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How do I find and solve Nibelheim's Fifth Wonder?

How do I find and solve Nibelheim's Fifth Wonder?


Kirbee answered:

Is it the one with the safe, or with the creepy noises from the basement?
If it's the safe one, just refer to the other questions related to that that have been answered.
For the basement, after some event, go to the basement and get Coffin Keys from the Sahagins there. Then just open one of the coffins at the left side and there'll be a scene (not the ones with the monsters).
Then go back to talk with the boy.
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poyuda answered:

First, talk to Sephiroth facing the window, a scene will pop up, then talk to sephiroth again, defeat the Genisis copies, then follow Tifa and Cloud. Another scene pops up, now you are able to go to the basement lower floor at the Shinra Manor, where there is a coffin that you need to open at the left room, but you need a coffin key to open it...just defeat the monster outside the room, then you'll have it. Now open up the right coffin, Where there is Vincent Valentine sleeping inside( you can't see him), and that is the fifth wonder.

Note:When I wrote "right coffin", I really2x meant right, not left!
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blazeshaska answered:

get into the caverns under the shinra manor, defeat one of the lizards and retrieve a key (you can get more than one key) and go to the left room, then the right coffin (the left coffin has flying monster bugs) and a short clip of comeone sleeping inside the coffin. DO NO ADVANCE TO THE MIDDLE ROOM!! immediately go back up the ladder then talk to the little boy to complete this and unlock the 6th wonder. (you can now progress with the game to get to the 6th wonder)
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kirbychanie answered:

Go to the caverns beneath Shinra Manor. You need Sephiroth to open the door to get there so check if it's open. If not, continue a little to the story. If it is open, there are Sahagin that contain coffin keys. Beat as many as you need so you can open all of the coffins. Most are enemy encounters, but one of them has Vincent sleeping.... before Cloud wakes him up. The rooms are in the sides... the middle one is the room where Sephiroth is and will continue the storyline. I highly suggest NOT to go there yet until you finish and, if you want, go back to the boy, which he will not give you a prize nor info about the next wonder.

Thanks again to the strategy guide for helping me..... I like the guides!!!!! ^.^
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shadowmark2224 answered:

Wel for me the first code was 4828.
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kiokurashi answered:

Wonder #5: Beat up a Sahagin and you'll get the Coffin Keys. Use this Coffin
Keys to unlock and open the right coffin in the southeast room. Vincent
Valentine sleeps in this.. what you see (or don't see) is what you get
though. Now report back to the boy if you ever want to do the 6th and 7th
mysteries. The other coffins only contain Bizarre Bug enemies.

-Ripped from Absolute Steve's Walkthrough
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