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Answered Questions

Plot Help status answers
Is it? Answered 3
Were do you find strippers? Answered 4
Who's the woman in the cover of the game? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
Are we aloud to go in Bars? Answered 5
Can Toni fly??? Answered 1
Can we do stuff with strippers when they're in your car? Answered 2
Can you get infinite health? Answered 6
Can you help me? Answered 3
Connecting PSP to other items? Answered 1
Does saveing with cheats on mess up your game? Answered 3
Free Pay n Spray with cop cars!!! ? Answered 1
Help with Cheat Device ?? Answered 1
Highest ranking & score? Answered 1
How 2 install more cheats into psp???? Answered 1
How can I download save files from gamefaqs to my PSP without the ability to connect the two? Answered 3
How can I download save files from gamefaqs to my PSP without the ability to connect to a PC? Answered 1
How can I get on the construction site? Answered 1
How can i save the save game files to my psp???? Answered 3
How do hookers get into your cars i honked the horn but the ignore it how come? Answered 1
How do I unlock the other 2 islands? Answered 3
How do u get hookers in your car? Answered 7
How do you do multiplayer? Answered 3
How do you get to the observatory? Answered 2
How to use taxi jump? Answered 3
I 1 2 delete a gta game,which shuld i delete?suggestions... Answered 1
I beat level 4 of the car salesman missions but the hellnbach gt isnt there? Answered 1
Is it normal......? Answered 2
Is there more than one safe? Answered 1
Money worthless or no? Answered 3
My savegame does not work how do i fix it? Answered 1
Unique Jumps? Answered 2
What is Sprint? Answered 2
What is the cheat to make cars fly? Answered 2
What is the cheats 4 unlimite ammo????? Answered 2
When do all gangs get off my tail? Answered 4
When do I unlock the Shoreside Vale safehouse? Answered 1
When does the Porter Tunnel get ENTIRELY fixed? Answered 1
Where can I find a hearse? Answered 1
Where can i find a sindacco guy? Answered 1
Which is better gta 3 or gta sa? Answered 2
Will certain cheats mess up my game? Answered 5

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