Question from sephirothmcgee

Asked: 6 years ago

Genji armor- getting cloud and moogle to 100% any tips?

Cloud is at 90% I'm using all materia slots but one on meteor shots and moogle is at 0% but i can't get the moogle materia at the shop because I can't get the shop because I'm too low of a level (52) for the mission. I'm at the last chapter and my DMW is heavenly. any tips?

Accepted Answer

From: Super_Colossus 6 years ago

The only thing you can really do is go into mission 10-4-2 with Lucky Stars equipped, put on a Protect Ring and the Regen Ring and just let the game play by itself. The worms are weak they won't be able to damage you and when you get back, perhaps you will have gotten the proper DMWs.

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