Question from ronaldazteeg

About Super Spirit Bomb & Super Dragon Fist....!!!!????

I have a Shin Budokai 1...,but i can't make Goku do the Super Spirit Bomb & also the Super Dragon Fist...!!!

Can You Help Me To Make It...????
I'll Wait...Thanks

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no3xaldin answered:

To do Super Spirit Bomb choose Goku Super Saiyan. Don't transform yet. Get six ki bars then do ultimate. After a few hits press o+down. If you mean dragon fist press o+back. Then press o multiple times. Whenhe gets knocked up press o+forward. If you mean the ultimate attack super dragon fist then it can't be done in this game. Hope this helpes.
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guccimane760 answered:

Get that bull**** out of here.
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