FAQ/Walkthrough by MajikHunta

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 04/04/05 | Printable Version

U       U                       l        d
U       U          t            l        d
U       U          t            l        d
U       U  n nnn  tttt   ooo    l    ddd d
U       U  nn   n  t    o   o   l   d   dd
U       U  n    n  t   o     o  l  d     d
U       U  n    n  t   o     o  l  d     d
U       U  n    n  t   o     o  l  d     d
U       U  n    n  t   o     o  l  d     d
U       U  n    n  t   o     o  l  d     d
 U     U   n    n  t    o   o   l   d   dd
  UUUUU    n    n  ttt   ooo    l    ddd d

           L                                                 d
           L                                                 d
           L                                                 d
           L          eee      ggg g    eee    n nnn     ddd d   ssss
           L         e   e    g   gg   e   e   nn   n   d   dd  s    s
           L        e     e  g     g  e     e  n    n  d     d  s
           L        e     e  g     g  e     e  n    n  d     d  s
           L        eeeeeee  g     g  eeeeeee  n    n  d     d   ssss
           L        e        g     g  e        n    n  d     d       s
           L        e     e  g     g  e     e  n    n  d     d       s
           L         e   e    g   gg   e   e   n    n   d   dd  s    s
           LLLLLLL    eee      ggg g    eee    n    n    ddd d   ssss
                             g    g
                              gggg        Brotherhood of the Blade

              GAME: Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
          PLATFORM: PSP
             GENRE: RPG (Hack n' Slash)
         DEVELOPER: Sony Online Entertainment
         PUBLISHER: Sony Online Entertainment
      RELEASE DATE: NA - 03/22/05
            E-MAIL: MajikFAQs (at) Gmail (dot) com
         FAQ GENRE: FAQ/Walkthrough
       FAQ VERSION: 0.3

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Table of Contents

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Chapter One

Introduction                                   (ITRU)
Version History                                (VEHI)
Acknowledgements                               (AWLT)
Game Controls                                  (GACO)

Chapter Two

Creating your Character                        (CYC8)
Alchemist                                      (AL72)
Druid                                          (DR98)
Knight                                         (KN14)
Berserker                                      (BE49)

Chapter Three

--Main Quests--
Investigate the Scream                         (IS94)
Save My Friends                                (SFR8)
Find Overseer Lysetta                          (FOL5)
Search the Secret Catacombs                    (SSC3)
Find Kaylee Fast                               (FKF8)
Recall to Aven                                 (RTA0)
Report to the Overseer                         (RTO7)
Explore the Western Catacombs                  (EWC3)
Retrieve Praetox Queen Venom                   (RPQV)
Tend the Shrines                               (TTS2)
Recover the Distilling Crystal                 (RDS7)
Instigate the Uprising                         (ITU8)
Slay the Matriarch                             (STM7)
The Tools of the Four                          (TF14)
Defend the Gates                               (DFG7)
Destroy the Stronghold                         (DTS3)
Repair the Gates                               (RTG8)
Rescue the Prisoner                            (RTP8)
Destroy the Threat                             (DTT0)
Recover the Second                             (RTS9)
Recover the Third                              (RTT3)

--Optional Quests--
The Lost Researcher                            (TLR2)
The Betrayal                                   (TB75)
The Outcast's History                          (TOH3)

     CCCCC    h                                                   1
    C     C   h                         t                        11
   C       C  h                         t                       1 1
  C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr      1  1
  C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr           1
  C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
  C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
  C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r            1
  C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r            1
   C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
    C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r            1
     CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r            1


|Introduction     (ITRU)|

Hello. Welcome to MajikHunta's FAQ/Walkthrough for Untold Legends: 
Brotherhood of the Blade, a launch title for Sony's PSP handheld 
system. This game happens to be one of my favourite PSP launch titles, 
despite that GameSpot gave it a 6.9. To be honest, its not the best 
hack n' slash game out there, Diablo II is. But for portable hack n' 
slash, its pretty damn good.

|Version History     (VEHI)|

Version 0.1 - 25/03/05 - A new guide is born

Version 0.2 - 31/03/05 - Added Alchemist description + continued       

Version 0.3 - 04/04/05 - Continued walkthrough up to the quest Recover 
                         the Third

|Acknowledgements     (AWLT)|

This section contains credits to people who have helped with this

-Matt Desrosiers <mattd890@gmail.com> (informed me of a minor mistake)
-Sony Online Entertainment (for making this great game)
-Alexander Davidson (Programmed metapad, which made writing this FAQ 
much easier)
-CJayC (Hosted this guide on GameFAQs)

|Game Controls (GACO)|

Action                   Button

--Main Menu--

Select Menu Item         Directional Buttons or Analog stick + X
Back                     Circle

--Game Controls--

Move                     Analog Stick / Nub
Attatck                  X
Perform Action           Square
Use Ability 1            Triangle
Use Ability 2            Circle
Use Health Potion        L
Use Power Potion         R + L
Block                    R + Circle
Switch Melee / Ranged    R + X
Mini-Map                 R + Square
Center Camera            R + Triangle
Qucik Ability Menu       Direction Buttons + Triangle or Circle
Orbit / Zoom Camera      R + directional buttons
Pause Game               Start
Character Screen         Select

--Inventory / Character / Merchant Screen Controls--

-All Tabs-
Cycle Screen Tabs Right  R
Cycle Screen Tabs Left   L
Move Pointer             Analog Stick / Nub
Rotate Character         Directional Buttons
Exit                     Circle or Select

-Inventory Tab-
Drop Item                Triangle
Equip / Unequip Item     X
More Information         Square
Compare Equipment        Up / Down with directional buttons

-Ability Tree Tab-
Spend Ability Points     X

-Level Up Screen-
Assign Attribute Points  Directional buttons
Confirm Distribution     X

-Merchant Screens-
Buy Item / Sell Item     Triangle
More Information         Square
Compare Equpment         Up / Down with directional buttons

    CCCCC    h                                                 2222
   C     C   h                         t                      2   2
  C       C  h                         t                     2     2
 C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr           2
 C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr             2
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r             2
 C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r             2
 C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r            2
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r           2
  C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r          2
   C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r         2
    CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r        2222222

|Creating your Character (CYC8)|

Creating your character is a very simple process. First you select 
what character class you want to be (see below for more information on 
all 4 classes). Next you select skin tone, hair style and hair color. 
Next you give out 10 attribute points. You put the attribute points 
into Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity or Stamina. See the specific 
character sections below to determine where you should put your stat 
points into. Finally you get to choose wether to play single player or 
to host or join multiplayer. I have yet to play a multiplayer game, 
but I assume it is the same as single player, except you've got other 
players with you. So this walkthrough should work for multiplayer as 

|Alchemist (AL72)|

Sony Online Entertainment's description:

"The alchemist is a scientist of incredible brilliance, extreme 
curiosity and little regard for the consequences of her experiments (
all in the pursuit of science). They are also scholars of great renown 
and pursue the lost mysteries of the world within stubborn 
determination regardless of the incredible odds against them. The 
aclhemist serves Aven as a source of knowledge, expertise and 
incredibly dangerous ability. Their relentless pursuit of the unkown 
often drives them to confront the dangers of the outer territories.

Alchemists employ eldritch science and its untold capabilities in 
their exploration of these dangerous territories. Potions of their own 
craft and ancient arcane scrolls are the sources of their destructive 
and defensive capabilities.

Alchemists are greatly respected in the city of Aven for their 
countless contributions to cultural progression. If it were not for 
this elite order of brillaitn and progressive minds, Aven would likely 
not have survived the turmoil of its past."

MajikHunta's description

This is your spellcaster. She sucks at early stages, you'll find 
yourself using melee for the first third of the game, unless you want 
to waste points into crappy spells. However, assuming you did NOT 
waste skill points on crappy spells early on, she is a powerhouse 
spellcaster later in the game. She can also summon a golem to assist 
her in battle and temporarily convert badguys to fight for her. If 
you've played Diablo II, think of her as a combined necromancer and 

Base Stats:
Strength - 9
Intelligence - 18
Dexterity - 10
Stamina - 10

|Druid (DR98)|

Base Stats:
Strength - 11
Intelligence - 18
Dexterity - 7
Stamina - 11

|Knight (KN14)|

Sony Online Entertainment's description:

"The knight is a champion of law, virtue, order and justice. A 
knight's primary role in Aven is to serve at the forefront of the 
protection of Aven and its people. The knight practices an ancient 
form of combat that has been perfected throughout the passing 
centuries. This combative style relies upon the usage of heavy 
weaponry and armor. Through relentless dedication and perfected 
discipline, the knight champions his tenents throughout the outer 
territories of Aven.

The knights of Aven belong to an elite mysterious branch of millitary 
known as the Shaeluun Maul. The shaeluun Maul has been regarded by the 
people of Aven as a soic and constant force of vigilance and 
protection for countless centuries.

The knight is viewed with deep respect and silent fear by the people 
of Aven. The impentrable mystery that surronds the knights of Shaeluun 
Maul would warrant nothing less. However, the people trust these 
knights implicitly, for they have shown their unrelenting dedication 
to the city and its people since the beginning of Aven's history"

MajikHunta's description:

"This is your tank. Deals heavy damage, high armor and high life. He 
is best at melee although hes also quite decent at using the bow. He 
has pretty much no magic."

Base Stats:
Strength - 15
Intelligence - 6
Dexterity - 8
Stamina - 18

I recommend putting majority of your points into strength if you are 
making a melee knight, or dexterity if you are making a ranged knight 
and put the rest into Stamina.

|Berserker (BE49)|

Base Stats:
Strength - 18
Intelligence - 6
Dexterity - 8
Stamina - 15

    CCCCC    h                                                 333
   C     C   h                         t                      3   3
  C       C  h                         t                     3    3
 C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr          3
 C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr           33
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r          333
 C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r             3
 C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r              3
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r              3
  C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r        3     3
   C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r        33   3
    CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r          333

Main Quests...

|Investigate the Scream (IS94)|

Once you've created your character you'll start out by a bed in the 
inn. You are being attacked by spiders! Kill them and move on. Use the 
mini-map in the corner to help you out. You can enlarge the mini-map 
if neccisary by pressing R + Square. Fight you way untill you reach 
the ! on the mini-map. Alice McKintyre will talk to you.

|Save My Friends (SFR8)|

Continue along, killing all the spiders, untill you see a Red icon on 
the mini-map. This is a boss, Shadowed Praetox. Its a fairly easy 
fight. Just keep on attacking it (or using magic on it) and using 
healing potions when your life is low, and power potions when your 
magic is low.

|Find Overseer Lysetta (FOL5)|

After defeating the Shadowed Preatox, you should be at the exit of The 
Howling Pine Inn, so hold down Square to enter Aven, the town. After 
the long load you'll be outside. Kill the spiders that are attacking 
you (if there are any). From here, head right, and then down, and then 
right untill you seee some stairs. Go up the stairs. You may notice an 
! just to the right of the top of the stairs on the mini-map. This is 
the merchant Loren Haggard. You most likely won't be able to buy 
anything from him yet, so just ignore him.

Continue south untill you see another ! on the mini-map. This is 
Overseer Lysetta, the person you are looking for, so talk to her.

|Search the Secret Catacombs (SSC3)|

After talking to Lysetta, head north. You should see a white rectangle 
on the mini-map. This is the Secret Catacombs. Hold Square to enter 

Once inside, you'll be in a randomly generated dungeon, meaning that I 
can't give you any directions. If you are a strength-based character 
(Knight or Beserker) you should have no problem here. However, from my 
experience, the intelligence-based characters (Druid and Alchemist) 
struggle here. They may die a couple times here, so be sure to save 
frequently, because when you die, you start off from where you last 

So basically just explore, kill the spiders, level up, pick up the 
items untill you see the red icon on the mini-map, meaning its boss 
time! Be sure to save before fighting him!

The Revenant is an extremely easy boss for Knights and Beserkers. Just 
equip your most powerful weapon and keep on attacking him and using 
healing potions on yourself untill hes dead. However, Druids and 
Alchemists will have a harder time. Due to the small area you are 
allowed to fight in, the strategy of casting a spell on him and then 
running won't work too well. So just equip the most powerful weapon on 
you and just attack him and use potions. If you can't seem to beat 
him, level up some more and buy more potions.

|Find Kaylee Fast (FKF8)|

After the boss fight, save your game and then continue along the 
passage. You should enter a room filled with spiders. This may prove 
to be difficult fight if you have no potions left from the boss 

Once you've killed the spiders go and talk to Kaylee.

|Recall to Aven (RTA0)|

After you've talked to Kaylee, press start and then select "Recall To 
Aven". Once back in town, head slightly north to find Kaylee. Talk to 
her again.

|Report to the Overseer (RTO7)|

After talking to Kaylee, head south and talk to Overseer Lysetta.

|Explore the Western Catacombs (EWC3)|

Before heading into the Western Catacombs, I recommend buying some new 
stuff if possible and selling any items you picked up that you don't 
need. From Overseer Lysetta, head north and slightly to the left and 
you should see Loren Haggard. Talk to him to buy/sell items.

After that, head slightly right and then down the stairs. You should 
see a round circle just below the stairs. This is the entrance to the 
Western Catacombs, hold down square to enter.

Welcome to yet another randomly generated dungeon. So just do the 
usuall, kill the monsters, level up, pick up items, etc. untill you 
find the boss, The Mourning Sage.

Before fighting the The Mourning Sage, save your game. Also, before 
going near enough to him that he talks to you and the fight begins, 
try to kill any other monsters in the same room. It makes the fight 
easier. Much like the last boss fight, beserkers and knights will have 
no problem here. Druids and alchemists on the other hand, will 
struggle. Just get as many potions as you can and slash him to death. 
Another option for druids and alchemists would be to cast a spell, run 
and doge his spell, cast another spell, dodge his spell, and repeat 
untill hes dead. This is hard, but with some pratice, you can kill him 
taking little or no damage.

When hes dead you'll recieve "Ancient Jourbal Volume I". Be sure to 
pick up any goodies that he drops. After that, either leave the 
catacombs via going back through the route that you came to the boss 
or by pressing start and selecting "Recall to Aven".

If you recalled to Aven, Overseer Lysetta will be right infront of 
you. If you took the long route, go up the stairs and head south 
untill you reach her. Talk to her.

|Retrieve Praetox Queen Venom (RPQV)|

After talking to Overseer Lysetta, head north and then down the 
stairs. Head left and then north again. Then head left again and enter 
the Howling Pine Inn. Once inside the inn, head to your right, behind 
the counter and into the room with stone flooring. Kill the spiders. 
Continue along the passage and then down the stone steps. You should 
come to a room with Dealer Price in it. Talk to him if you want. Then 
head north between the gap in the walls. You are now in the forbidden 

Yup, thats right, another randomly generated dungeon. Get use to 
these, because thats how pretty much every area is, with the exception 
of Aven. Eventually you should come to a hole saying "A strong rope 
would be useful here." Don't worry about this just yet, you'll come 
back to it later in the game. Continue on, killing, leveling up, 
grabbing items, etc. If you are ever low on potions, press start and 
select "Recall To Aven". Buy some more potions and then press start 
and select "Return to Forbidden Catacombs".

Soon enough, you'll encounter Ronan the Zombie. Before fighting him, 
save your game and head back to town to buy potions if neccisary. 
Ronan is very easy to defeat. Life isn't that easy though, theres 
another boss after that, a BIG boss as a matter of fact. A big spider 
named Athloxxia, to be precise.

Athloxxia will attack you, and then leave the platform. She will the 
appear at a different edge of the platform. If you check your mini-
map, you can see where she will appear before she actually appears 
there, allowing you to get a head start and then attack her as soon as 
she appears. When her life gets lower, she may produce little spiders. 
Kill them off too.

After the fight, press start and then select "Recall to Aven". Then 
talk to Overseer Lysetta. You will now need to talk to the Elder 
Adias. Head north and then down the stairs. Head left, then up and 
then continue northwest, passed the Howling Pine Inn. Continue down a 
narrow path. You should arrive at an area with lots of trees and 
plants. There you will find Elder Adias.

|Tend the Shrines (TTS2)|

After talking to Elder Adias, head back through the alley and then 
north and then west untill you reach Sir Armon. Talk to him. He'll 
allow you to exit the city, so do so. You'll arrive in Lightfall 
Grove, which yes, is randomly generated.

Wander, kill, level up. You will most likely notice lots of white 
rectangles on your mini-map. These are entrances to other places. Feel 
free to enter into them if your expierence hungry, but otherwise, just 
avoid them and try to find that red boss icon.

Its time to fight the first Gorgien Defiler boss. He really doesn't 
have too much life, so he shouldn't be much of a problem. A walk in 
the park for knights and beserkers. Slash slash slash use potion slash 
slash, hes dead. Druids and Alchemists should be able to take him on 
in melee combat if they have a decent weapon. However, due the the 
large area you have to fight this boss, you can use a cast spell, run, 
cast spell run strategy to take little to no damage, as his spells are 
extremelly easy to dodge.

Do whatever works for you. Take the loot, if any drops. Now you need 
to find the next Gorgien Defiler. This one can be found in Shadowpine. 
So now its time to look for the entrance to Shadowpine. The entrance 
can be found in Lightfall Grove (your current area). Basically, just 
search around Lightfall Grove untill you find Shadowpine. To make life 
easier for yourself, press R + Square to enlarge the mini-map. This 
also labels all the entrances, so you don't need to go right up to 
them to find out if its the entrance to Shadowpine or not.

When you finally find Shadowpine, hold square to enter. Yup, its time 
to do the same as usuall. Wander, kill, level up. Explore untill you 
find the Gorgien Reaver. Use the same strategy as in the previous 
battle to defeat him. You will recieve the item "Ancient Journal 
Volume III" and possibly some other loot. The entrance to Tornwood 
Forest should be near the boss, however it may not. If its not 
continue searching.

Next its time to travel to Tornwood Forest. You know what do. Once you 
find the Gorgein Corruptor, defeat him using the above strategy. You 
will recieve the item "Ancient Journal Volume IV" and possibly some 
other loot.

Once hes defated, recall to Aven and talk to Elder Adias, who is in 
the same spot as usuall.

|Recover the Distilling Crystal (RDS7)|

To start this quest, talk to Kaylee. She can be found south of 
Overseer Lysetta. Go to the teleport behind Overseer Lysetta and 
teleport to Shadowpine. However, if you did not activate the teleport 
in Shadowpine, go out of town into Lightfall Grove and then from 
there, find the entrance to Shadowpine.

Search around shadowpine untill you find a blue ! on the mini-map. Go 
towards and talk to the outcast woman. Now you need to find Bleak 
Mines, which can be found within Shadowpine.

Once in the Bleak Mines, do the usuall untill you come to a blue ! on 
the mini-map. This is where the girl you have to rescue is. However, 
its not that easy to rescue her. You've got fight a boss, the Graahika 
Bloodsnout, first! Dodge his attacks and attack him untill hes death. 
Fairly easy fight assuming you have some potions handy.

If you don't want to fight the boss you can just rescue the girl and 
run, but the boss is worth the battle as you get a nice bit of exp and 
possibly some items too.

Once thats done, Recall to Aven and then take the teleporter back into 
Shadowpine. Or take the long route and leave the Bleak Mines. Either 
way, once your back in Shadowpine find the blue ! again and talk to 
the outcast woman. She will give you the crystal. Recall to Aven and 
talk to Kaylee.

|Instigate the Uprising (ITU8)|

Go talk to Madam Diana. She can be found in the Wild Grove area of 
Aven. Head back to Overseer Lysetta and use the teleport behind her. 
Teleport to Tornwood Forest. If you didn't activate the teleporter 
there, leave town and enter Lightfall Grove. From there, find the 
entrance to Tornwood Forest.

Once in Tornwood Forest, search for the entrance to Wallowpit Level 1. 
Once inside, search untill you find the boss, Marrowtusk. Melee 
fighters, just go in and slash slash slash and potion when neccisary. 
Spellcasters and ranged attackers should use the hit and run tactic. 
Once hes dead you'll recieve "Ancient Journal Volume V".

Recall to Aven and then take the teleporter to Lightfall Grove or 
leave town and enter it. Either works. Once in Lightfall search for 
Snoutrott Den and enter it.

Explore untill you find the boss, Krelgaak Snoutrott. He puts up a 
good fight. Watch your life at all times, because he does some serious 
damage. Carry around lots of potions with you. If you are a melee 
character, just slash and use potions untill hes dead. Spellcasters 
will have a harder time. Kregaak moves fast so the hit and run 
strategy won't work. So just cast and heal and block his attacks if 
possible. It may take multiple tries to beat him, hes definately the 
hardest boss so far.

If you are an alchemist, there is an easy way to defeat this boss, 
however. Find a pillar or rock or an area where there is a circular 
obsticle you can run around. Invest one skill point into the skill "
Fire Bomb" (don't worry, its not a wasted point, as it is a 
prerequisite to higher level skills that you'll be using if you have 
any plans of making a good alchemist). Plant fire bombs and run around 
the circular obsticle. Its not the fastest way to kill the boss, but 
its definately the easists if you are an alchemist.

Once hes defeated, recall to aven and talk to Madam Diana.

|Slay the Matriarch (STM7)|

Talk to Templar Draven. He can be found at the top of the staircase in 
Aven. Then head to the teleporter and teleport to Tornwood. Then look 
around untill you find Wallowpit Level 1. Search around in Wallpot 
Level 1 untill you find Level 2. Do the same untill you find Level 3. 
However, before continueing to level 3, you'll have to fight a boss, 
the Butcher. Hes just a harder version of all the monsters you've been 
fighting so far, so use whatever strategy you've been using to defeat 
the monsters within wallowpit on this boss to defeat him. Once 
defeated, continue in to wallowpit level 3.

Once in level 3, continue on untill you find the boss, Matron 
Skulkgra. Hes got quite a lot of life and can deal out decent amounts 
of damage. His fire attack isn't that damaging, but knocks you down. 
Try to attack him from behind and use whatever strategy works best for 
you (just slashing him to death if your a knight, using the fire bomb 
trick if your an alchemist or whatever...). You'll recieve "Ancient 
Journal Volume VII" from him when he dies.

Recall to Aven and talk to Templar Draven.

|The Tools of the Four (TF14)|

To start this quest, talk to Overseer Lysetta. She'll tell you to go 
talk to Elder Aidas, so do so. Hes in his usuall spot in the Temple of 
Preservation area of town.

You need to go to Lightfall Grove now. Take the teleporter or leave 
town via the gate. From there, find the Sacred Vaults and enter.

Search the secret vaults untill you find the boss, The Rotting Priest. 
Defeat him and take and you will recieve the Druidic Wreath. Recall to 
Aven and talk to Elder Adias.

|Defend the Gates (DFG7)|

To start this quest, talk to Templar Draven. Now go and talk to Madam 
Diane. She will give you the Adamantine Rope. Now head out into 
Lightfall Grove and find Marrowrock North. Enter and search around for 
the entrance to Marrowrock South. You may encounter a boss called a 
mini-boss "Dreadskull" while inside Marrowrock North. This boss is can 
be difficult due to his high life and damage, but just slash and 
potion him to death (or use magic, whatever works for you) and he 
should go down eventually. If you are unlucky, you encounter this boss 
TWO times! So becareful.

You may notice wells and holes and stuff in here, but just ignore 
them. You don't go down through those. Just keep searching untill you 
find Marrowrock South. Once you find it, enter. You may also encounter 
Dreadskull in this area. So if you do, use the above strategy to beat 
him. Serach untill you find Deadeye Ridge. Enter it when you find it.

Welcome to the first desert area in Untold Legends! Keep on searching 
untill you find the boss. You may also want to look for the teleporter 
and activate it, to make coming back here less of a hassle.

Eventually you should encounter the boss, General Zsraah. He will most 
likely prove to be a difficult fight. Stock up on potions before you 
fight him. Basically just cast your most powerful spells, use your 
most powerful attacks and potion like crazy and he'll eventually die. 
You'll recieve "Ancient Journal Volume VIII"

Recall to Aven and talk to Madam Diana.

|Destroy the Stronghold (DTS3)|

Talk to Templar Draven. Now, assuming you haven't left town and used 
Recall to Aven again, just press start and select "Return to Deadeye 
Ridge". If you did use recall to aven again, use the teleporter to get 
there. If you didn't activate the teleporter in Deadeye Ridge, well 
you have to take the long route through Lightfall Groves, then through 
Marrowrock North, then through Marrowrock South and finally to Deadeye 

Search around Deadeye Ridge untill you find Ironstole Hollow. Enter 
it. Search throughout Ironstole Hollow untill you see the red icon on 
the mini-map, head towards the icon and its boss battle time! General 
Bealzuraak has fairly low life, doesn't do that much damage and has no 
real special attacks. So just attack him or use magic on him untill he 
dies, and potion when neccisary. Fairly easy fight.

You'll recieve "Ancient Journal Volume IX" when he dies. Recall to 
Aven and talk to Templar Draven.

|Repair the Gates (RTG8)|

Talk to Overseer Lysetta to start the quest. Teleport to Lightfall 
Grove (or go through the gates of town). Look around for Shattercove 
West entrance. Once you find it, enter. Walk around and eventually 
you'll encounter a mini-boss (meaning theres no red icon on the mini 
map), Mystic Dimitria. Shes very easy, so you shouldn't have any 
problem defeating her. Eventually you should find the entrance 
Shattervoce East, so enter.

Continue on and eventually you'll find the entrance to Splinterfull 
Woods. There will be a mini-boss gaurding the entrance though. Oracle 
Ellazandra, the boss, is another easy kill. Defeat her, pick up the 
loot and continue into Splinterfull Woods.

Just outside the entrance to Shattercove East (where you came from) 
you should notice an old woman with (! on the mini-map). If you want, 
talk to her to activate the optional quest, The Outcast's History.

Eventually you should find the entrance to Dreadwind Moor. A boss, 
Silverswipe, will be gaurding the entrance. If you haven't leveled up 
enough or don't have enough potions, he'll kill you easilly. But if 
you a good enough level (16 or higher) this is a walk in the park.

Once hes defeated, enter Dreadwind Moor. From there find the entrance 
to Waning Wastes and enter it (no mini-boss fight this time). From 
there, find the entrance to Whispering Chasm and enter. Search around 
the Whispering Chasm untill you see a red icon. 

Its boss time! Allysia the Hateful is a suprisingly easy boss. She has 
very little health. But you'll need to use potions very often as she 
deals out quite a bit of damage and usually has a decent amount of 
minions with her. Still not a tough fight though.

When you defeat her you will recieve "Containment Shard". She may drop 
some other goodies, pick them up too. Recall to Aven and talk to 
Overseer Lysetta.

|Rescue the Prisoner (RTP8)|

Talk to Templar Draven to start this quest. Now its time to rescue 
Kaylee... again. If you haven't already realized, the plot of the game 
sucks big time. Rescue this person, kill some random boss, rescue that 
person, retrieve an item. Blah blah blah... but whatever, this game is 
still really fun! So anyways, enough insulting this game and on with 
the walkthrough.

Teleport to Splinterfull Woods and find the entrance to Dreadwind 
Moor, and then enter it. Search around untill you find the entrance to 
Screeching Halls Level 1. The entrance is being gaurded by, 
Gravelhorn, a mini-boss. Hes got a lot of life deals out quite a bit 
of damage. If you can't kill him, just run past him and sneak into 
Screeching Halls Level 1. If you can kill him, enjoy the experience 
and items and then enter Screeching Halls Level 1.

Search untill you find a blue ! on the mini-map. When you finally find 
Kaylee, defeat all the nearby monsters and then talk to her. She'll 
give you "Ancient Journal Volume X".

Recall to Aven and talk to Overseer Lysetta.

|Destroy the Threat (DTT0)|

Talk to Templar Draven to start this quest. Teleport to Deadeye Ridge, 
or if you were stupid and didn't activate the teleport, go through 
Lightfall Grove -> Marrowrock North -> Marrowrock South -> Deadeye 

Eventually you'll find the entrance to Necrosis Citadel Level 1. Fight 
your way to level 2. Look around for the red icon on the mini-map. 
Once you get to it, its time to fight The Nethereye. Hes got A LOT of 
life and deals out quite a bit of damage. Use your most powerful 
attacks and spells while constantly potioning. If you have low health, 
he may be able to attack you faster than you can heal, so retreat for 
a bit, use a potion, and then go back in.

You'll recieve Necrosis Tome for defeating him. Recall to Aven and 
talk to Templar Draven. After that, talk to Overseer Lysetta.

|Recover the Second (RTS9)|

Talk to Overseer Lysetta to start this quest. Teleport to Deadeye 
Ridge. Now find the entrance to Ironstole Hollow. Enter and look for 
the entrance to The Riven Flats. Enter it. Be sure to activate the 
teleporter here before continueing on. Once activated, search for the 
entrance to Temple of Dreams Level 1. The entrance is gaurded by a 
mini-boss, Watcher of the Waking. Another easy kill.

Enter Temple of Dreams Level 1. Look around for level 2 and enter. 
Eventaully you'll find the boss, Acealstra. Shes got fairly low life 
and uses magic. One of her spells deals high damage but is easy to 
dodge (its just a straight beam of magic). The other sends out a nova 
around her and knocks you down, but isn't as damaging. Potion when 
neccisary and keep on attacking untill she dies.

You'll recieve "Aegis of Purity" when she dies. Recall to Aven and 
talk to Overseer Lysetta.

|Recover the Third (RTT3)|

Overseer Lysetta should automatically give you this quest after 
completing the previous quest. However, if she doesn't, talk to her 
again to recieve it. Return back to Temple of Dreams Level 2 via the 
start menu (assuming you haven't left Aven since the last quest). If 
you have left Aven, take the long route.

The entrance to level 3 should be near where you fought Acealstra.

...to be continued...


Optional Quests...

|The Lost Researcher (TLR2)|

After completing the quest "Tend the Shrines", this quest becomes 
availible. Talk to Acolyte Maia, who can be found in Aven, very near 
the entrance to Eastern Catacombs.

...to be continued...

|The Betrayal (TB75)|

After completing the quest "Tend the Shrines", this quest becomes 
availible. Talk to Sabrine Firehand, who can be found in Aven, just 
toe the right of the bottom of the staircase in town.

...to be continued...

|The Outcast's History (TOH3)|

After completing the quest "Destroy the Stronghold", this quest 
becomes availible. Talk to the old woman in Splinterfull Woods.

...to be continued...