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Asked: 6 years ago

Full Cure Or Curaga?

Which is better?

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From: ZackvsRez 6 years ago

Curaga is much more useful as you cannot modify Full Cure with stats (like HP+ etc.) By the time you have Full Cure you're usually strong enough to have no need of a stronger healing spell.

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Full Cure heals WAY more. But as ZackvsRez mentioned, you can't fuse Full Cure with anything and have it remain at Full Cure.

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I'd say Curaga is far better. reasons have been explained .^.

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Full Cure is amazing, but it is a pain in the neck to get, because you have to beat the magic pot in 7-6-6 at least 3 times and even then it's not a sure bet. Go curaga, easier to get.

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Its all depend on yourselve, if you already have other materias that is enough to boost ur HP to 99999, u should get FullCure, Other wise, you can get Curaga with hp % and equip Double magic, that way the amount of HP healed should be 50k depending on ur SPR ;) My opinion is getting Curaga with 2x Magic since the amount of HP healed is similar to FullCure if your hp is not 99999 and the MP cost is lesser, likewise for casting time.

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