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How useful are the SP materia?

SP turbo, SP master, etc.
i tried the SP Master out for a couple battles and didn't notice much of a difference except that my SP went from somewhere upwards of 1.4 million to where i didn't have enough SP to spin the DMW
i'm not too sure if i'll use it ever, but it's one of the effects on the heike soul item and that's probably one of the most tempting items to use in the game with all those bonuses
basically, i just need some more opinions on how useful or detrimental that effect has on combat versus stocking up SP for fusion and so on

verisleyh provided additional details:

K thanks i was about to convert my last one but i'll save it until i kill those cute little cacti


BlueSophia answered:

They can be useful on some occasions namely vs the Cactuars so that you can actually survive one blast of 100,000 needles. If you get hit by it, 9 times out of 10, you are a dead man. So if you have SP master and maxed HP, you can survive it. However, it really is not that useful against many other bosses. Convert a few to SP if you want but they aren't really all that useful.
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ampnezz answered:

They are not useful .. instead they waste your SP
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jeforrer answered:

ampnezz is wrong, sp master increases attack and reduces damage received,if you use equip this when you fight Minerva with at least 10000000 sp it makes that battle much easier.
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hotbigtoad answered:

I actually agree with ampnezz. I was in one of the missions before you fight Minerva. I got into a battle with about 4 or 5 Genesis Mock Troops, and 3 Wutai Mock Troops, and I had the SP Turbo. I noticed absolutely NO difference, other than that my SP went from being 7 digits long all the way down to 0. Even if I did do more damage and recieve less, the struggle of the battle was about the same, and the difference was not noticable. The supposed aid isn't worth giving up the SP for materia fusion.

And I tested the Minerva theory. It doesn't help much at all.
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dmsg125gutz answered:

Sp materia is usefull it will help you defeat minerva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kgriffi2 answered:

Depends on what you use, i use the materia that focus on attack like the SP turbo or the turbo magic. E.g. quake magic + 255 MAG plus SP Turbo Magic + dualcast if you like. depending on materia level and also the SP effects can stack, so you can end up doing the magical 99999.

SP master is only really useful in the minerva fight i find. dont really use it unless the damage in a fight is small enough that it wont deplete the SP too quickly.
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