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"The usual Acttion RPG fare, but great nonetheless."

One of the fews gems in the PSP library that has been plagued with bad/decent scores, has not gotten much attention. Let me tell you, however, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is a great game.

Quick Pros/Con List
+Good visuals
+4 classes w/ extensive tech trees
+character creation (yeah I know it isn't too big of a deal, but sometimes customization can make a game, and its decent in Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade)
+Good controls.
-Loading Time. This is what kills this game, even though it is playable. The loading speed is a gripe, however.
-Easy difficultly. Not too hard of a game/challenge, but it still is a great game, even though the difficulty is skewed, being an RPG game.
-Repetitive music. Not too bad, but it can get on some people's nerves.

Graphics 9/10
Not too much to say here. Pretty sharp details, good backdrops, and only clipping minorly hurts these graphics.

Sound 3/10
This music is repetitive. I almost mean Runescape repetitive, and that can kill a soul. After a while, you won't really notice it, but as a fair warning, the music is just that bad.
Kudos for the grunts/attack sounds however. They were well made and fit the atmosphere, adding some reality.

Gameplay 10/10
Ah, what makes this shine. Four classes, Berserker, Warrior, Druid, and Alchemist give you a lot of options. Then each class has a tech tree spanning multiple moves, and two at a time can be assigned to the triangle and circle buttons. Battles are fairly simple, with blocks, regular attack/ranged attack and special techniques. Well, the controls are well implemented, the camera is pretty decent (luckily you can rotate it). Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is a fairly easy game, although you have to pour quite a few hours to get through it. Typical RPG style. I should also mention the multi-player where you and a friend get to co-op through the game. It's not the best multi-player, but at least SOMETHING was implemented.

Story 6/10
Well the story in no way really affects Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, because well it is more based upon creating a character/leveling up. Although there is a story, it is VERY cliched, and I doubt anyone will find it enjoyable.

Multi-player 8/10
Yes I know. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade's multi-player is pretty bad. But then again, it helps raise this game's value, there is good framerate throughout your playthrough, and if you really need help, you and your buddy can easily slice through legions of enemies. Once you think about it, multi-player is pretty useful.

Replay Value 9/10
The 4 races keep a lot of play time into this game, so does multiplayer. Leveling up to 50 with 4 characters will keep you immeresed into this game for a while.

Final Word?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Buy this game!
If you like Action RPGs, get Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade. This game gets a 9 for a reason. It's addictive, and a lot of fun to mess around with for that first lvl 50 character. Now if you aren't into Action RPG's, rent it first. I'd slightly skew the score down to 7~8/10 for you guys.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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