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How do I solve forth wonder ??? where will I count the books???

Pls gimme some info I cant solve it...... only the books i dont know where is the room that I will count the books

Accepted Answer

cloudw700i answered:

Extracted from Steve's FAQs:

1. Check the northeast room of the 2nd floor, and look through the keyhole.
Count the amount of books that are not in the shelves: The books on top of the
bookshelves count, the books on the ground count, and the book(s) on the chair
on the right count also. You may have to zoom in/out to see part of the chair.
This number is the hardest, so you may have to guess this one.
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dmsg125gutz answered:

Take the northern path from the town square, and west in the next
area towards the Shinra Mansion. The goal is to get the combination for the
safe in the northwest room.
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