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Where can I find the genji helm, armour, shield and gloves?

can someone help me im comfused! where can i find all the genji items? please answer me i need it to kill Genesis!

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bathren answered:

And i ment the magic pot enemy for the genji sheild
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bathren answered:

If ur a high enugh level you wont need them to kill Genesis
Genji shield is opptained by pleaseing the jack pot enemy in mission 7-6-6, you also have to have its DMW image prior to doing this to optain it.

Genji helm is gained by buying it from Network shop shade which u get in a chest in mission 9-5-4

genji armor u get by completeting DMW gallery with 100% on all

genji glove is optained in a chest in mission 9-6-4
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