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"This is the prequel of the "best" Final Fantasy game."

This game is the prequel of the supposedly "best" and most popular final fantasy game. And this game should deserve a review just for that reason. Now where to begin, oh yes, the gameplay.

Gameplay 7.5/10
The gameplay is either amazing or terrible depending on your tastes. I liked the gameplay the way it is, I'm glad that Square Enix tried something new rather than implementing the same formula on all their games. Though I do acknowledge that there's some faults in the gameplay, first of all, sometimes you'd probably go through battles just by mashing X. This gets pretty repetitive at times and you'll be dying for a Dynamic Mind Wave scene to occur. If a DMW scene does occur, though, and this increases your DMW wavelength, you'll find yourself doing those "special" moves very often for a while, before reverting back to mashing X.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are some of the best that the PSP offers, there's no shortcomings in them and you'll be sure to like them. The FMV's are amazing, even the in-game graphics are great. If you're a graphics freak, you'll definitely love this game.

Story 7/10
The story is good, character development was decent for the most part. My complaint is that it's way too short, you'll probably beat it within 15 hours. It's about a second class SOLDIER named Zack, who gets on a training mission with a first class SOLDIER named Angael, soon, Angael and his friend Genesis has gone missing. You'll have to find out the rest by yourself ;p.

Sound 6/10
I wonder who made the sound, they don't sound as good as the other Final Fantasy games, I certainly want Nobuo Uematsu back for that reason. All the remixes doesn't sound near as good as the original Final Fantasy 7's music, even the sound effects doesn't sound as well. It is still fair enough to get by, and you usually won't find yourself turning down the volume. You probably won't remember any of the pieces, though.

Replay value 8/10
The replay value is more than good enough to get by. Even though the story could be beaten in less than 15 hours, the sidequests will take a long time. I would say you could get around 60-70 hours, depending on how many new game plus you do and how many sidequests you take.

Overall 7.7/10
This game didn't disappoint me, I would say it's worth the $20 that it costs now. As with all decent Final Fantasy games, don't rent it, it won't be worth it. You'll like the entire story and most of the sidequests, please note that this game won't be very long if you're just planning to play through it once.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/13/09

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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