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||                    Foreword: Introduction to the FAQ                      ||

This is a short listing of all available shops in-game, including the ways to
unlock them. A quick glance at this list will likely answer any questions that
are related to shops in Crisis Core. If you see an (M), this means that it's a
Materia instead of an Item.

May this be of good use to you.

- Absolute Steve

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||                             Shop List {SHOP}                              ||

This list is sorted as in the menu. Read from left to right. 16 shops in total.

(M) = The item is a Materia. Does NOT indicate Master Level.

Shinra Building Shop   Sector 8 - Materia Shop    Sector 5 Materia Shop
(Initial Shop)         (Clear Mission 6-2-1)      (Clear Mission 6-2-3)
====================   =====================      =====================
Potion        50 Gil   HP Up (M)      1000 Gil    Strength Up (M)      1000 Gil
Ether        200 Gil   MP Up (M)      1000 Gil    Vitality Up (M)      1000 Gil
Soma         200 Gil   AP Up (M)      1000 Gil    Magic Up (M)         1000 Gil
Remedy       200 Gil   Drain (M)      5000 Gil    Spirit Up (M)        1000 Gil
                       Osmose (M)     4000 Gil    Poison (M)           1000 Gil
                                                  Silence (M)          1000 Gil

Sector 6 Accessory Shop                 Sector 7 Shop
(Clear Mission 6-2-6)                   (Treasure in Mission 4-4-3)
=======================                 ===========================
Bronze Bangle     500 Gil               Flame Ring         3000 Gil
Bronze Armlet     500 Gil               Fire Armlet        3000 Gil
Chocobo Armlet    500 Gil               Ice Ring           3000 Gil
Wrist Band       1000 Gil               Ice Armlet         3000 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 1000 Gil               Lightning Ring     3000 Gil
Earrings         1000 Gil               Lightning Armlet   3000 Gil
Amulet           1000 Gil               Dragon Armlet     20000 Gil
                                        Wizard Bracelet   80000 Gil
                                        Element Blade     20000 Gil
                                        Brigand's Gloves  10000 Gil
                                        Mog's Amulet      10000 Gil
                                        X-Potion           3000 Gil

Research Dept. QMC                      Research Dept. QMC +
(Gotten after G Eraser; Chapter 4)      (Chest at Gongaga Village,Chapter 10)
==================================      [Note: CAN BE PERMANENTLY MISSED!]
Fire (M)            1000 Gil            =====================================
Blizzard (M)        1000 Gil            Firaga (M)              10000 Gil
Thunder (M)         1000 Gil            Blizzaga (M)            10000 Gil
Cure (M)            1000 Gil            Thundaga (M)            10000 Gil
Esuna (M)           3000 Gil            Octaslash (M)           10000 Gil
Libra (M)           1000 Gil            Rush Assault (M)        10000 Gil
Star Pendant        3000 Gil            Air Strike (M)          10000 Gil
White Cape          3000 Gil            Meteor Shots (M)        10000 Gil
Headband            3000 Gil            Healing Wave (M)        10000 Gil
                                        Lucky Stars (M)         10000 Gil
                                        Hi-Potion                 500 Gil

The Happy Turtle                        Wutai Secret Shop
(Treasure in Mission 4-3-6)             (Clear Mission 4-2-6)
===========================             =====================
Fira (M)               3000 Gil         Quake (M)                     18000 Gil
Blizzara (M)           3000 Gil         Hell Firaga (M)               15000 Gil
Thundara (M)           3000 Gil         Hell Blizzaga (M)             15000 Gil
Cura (M)               3000 Gil         Hell Thundaga (M)             15000 Gil
Regen (M)              5000 Gil         Drain Blade (M)               10000 Gil
Barrier (M)            4000 Gil         Power Drain (M)               14000 Gil
Magic Barrier (M)      4000 Gil         Aerial Drain (M)              18000 Gil
Dispel (M)             5000 Gil         Status Strike (M)             40000 Gil
Dash (M)               5000 Gil         Status Ward (M)               40000 Gil
                                        Elemental Strike (M)          40000 Gil
                                        Elemental Ward (M)            40000 Gil
                                        Firaga Blade (M)              10000 Gil
                                        Blizzaga Blade (M)            10000 Gil
                                        Thundaga Blade (M)            10000 Gil

Gongaga Trading                         Nibel Accessories
(Clear Mission 2-3-1)                   (Treasure in Mission 6-4-4)
=====================                   ===========================
Carbon Bangle       8000 Gil            Mortal Shock            15000 Gil
Rune Armlet         8000 Gil            Venom Shock             15000 Gil
Sea Chocobo Armlet  8000 Gil            Mute Shock              15000 Gil
Hyper Wrist         8000 Gil            System Shock            15000 Gil
Shinra Beta         8000 Gil            Paralyzing Shock        15000 Gil
Hypno Crown         8000 Gil            Safety Bit               5000 Gil
Tarot Cards         8000 Gil            Star Pendant             3000 Gil
Drainga (M)        18000 Gil            White Cape               3000 Gil
                                        Gris-Gris Bag            3000 Gil
                                        Headband                 3000 Gil
                                        Sprint Shoes             3000 Gil
                                        Pearl Necklace           8000 Gil

Junon Souvernirs                        Bone Village Commerce
(Treasure in Mission 2-4-1)             (Treasure in Mission 7-5-3)
===========================             ===========================
Chocobo Stomp (M)     10000 Gil         Hellfire (M)          10000 Gil
1000 Needles (M)      10000 Gil         Mega Flare (M)        10000 Gil
Murderous Thrust (M)  10000 Gil         Zantetsuken (M)       10000 Gil
Courage Boost! (M)    10000 Gil         Rebirth Flame (M)     10000 Gil
Moogle Power (M)      10000 Gil         Exa Flare (M)         10000 Gil
Item Mugger (M)       10000 Gil         Gravityga (M)         15000 Gil

Mythril Mine Trading                    Network Shop Duo
(Clear Mission 2-4-5)                   (Treasure in Mission 9-3-3)
===============================         ===========================
Moon Bracer      10000 Gil              Blaze Armlet             10000 Gil
Shining Bracer   10000 Gil              Snow Armlet              10000 Gil
Protect Ring     30000 Gil              Bolt Armlet              10000 Gil
Faerie Ring      20000 Gil              Escort Guard             40000 Gil
Twisted Headband 10000 Gil              Sniper Eye               50000 Gil
                                        Dragon Armlet            20000 Gil
                                        Wizard Bracelet          80000 Gil
                                        Element Blade            20000 Gil
Net Shop Shade
(Treasure in Mission 9-5-4)
Precious Watch         10000 Gil
Jeweled Ring           10000 Gil
Apocalypse (M)         10000 Gil
Double Magic (M)       30000 Gil
Genji Helm*          1000000 Gil 

*Note:  Can only be bought ONCE. When you leave the shop and re-enter, you can
        not buy it anymore. However, if you have millions of gil you can keep
        buying the Genji Helm as long as you stay at the shop screen. To buy
        99 of it, you'll need 99 million Gil. You can make lots of money by
        stealing/selling Phoenix Downs from Minerva. Steal, Die, Sell, Repeat.

||                             Version History                               ||

April 14th, 2008.
o Definitive version of this list.
o Should there be any missing info, email me.

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Main Credits:
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o My Readers:     Thank you for reading this.

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