"Finally, a Fun, Challenging Game!"

First of all, I would like to tell you that you will enjoy this game even if you normally do not enjoy these types of games. It is very very fun and it is also challenging, although there are some flaws. Now to start the review...

The graphics of this game, in my opinion, are good, but not great. For example, when you are standing still they seem very good, but as you move and kill the enemies, it is not too clear. However, the graphics do not ruin the game in anyway, if anything they make it more enjoyable.

GAMEPLAY = 10/10
There is just about nothing wrong with the gameplay in Death, Jr. The only thing some people may complain about is the fact that it is quite challenging. You are Death, Jr. (AKA DJ), the son of Death. You have to save your friends' souls using a scythe and a few guns and... C4 HAMSTERS(they rock)!!!! There are also "secrets" hidden throughout the levels, and by secrets I mean widgets that you can use to buy weapons, and other cool things to help DJ. Enemies are scattered throughout the levels, and you have to kill them in order to open doors throughout each level. To open these doors, you need to have a certain amount of enemy souls. Also, as you progress from level to level you will earn weapons from DJs friends who sell him things in return for widgets. The only problem during gameplay is that sometimes the camera may get annoying, but you can easily center it behind DJ by tapping L twice. That just about sums up the gameplay.

Although there probably is no point to playing the game again, it is such a fun game that you will most likely want to play again. Something you could do while playing is make sure you get all the widgets, assisters and damage resistors on the levels.

So Death, Jr. is a very fun game, and it is for just about all gamers, whether you like platformers or not.

MY GRADE: 9/10
Simply because sometimes the enemies popping up after you kill them gets annoying, as does the camera.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 08/23/05

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