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7 Wonders?

4th Wonder codes dont work for me 1 unshelved bookcase 1 monster 5 apples 2 chairs but why does it says incorrect when i enter it?

ELVINIC provided additional details:

There's only 1 monster i have ?152 code i tried to enter 0152 to 9152 to guess the first number but none of them worked


zackfans answered:

There are 4 rooms that are locked, but you can look into the peepholes.
In each room, you have to count something and jot down the number.

1) On the top level, go to the room with the books and count all the books
that are NOT on the shelf. This includes the books on top of the case.
2) On the bottom level is a room with floating pumpkins, count those.
3) Also on the top level is a room with apples and cans. Count BOTH.
4) Finally, on the bottom level, there is a room with chairs. Count.

And that is just an example. Everyone code is different. You have to try different combination and style like number 1: you can try count the book on the shelf too. Well i hope this helps you. You can try check the faq.
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zackfans answered:

And remember the pumpkins will dissapear and reappear, there is more than 1 of them. Count carefully.
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ololjack answered:

Double check all of your numbers. Remember that the Dorky Faces for the second digit will disappear and reappear. Remember when counting the apples that you also need to count any of the tin cans of apples as well.
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