Question from chaos5481

Movie or game too?

Is Advent Children a game yet? Will it ever be a Game?


cheatsmaster22 answered:


it will not be a game

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kirbychanie answered:

I wish it would be a game, but there's a problem.... how would they put the monsters, equipment, and all other game stuff.

I think that is why they made it as a movie only... I rarely see anything that could be related to a game.

Sorry.... :(
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dinoguy6 answered:

There is a game for it its just before that girl died!
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crusemager answered:

who girl died?!...erm i mean

it'll never be a game because its so speedy and action..psp dont have alot of'll be hard...and the game could not be RPG .. because if it become RPG there will be no equipment .. and materia ..
so..there has to be a console game with thousand of buttons!! :P well....thats my report
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killa137 answered:

Its a movie, but this site suposed to be the GAMEfaqs, isn't it?
Oh, well, whatever, nevermind...
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Cloudmugen answered:

I want to be game but it is a video
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Cloudmugen answered:

this is a game but in PS ONE the game was created before the movie
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falconesque answered:

The question asks for a prediction, so yes, it could be a game somewhere down the line. Who knows?

Write Square-Enix and send them a clear request. It's their property, their decision.

Several of the AC cast have already been rendered for Kingdom Hearts II and other titles.
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salim118118 answered:

The order of release for the final fantasy 7 series is: fantasy 7 ps1 (can be downloaded or psp and ps3)

2. crisis core: final fantasy 7 psp

3. advent children psp, ps3, dvd

4. dirge of cerberus: final fantasy 7 ps2

this is the order that the year the game was set in:

1. crisis core: final fantasy 7 (7 years Before final fantasy 7) fantasy 7

3. advent children (a few years after what happened in final fantasy 7)

4.dirge of cerberus: final fantasy 7 (a few years after advent children)
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salim118118 answered:

And it will NEVER be a game EVER!!!
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griever56 answered:

boy oh boy.......salim1181183 is the only one here with a proper answer lol
this will never be a game but that doesn't mean it CAN'T be a game. One guy here said there was too much action in this movie and that u need thousands of buttons to play it. This is what cutscenes are for u know. As for the gameplay, they could make it into something like dirge of cerberus' gameplay. That solves the problem for equipments and materia. As for the cutscenes that I mentioned, to make what I said clearer, what I meant was like example, u fight sephiroth and after u decrease his HP to a certain point, there will be like a mini cutscene from the movie which will change your place of battle. The same cycle happens until the fight is over. And when it is over, they can insert the scene from the movie where sephiroth struck cloud and cloud performed the omnislash right? You get my point? They could do this in every major battles.The game's gameplay does not necessarily have to follow the movie's events in exact order right? They could add additional chapters or quests that will lead to chapters from the movies. I hope at least one fellow gamer would be smart enough understand this comment of mine haha.
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