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Returning to Sleeping village what do you do?

I killed all the ducks, got the chalice, got the golden bust, killed everyone. i know i have to find a replacement cross for the church, but where i have looked everywhere? and was i really not supposed to kill everyone? like the gargoyle said?


tygrwmn answered:

okay you gotto up some stairs to hit a swich that will open a gate behing and below you. Jumb down and go thru the gate. you'll find the balkcsmiths door open. go in there and figure it out. Specifc walking directions wan be found in the completed walk-thru
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ZeroXD77 answered:

ok dude...once you find the golden bust and a boulder with the shape of a cross...go to the blacksmith and place those to melt the bust and make the cross by jumping on the blower or watever it is XD...after you kill the ducks simply go in the house by the chimney cause its locked and voila the safe that has the key...and get out and you beat the level
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SecretAgentDuck answered:

Yeah and DON'T kill the villagers!
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