PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File12/10/05Joey33K
100% Completion
Save Game File04/15/05J.Mason73K
200/204 Cards (Multiple exemplaries) Extreme Save with all levels unlocked (Outside Far) + 200 Cards Clear Data (For Difficulty Level Selection).
Save Game File07/01/05CuthberAllgood68K
202/204 cards. Missing Card lv.1 and lv.2.
Save Game File03/30/05Varchild67K
Completion Data, Unzip to :PSP\SAVEDATA
Save Game File04/08/09DrunkenPiliot7233K
Extreme mode end game save, 35 hours, 100% complete
Save Game File04/03/05Alphamale00133K
Extreme mode unlocked
Save Game File07/24/05dementia102933K
Game Save After "Forest"; 3rd Playthrough; Normal Difficulty
Save Game File04/06/05wingzero202167K
Metal Gear Acid 98% - 200/204, All cards except unreleased as-of-yet model cards; By OmegaWeapon690
Save Game File10/15/05krazyninjaman336K
Minimum eight of every possible card, All stages unlocked
Save Game File03/26/05Varchild365K
Saved at Ebro Tower
Save Game File03/29/05Varchild363K
Saved at Outside Far, Extract to :PSP\SAVEDATA

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File07/16/05Kouli33K
At third playthrough, before final boss in Extreme. Have all/204 cards, 84950 pts and 83 hours of playtime.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File11/05/05erfriki33K
200/204 cards, before final boss, 2 times completed.
Save Game File09/10/05Hillbilly_Jim326K
At FAR All packs unlocked 134/204 cards
Save Game File09/18/05muggles933K
Completed 1
Save Game File12/26/05Terminator99936K
Completed, saved before battle with Leone(1st)
Save Game File01/20/06not-a-memory33K
Game completed once lots of cards including 2 MG snake cards and lots of special cards(english)
Save Game File10/01/05Mavcat33K
Right before choosing difficulty after 1st competion.Around 80.000 points and some rares.Big Boss is in the deck.
Save Game File09/30/05Mavcat36K
Saved before final boss,on normal,deck is the same as my other save.

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