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Whats the Songs in the game??

a List of the songs


thedicemaster answered:

FREELAND - "Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)"
Capone - "I Need Speed"
Chingy - "I Do"
Christopher Lawrence - "Rush Hour"
Cirrus - "Back on a Mission"
Felix Da Housecat - "Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix)"
Fluke - "Switch/Twitch"
Helmet - "Crashing Foreign Cars"
Killradio - "Scavenger"
Killing Joke - "The Death & Resurrection Show"
Ministry - "No W"
Mudvayne - "Determined"
Paul Van Dyk - "Nothing But You (Cirrus Remix)"
Queens of the Stone Age - "In My Head"
Rise Against - "Give it All"
Septembre - "I am Weightless"
Skindred - "Nobody"
Sly Boogy - "That'z My Name"
Sin - "Hard EBM"
Snapcase - "Skeptic"
Snoop Dogg feat. the Doors - "Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix)"
Sonic Animation - "E-Ville"
Spiderbait - "Black Betty"
Terror Squad - "Lean Back"
The Bronx - "Notice of Eviction"
Unwritten Law - "The Celebration Song"
Xzibit - "LAX"

those are all songs in the original nfs underground 2.
underground rivals should have short versions of all of these.
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Vish24 answered:

Anyway just type the song names from EA tracks to the youtube search to get the songs
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