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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I see the BF Injection?

& what's the special prize if I complete the list?

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on Portland island below salvatores house there is a secretive beach
look around and you will find it

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if you complete the list you get a money bonus i think 1500$ and PCJ 600 and a V8 GHOST parked in you garage.

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Its on the beech.

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You can find the BF Injection by doing the car salesman, or look beside Sal's house. Then, move all the way till you see the land ( not the beach ). Then, look east and you'll see it there.

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Go to salvatores mansion and go down the beach.Look for it closly.

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If you go onto the end of the beach behind sals manshion it should be there.

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you get a V8 ghost and pcj-600 beside your garage in staunton. It is not BULLETPROVE so don't blow them up. It is also not those cars with special colours. But it will appear everytime you get back.

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