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Table of Contents                         [RHRTOC]

Platform Differences......................[RHRDIF]
New Features..............................[RHRNEW]
 Challenge Mode...........................[RHRNCM]
 Cast and Crew............................[RHRNCC]
 Movie Casting............................[RHRNMC]
 Ad-Hoc Mode..............................[RHRNAM]
Dante's Movelist..........................[RHRDAN]
 Everything Else..........................[RHRUEE]


Intro                                     [RHRINT]

Hi all, I noticed nobody posted an FAQ for the PSP
version of this game, so I figure I'd step in and
write one up just to help anyone and everyone who
has this game, and is trying to unlock some of the
new features (or anything in general).


Platform Differences                      [RHRDIF]

If you've ever played the GameCube version of this
game and wondered what the PSP version has that
the GameCube version doesn't, (and vice versa)
this section's for you. All of the PSP exclusive
features will be detailed in the "New Features"

-The screen ratio is obviously different.

-As are the controls.

-The graphics are much more sharper in the PSP

-The backgrounds during VFX battles are different.

-When pausing the game in the PSP version the
 "announcer" says only one line, instead of
 random lines like in the GameCube version.

-There is a challenge mode, and ad hoc mode
 in the PSP version.

-characters faced during the movie "Riddle of the
 Incan Empire" are different.

-Characters faced during the movie "Atlantis: Four
 Adventures of the Sea SPECIAL EDITION" are

-The PSP roster now includes Dante.

-Certain characters have new EX costumes, and their
 original EX costumes replace their original 4th
 costume in the PSP version.

-ALL EX costumes that are now given mugshots
 during gameplay in the PSP version.

-EX Costumes that are exclusive to the PSP version
 are given face portraits in the character select
 screen as well. EX Costumes for characters that
 were not given a new "EX Costume Character" still
 have that black question mark face as their face
 portrait. In short, the artists of this game
 are lazy as hell.


New Features                              [RHRNEW]

I consider these "new" features since the PSP
version of this game came after the Gamecube
version and Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble/Scratch.


Challenge Mode:                           [RHRNCM]

The PSP version includes a challenge mode with
varying challenges using the cast of Red Hot
Rumble. There are 40 challenges that when fully
completed, serve as an alternative method for
unlocking EX colors. Keep in mind that you begin
with only the 1st 10 challenges available, and
you unlock more challenges as you comlete chal-


Cast and Crew:                            [RHRNCC]

The PSP version of this game comes with ONE extra
character, Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
All of the other Devil May Cry characters you've
been hearing about are just EX costumes for the
rest of the cast. Here's the lowdown on ALL of the
new "characters" in the PSP version of Red Hot

-Devil Buster Dante (Unique Character)
-Mighty Trish (EX costume for Sexy Silvia)
-Dark Angel Nelo Angelo (EX costume for Dark Hero
 Jet Black)
-Marionette (EX costume for Fighter Bianky and
-Sparda (EX Costume for Devil Buster Dante)
-Jasmine (EX Costume for Heroine Silvia)
-Junko (EX Costume for Sprocket)
-Rex Majin (EX Costume for Blade Master Alastor)

Sadly, the characters above are only costumes,
which means all the attack effects, voices, and
animations, (excluding Trish's standing animation)
are the EXACT SAME as their base character.

It's also interesting to note that Silvia,
Alastor, and Sprocket's 4th colors are their
original EX colors, and HAVE face portraits.
However, everyone else's EX colors (not including
the characters mentioned above) STILL have that
black face. The artists for this game are mad


Movie Casting:                            [RHRNMC]

Since they threw in all these characters, they had
to implement them in Story Mode somehow, right?
The movies, "Riddle of the Incan Empire" and
"Atlantis: Adventures of the Four Seas SPECIAL
EDITION" have different scripts from their Game
Cube originals. Here's the differences:

Riddle of the Incan Empire:

-In stage 3, Captain Blue tells the cast that the
 plane they're borrowing for the scene is actually
-In the Boss Stage, you fight Virracocha with
 Dante instead of Alastor.
-In general, all of the lines from Stage 3 onwards
 are different.
-Upon completing this movie, you unlock Dante.

Atlantis: Adventures of the Four Seas SPECIAL

-The entire script is now different. Capatin
 Blue decides to make a movie using the Devil
 May Cry cast. Also, Mundus kidnaps Trish.
-The endboss for this movie is now Mundus,
 who's basically Poseidon but with a slightly
 different character model.
-The opponents for this movie are various members
 of the Devil May Cry cast.


Ad-Hoc Mode:                              [RHRNAM]

There are two options you can access in Ad Hoc
Mode, Wi-Fi Battle and Game Sharing. Wi-Fighting
allows people who have the game to face each
other. Anything either player has unlocked is
accessible. This means, if you've unlocked all
the stages, and your friend has all the characters,
when you play each other via wi-fi, you can
choose ALL the characters and ALL the stages.

Game Sharing on the other hand allows people who
don't have a copy of the game to play with
someone who does. All the characters that person
has unlocked are accessible, but not the stages.


Dante's Movelist                          [RHRDAN]

Dante is a seriously strong character, and plays
like a mix of Sylvia and Alastor. His moveset is
based off of his Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe


-Attack- Basic Attack Button (Square)
-Special- Special Attack Button (Triangle or
-[Ground]- Move can only be used when Dante
           is standing on something.
-[Mid-air]- Move can only be used when Dante
            is in the air.
-[Both]- Move can be used on ground or in

Basic Attack:

Ebony&Ivory: Attack+Any Direction [Both]
-Dante stands and fires Ebony&Ivory in all eight
-If fired in mid-air, he slowly floats
-He fires as long as the button is held

Round Trip: Special [Both]
-Dante hurls his sword forward, and the sword
 rotates in place before returning.
-Without his sword, Dante cannot use any special
-It's possible to be charged for further damage
 and distance by holding down the Special button.
-Any enemy hit with Round Trip is stunned, until
 they're knocked down or away.

Stinger: Special+Down&Forward [Ground]
-Dante rushes forward with his sword extended, and
 sends them flying forward.
-It's a very powerful move.
-Dante is NOT affected by gravity while doing this

Sparda Kick: Special+Down&Forward [Mid-air]
-Dante sails diagonally with a flying kick.
-Dante does not stop moving until he hits
 something or the move is cancelled.

Sliding: Special+Down [Ground]
-Dante slides along the ground, similar to Joe's
-Doesn't send enemy flying, but knocks them down.

Inferno: Special+Down [Mid-air]
-Dante slams into the ground with his fist cre-
 ating a powerful explosion.
-The move does more damage and creates a bigger
 blast the higher you are in the air before slam-
 ming into the ground.

Devil Trigger: Hold Special
-Dante transforms using his Devil Trigger.
-You must hold Special until Dante flashes thrice,
 otherwise you'll accidentally use Round Trip
 -Dante will eventually transform automatically
 after flashing thrice.
-Dante flies around the screen wherever the stick
 or d-pad his held.
 -Dante flies seriously fast.
-Pressing Attack will cause Dante to use Vortex, a
 spinning attack similar to Alastor's Vortex in
 the direction Dante was traveling.
-Pressing Special will cause Dante to use a burst
 of electricity similar to Captain Blue, but
 with much more range.
 -The damage and range this move has is unbelieve-
  able, and is perfect for taking out bosses.


Unlockables                               [RHRUNL]

This is how you unlock everything in the game.
Don't read on if you don't want to know what you
have left to unlock, or if you want to figure
everything out on your own.


MOVIES:                                   [RHRUMO]

-Simply play through story mode to unlock the
 first six movies.

-To unlock the Special Editions of the first six
 movies, collect all of their V-Puzzle Pieces.
 Each movie has 16 V-Puzzle pieces EACH.
 Special Editions are movies where you face the
 un-transformed version of the character you
 faced in the regular version. However, the
 stage requirements are usually tougher, and the
 boss must be defeated without dying.

-To unlock the movie "Les Acteurs Incroyable",
 beat the first six movies. It's basically the
 final boss battle of Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble.

-To unlock "BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG", beat all of the
 normal AND Special Edition Movies.
 BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG is a boss rush, meaning you
 have to take on all the bosses in the game.
 (Thankfully, it's only their regular editions.)
 However, you have to do so ON YOUR OWN, WITHOUT
 DYING. Think you're up to the task?

-To unlock "Red Hot Rumble", you have to beat
 Red Hot Rumble is interesting, since the
 stages and characters faced are COMPLETELY random.

-To unlock "The Hidden Hideout" you have to beat
 any movie with Charles the Third, Hulk Davidson,
 and Gran Bruce. You don't have to beat the same
 movie with all three, you just have to use
 them to beat a movie.
 The stages in this movie are the stages that
 feature these three.


CHARACTERS:                               [RHRUCH]

Most characters are unlocked by two means:
-You beat the movie they're featured in
-You beat the challenge they're featured in

Charles, Hulk Davidson, and Gran Bruce are an
exception to the first rule, and can be unlocked
after a certain number of vs. matches.

Sprocket and Dark Hero Jet Black are also an
exception to this rule, but are unlocked
differently from Charles, Hulk, and Gran Bruce.

-To unlock Sprocket, beat any movie.

-To unlock Charles the Third, use 2 different
 characters to beat any movie.

-To unlock Hulk Davidson, use 3 different
 characters to beat any movie.

-To unlock Gran Bruce, use 4 different
 characters to beat any movie

-To unlock Dante, beat the movie, "Riddle of the
 Incan Empire"

-To unlock Rachael, beat the movie "Les Acteurs

-To unlock Stylish Alastor, beat the movie
 "Riddle of the Incan Empire SPECIAL EDITION"

-To unlock Young Blue Jr, beat the movie
 "Viewtiful Cartoon World SPECIAL EDITION"

-To unlock Movie Fan Joe, beat the movie
 "Captain Blue Begins SPECIAL EDITION"

-To unlock Heroine Silvia, beat the movie
 "Truth of the Black Film SPECIAL EDITION"

-To unlock Manager Jet, beat the movie
 "Gulliver's Battles SPECIAL EDITION"

-To unlock Director Blue, beat the movie
 "Atlanits: Adventures of the Four Seas SPECIAL

-To unlock Dark Hero Jet Black, beat the movie

-To unlock Fighter Bianky and Friends, beat
 the movie "Red Hot Rumble"

-To unlock Young Captain Blue, beat the movie
 "The Hidden Hideout"


EVERYTHING ELSE:                          [RHRUEE]

-The option to use EX costumes is unlocked by
 two means:
 -Complete ALL of the V-Puzzles
 -Complete ALL of the Challenges

-Stages for Vs. Mode are unlocked by playing
 through Story Mode.

-Challenges are unlocked by clearing challenges.

-Movie clips in the V-Gallery are unlocked by
 viewing them in Story Mode. You begin with the
 Viewtiful Joe Anime Clip already available.

-Artwork is unlocked by completing the V-Puzzles
 for the Special Editions.

-You can unlock different announcers by playing
 through "BOSS*BOSS*BANG*BANG" and "Red Hot
 Rumble". Unlike the GameCube version, your
 announcers and their line is random.