E button next to the "Audio Encoding" box, and choose the 
bitrate you want, for now, set it to 64 and press the OK button.

The main reason for these settings is because they produce a known 
result, you'll get right around 200MB per hour of running time with 
these settings, and the quality will be good.

5. Go up to the top and click the Save button, choose the output file 
destination, and save it.

It's now added to the batch, if you want to add anymore videos to the 
batch, just repeat the steps above until you're done adding videos.

Once you're done adding all the videos you want, just click the Encode 
button at the top and wait for it to finish.


Section 5. Recommended Video Bitrate Settings

I listed the setting of 512kbps video bitrate and 64kbps audio bitrate 
above because it produces a known filesize result while still giving 
decent video and audio quality, usually around 200MB per hour of 
runtime, so a 2 hour movie would come out around 400MB to 450MB on 

However, some movies you'll want to bump up the bitrates on, especially 
if you're outputting to a TV.  Keep in mind that higher bitrates mean 
higher filesizes, there's really no way around that.

Horror Movies, or other movies with lots of dark or night-time scenes, 
especially anything that's Black & White, use at least 1024kbps video 
bitrate to cut down on the "squaring" you'll see in those dark areas.

Action or Martial Arts Movies, use at least 768kbps video and 128kbps 
audio, the higher audio bitrate makes the gunshots and explosions sound 
so much better, and the higher video bitrate cuts down on the 
choppiness and blurring from the fast paced action.

Anime or Animated Movies, the 512kbps video setting is just fine for 
this kind of stuff, 30 minute Anime episodes usually run in the 100MB 
range and convert quickly.  Audio bitrate depends on the source 
material and personal preference.

Music Videos or Concerts, leave the video set at 512kbps unless you've 
got HD source material, and crank up the audio bitrate to at least 
256kbps or higher.

Everybody's personal preference for Quality vs Filesize is going to be 
different, the best way to guage your own preference is to find 
something like a music video or movie trailer (preferably using HD 
source material of 720p minimum), then convert that video multiple 
times at multiple settings and transfer them all to your PSP at once 
and watch them back to back.  Figure out for yourself what the lowest 
video bitrate you can accept is going to be, and use that as a 
baseline for your conversions.


Section 6. Converting DVD's to PSP formats

This method is NOT illegal, it does NOT break the CSS encryption or rip 
the DVD to your harddrive in VOB form.

Using Xvid4PSP v4.115 . . .

Insert the DVD into your PC's DVD drive and click the DVD button in the 
lower bar of the program.  A popup box will come up saying "MPEG File 
detected. Create index file?", click yes and wait for the indexing to 
finish.  This will take about 5 to 10 minutes for a full movie 
depending on the length of it, and just a few seconds if it's something 
like a TV episode.  If you don't see the percentage meter rising, that 
DVD can't be converted with this method.

Once the indexing is done a new popup box will come up showing a 
preview of the video, in the upper right corner is the Streams box with 
3 drop-down boxes, Titles, Tracks, and Subtitles.

Choose the option in the Titles box that matches the running length of 
the movie (or episode) you want to convert.  It may or may not need to 
index again depending on how the DVD is set up.  If you want to change 
the audio option, that's up to you but don't count on the Subtitles 
option working, it's remained "Disabled" for every DVD I have, so for 
now, just leave it on English unless you actually understand the other 
languages without needing subs.

Leave the "Aspect" box alone, it's calculated automatically.

Go to the Crop box and remove the black bars if your DVD is 
letterboxed, the auto-cropping should do a good enough job on it's own 
but you can crop it further if you want.

Now click the OK button and the settings options will pop up.  Refer to 
Section 3 for what to do here, it's the same.  Once you're done, just 
click the OK button and the movie (or episode) will be added to the 
batch list.

If you have no further videos to add to the batch, just click the Start 
button and let it convert.

Using Xvid4PSP v5.037.5 . . .

Start the program and click the DVD button, a browse box will pop up, 
browse to the DVD and highlight the VIDEO_TS folder and press the OK 
button.  A preview screen will come up, and at the top where it says 
Select Title:, select the option that matches the running time of what 
you want to convert and click the OK button.  It will now start 
indexing, just wait until it finishes.  Again, if it fails to index, 
that DVD can't be converted through that method.

Once it's done indexing, you'll get the option to change your audio 
track and even set the delay time if necessary.  Just click the OK 
button for now.

Once the preview screen is showing, make sure your Crop settings are 
correct by going to the Video option at the top and go to 

Change the settings in the Crop top, bottom: and the Crop left, right: 
to match your preferences, then click the Apply button, leave the other 
boxes alone for now and click the OK button.  Refer to Section 4 above 
to choose your video and audio bitrate settings, then click the Save 
button in the upper middle.

The video is now added to the batch list, if you have no further videos 
to add, click the Encode button and let it go.

Please don't ask me about extracting subtitles from DVD's.  This is a 
long and involved process requiring several programs and is more hassle 
than it's worth.  Google it, the info on how to do it is easy enough to 
find, try it on your own.


Section 7. Creating MP3 Playlists with WinAMP

Now for the Music stuff, I'll put in the WInAMP method of organizing 
your music on your PSP without resorting to renaming all the files.

First, if you don't already have it, go to www.winamp.com and download 
WinAMP, then install it.  It's free.

Put all the music you want onto your PSP, put it inside a single folder 
inside the MUSIC folder. Leave the USB mode ON and the window open.


Or alternatively in the X:\MUSIC\MyPSPMusic folder, they both work at 
the same time so it gives you more sorting options.

Start up WinAMP, and make sure the Playlist window is open.

Now left click and HOLD onto the MyPSPMusic folder, and drag that 
folder onto the Playlist window of WinAMP.

Now sort your music however you want by dragging the files up and down 
the list.

When you're done, at the bottom of the playlist window should be a 
button labeled List, click that button, and Save the playlist inside 
the MyPSPMusic folder, name it whatever you want, that's the name that 
will show up in the XMB.

Name the folder whatever you want, it won't show up in the XMB under 
that name, only the name of the playlist file will show up.


Section 8. Fixing Corrupted MP3 files with WinAMP

Some music can show up on the PSP as Corrupted Data, this can be caused 
by file corruption, and even by ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags embedded in the 
MP3 itself.

To fix a song that's corrupted in the file itself, simply put the 
broken file into the playlist by itself, then going to the Preferences 
and Output options and using the DiskWriter plugin to output the file 
to a seperated .WAV file.  Then use any number of free MP3 converters 
to put that .WAV file back into MP3 format.  There's also a few MP3 
output plugins that can do all that in a single step, just google them.  
Now just put that new MP3 onto your PSP and it won't show up as 
"Corrupted Data" anymore.

That method can also be used to convert songs in other audio formats 
unsupported by the PSP from iTunes or other services so they'll work 
on the PSP without any problems.

Other files can be corrupted by embedded information such as ID3 tags, 
embedded cover art that's too big, or even embedded lyrics files that 
the PSP doesn't display.

Just put those songs into WinAMP's playlist, highlight the individual 
song, and press ALT+3 on your keyboard.  This will bring up the 
properties box for that song.  Just uncheck the ID3v2 tag box, as well 
as the Lyrics tag box.  You can add cover art to individual songs this 
way, just keep the cover art to 200x200 or smaller, the PSP can't 
display huge cover art pics.  Then press the OK button in the lower 
left and the file will be saved.

If you want to add or remove album art from the MP3 files themselves, 
especially large batches of them, then use MediaTagger.  Just Google 
it and a tutorial for it.  It's free.

If your music is organized into multiple subfolders, you can make each 
subfolder have it's own icon show up in the XMB.  Just shrink the album 
art to a 200x200 file and call it Cover.jpg and put it in the music 
folder you want to have that icon.

To organize your pics or gamesaves, or even the order that your videos 
appear in, use PSP Content Manager 1.8, this is a free PC app that 
organizes memstick content (pics, saves, games), allows you to add 
website bookmarks to the PSP easily by copying and pasting the direct 
link into the program, and even does RSS MP3 feeds through your PC Wifi 

Again, I'm not able to directly link to this, just google 
"PSP Content Manager 1.8", you should find it easy enough.


Section 9. Creating your own PSP Wallpapers using Irfanview

I created this section for all the people asking for wallpapers or 
specific PSP wallpaper sites when it's very easy to create your own 
from any image on your PC that's big enough.

First, go to www.irfanview.com and download and install both the main 
program and the plugins pack.  This is a 100% FREE program and has tons 
of picture editing abilities.  Don't install the Google toolbar, you 
don't need it and it's usually picked up as malware or spyware by some 
of the scanners out there.

Once the program and plugins pack is installed, open up the picture you 
want to use for your wallpaper.  You'll get the best results if that 
picture is LARGER than 480x272 resolution.

Left click your mouse on the picture and HOLD IT, now drag a crop box 
around the section of the picture you want to use as your PSP 
wallpaper.  If you don't get it exactly right the first time, don't 
worry about it, you can adjust the crop box once you let go of the 
mouse click.  Keep adjusting your crop box until the ratio up in the 
top bar reads 1.765, it will be the very last number at the top of the 
program, above the options.  It should look something like this.....

Filename.jpg - Irfanview (Zoom: 889x667) 
(Selection: 107, 86; 835x473; 1.765)

You'll get different numbers but that last ratio number is the most 
important one.

Once your crop box is at the right ratio, click the Cut button 
(scissors icon) then left click anywhere OUTSIDE of the crop box to 
remove it, then go up and click Edit and scroll down to Paste.

You now have a 16:9 ratio image but it still needs to be resized, so 
go to Image at the top then scroll down to Resize/Resample.

Look down to the lower left of that pop-up box and check the 
"Preserve aspect ratio" box, then check the Set new size box, in the 
Width box put in 480, and the Height box should automatically come up 
as 272.  If it doesn't, your crop ratio was wrong so you'll have to 
redo it.  If it's right, just click the OK button.

You now have a 480x272 image so go up to File, then scroll down to 
Save As... and save it wherever you want on your PC as a .JPG or .PNG 
file, then transfer to your PSP via the USB cable.

You can play around with the Effects options, or the Color corrections, 
Color Swap, or Negative options to create different effects in your 
wallpaper, customize it however you want it.

Once it's on your PSP in the proper folder, just view the picture and 
press the Triangle button and select "Set as Wallpaper" and you're 


Section 10. About Conversion Speeds and "Website Converters"

First about the numerous "website converters", honestly don't waste 
your time with ANY of them, odds are they won't have any quality 
options to choose from and some of them don't properly support the 
PSP's video restrictions so you're just going to get a broken file.  
Take the time to download the video file to your PC and run it through 
a proper converter so that way you KNOW it will work once it gets to 
your PSP.

For those having problems with the Video conversion speed, conversion 
time depends on numerous variables.....

1. The running length of the original file, longer movies take longer 
to convert, duh.

2. The resolution of the original file, higher resolution files take 
longer to shrink down to the PSP's resolution, especially going from 
1080p down to 480x272.

3. The speed of your PC.  If you have a slow PC that hasn't been 
upgraded in years, it's going to take longer to convert videos.

4. The amount of crap you have running in the background on your PC.  
Got 70+ processes running in the background that you're not using???  
Turn that crap off, they sap valuable system resources and drastically 
slow down conversion speeds.

5. The SETTINGS YOU CHOOSE for the conversion.  Extra options like 
Sharpening, Saturation changes, Hard-Subbing, and other visual filters 
add a lot of time to a conversion, use those ONLY if you want a 
quality final product or you're outputting to a TV.

The best thing to do is to set up a batch to run while you SLEEP and 
set Xvid4PSP to shut your PC off when it's done, so then you won't 
care about how long it takes, and when you wake up, you'll have new 
stuff to transfer to your PSP.  The older version of Xvid4PSP is better 
to do this with because the Shutdown command works on a batch, and it 
doesn't work on a batch in the newer version.

And here's something you DON'T want to hear...........you CANNOT have 
fast conversions and good quality, those things are mutually exclusive. 
You can either have the slower conversion and the superior final video 
quality, or you get a fast conversion and crap video quality, you 
CANNOT have them both.

Now one final thing, for those constantly looking for a non-conversion 
solution for video on the PSP, don't bother because given the literally 
THOUSANDS of different combinations of audio and video codecs found in 
most files these days, there won't be anything that could ever play them