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Why does the game keep freezing after the electric boss battle? 1
Forest of Tempatioan- How to get the statue changed direction? 3
Cless and Arche in this version ? 1
What is the name of the girl whom you help meet her love in Inferia City? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 4
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Where do i can find hyades on balir castle 2? 0
Volt puzzle glitch - could someone help? 0
Stree Arh? 0
How to defeat the gate keeper in shilka castle? 0
Lamia enemy location? 0
Way to get combo command early? 3
How do I get the canceler and elemental master? 2
About the new game+? 1
How do I find Chat's Hut? 1
Where can I find fuel for train at Craymel City? 1

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