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Asked: 4 years ago

Did Aerith died???

Because I see her with a white light exiting the church together with Zack
Did she died???

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From: jman5397 4 years ago

Yes she did die. In the Final Fantasy VII ps1 game sephiroth killed her.
and cloud placed her in the lake where katash told the kids in advent children to drink the water
Sorry if i spelled katash wrong.

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Yes. unfdortunately she is dead when you see her. she died in the original ffvii game for the ps1. i wont tell you when or how. but i will tell you shes dead

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aeris is dead beacuse of sEphiroth kiled him if udont believe then think she died waiting for zack

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Respectfully ignore them. Go play FFVII and see for yourself. The film builds on events in the game, so playing the game should answer most questions. First-hand experience, that's the way to go.

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