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Why did cloud throw away the buster sword??

Why did cloud throw away the buster sword??

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Can you give me any good websites to download the movie cause I only saw the trailer of the movie.......

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From: Lord_Noctis 5 years ago

He didn't. He placed it in the ground where Zack died. It was sort of like his own personnal way of honoring the sacrifice his friend made for him. At the end of ACC we see that he moved the Buster Sword into Aerith's church.

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Lord_Noctis is right but he use it in Dirge of cerberus when fighting the vampire guy and its rusty so he rest the sword for its good job

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If u want the movie you can go to and make an account its free and i know they have it

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Dirge of Cerberus is a side story to Final Fantasy 7 AC, and you can find out more about why Cloud did this in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy. The Buster Sword was also a symbol of Honor (Angeal, a character from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy talks about this and makes it clear, who was also the original owner of the sword.) and Cloud placed it down into the spot after he regained his memory (he spot was where Zack was Killed In Action by Shinra Troops) and Honored him, because Zack was also his mentor and friend who risked his life to save Cloud countless times.

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