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Asked: 5 years ago

Way to get combo command early?

I would like a way, cwcheat or otherwise, to get the combo command item at or near the start of the game, say before the first battle with whats-his-name in the village? Usually I'd settle for the MANUAL at the Regulus Dojo, but I've been playing with the combo command in other tales games and I must say I like it.

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I think the earliest you can obtain the Combo Command is to finish the exams in Mintche. This is actually fairly early in the game, the 3rd town or so, depending on whether or not you count the Regulus Dojo as a town.

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No, you get Combo Command for getting 10 lenses.

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Indeed, the earliest time to get it is collecting 10 lens and talking to Irene at the city next to Efreet's place.

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