Question from unaccustomed

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat (bomb)? BOMB third wonder in Nibelheim.

What materia do I need to equip to beat the bomb enemy for the third wonder in Nibelheim on Hard mode?

Accepted Answer

From: Cryo101 4 years ago

If you have Costly Punch, or any of the "punch" materia, use it. Or, use any "blizzard" type materia.

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Submitted Answers


Keep attacking it with you sword, even when it gets big or guards, keep attacking, it will get smaller and die.

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If you have Costly Punch use it or Attack

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Just hit it. Like Shehan said, it will get bigger when you hit it. Eventually it will self-destruct. If you have equipped the Flame or Dragon armband (I can't remember which one absorbs Fire damage) you will not be hurt; if you haven't, then guard, or it can knock off quite a lot of your HP when it kills itself.

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Just try and eventually you will have the power to do it

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