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How do you unlock anita's ending in darkstalkers 3?

I realize you have to fight oboro bishamon in arcade mode but how do you get to him? 1 always have to fight the normal bishamon.

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SupersaiyanUrn answered:

To fight Oboro Bishamon you can't lose any rounds and have to use a specific EX move to finish at least 3 matches (the only one I know is Morrigan's darkness illusion, but there is a FAQ by SRotondi under Darkstalkers 3 with the list). Setting the number of rounds to 1 will make it much easier to avoid losing a round. I unlocked it by playing as Morrigan and using darkness illusion on the first three matches, which was really easy, and just fought normally until I beat Oboro Bishamon. If you are having a problem this can be done on any difficulty level.
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blazikenowen answered:

its hard you gotta beat EVERYONE with a es attack for final attack in otherwords a attack where you flash blue and not lose a round EVEH
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patam1 answered:

Just play the game with different characters, i've get to fight Oboro version few times before and i dont think ive done anything special for that ,
He should appear between normal, arcade fights as "another challenger..."
Anyways till now i didnt found nothing better on the net, yet.. ;-)
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