Question from dsusun123

How do I pass the last chapter?

I get all of the 7 materias (Light-Star-Heaven-Ground-Life-Sabbath-Being).In the walkthrough, It says I need to locate them in the altar.Where is the altar?


SHEEN_O answered:

the altar is in the room called the "Portal of Severance"
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angel_of_dreams answered:

The Room after you beat the Behemoth King
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Sinalve answered:

Try going through all of the small passage ways in the main room. One way leads to the alter in another 'zone'. Once you set the godess materia in the alter, a Genisis copy similar to the one you fought on the bridge will come out of a passage way and attack you. After that... I don't want to ruin the suprise. ( :
Good Luck!
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