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-GTA Liberty City Stories:  Love Media Garage List

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
For the Sony PSP
Love Media Garage List
v. 1.33
by gasiousbary
Written 11/13/2005
Last updated 12/15/2005


1- About this FAQ
2- Main Questions
3- The Vehicles
4- Other Questions
5- Legal & Copyright
6- Credits & Thanks

1 -About this FAQ

This is the first FAQ I ever bothered to write specifically for
I have made others, but they have been mainly for smaller sites that I frequent
as well as they usually are written in html format.  I've been spending a good
amount of my time at work (heh) playing GTA and frequenting gamefaqs and have
come across among other things, a good deal of posts regarding the Love Media
garage list side mission.  I felt like killing a good 30 minutes of my time
at work and spit this tiny little FAQ out for you.  Forgive me if I don't go
ASCII happy and embellish this out.  Not my style.

Also, I am still in the process of playing the game.  I'll update any necessary
information such as parked car locations as I play through and find them.

2 -Main Questions

Q.  -What exactly is the Love Media garage list?

A.  -It is one of the many little extra and optional side missions available to
you in the tradition of current generation GTA games.  Located in Bedford,
Staunton Island, Love Media is holding a contest and needs to give out vehicles
as prizes.  They need your help to bring them those vehicles.  You are free to
participate in it as soon as you have access to Staunton, and you may do it at
your own pace.  Find the building- you will see the information "i" icon, read
that if you wish.  Posted on the wall, a list of 16 vehicles which is needed to
meet the mission's fulfilment.  

Q.  -How do I start the mission?

A.  -There is no official "start" to the mission, to begin, just drive any of
the vehicles listed near the garage door, it will open, drive in, get out, and
exit the garage.  The garage door will close, that particular vehicle will be
scratched off the posted list.  Repeat until you have delivered all 16

Q.  -Where is the Love Media garage located?

A.  -There is a building 1 1/2 blocks west of Donald Love's mission point, the
southern most center in the city blocks of Staunton, which has a garage
accessible by the street running north and south.

If the "written" directions aren't good enough for you, I took the time out
to draw a cross-section of Staunton showing you where the garage is:

Q.  -What do I get for completing the list of 16 vehicles?

A.  -For each vehicle, you get reward money which range from $500 to $5000.
All in all the total cash value of turning in all 16 amounts to $52,000.  Not
a bad chunk of change at all.  Also when you complete the list, you will be
rewarded with 2 vehicle spawns at your Staunton hideout.  The vehicles are the
PCJ 600 and the V8 Ghost.  They respawn at your hideout for your convenience.
Another thing is it is required as part of the 100% game completion for those
of you interested in receiving a 100% complete game file (and its rewards).

Q.  -Ok, so what are the vehicles?

A.  -In alphabetical order, they are:

-BF Injection
-Deimos SP
-Hellenbach GT
-PCJ 600
-Phobos VT
-Thunder Rodd
-V8 Ghost

3 -The Vehicles

First of all, about the spawning rules.  If you are new to GTA, you may or may
not have noticed that whenever you drive a particular vehicle, you will see a
whole bunch of those same vehicles roaming the street.  The main and obvious
reason for this is the game's memory.  It is much more efficient for the memory
to constrain the type of vehicles on the road into a set, and by limiting the
set, the game uses less memory for that in order for it to be used on other
aspects of the game.  Now, this is based all on my assumption and observation,
so don't go quoting me on it, but its most likely correct.

You can take advantage of this to force spawn vehicles you need on the list.
Let's say you need a particular sports car.  By driving one type of sports car,
you will most likely run into another type of sports car.  Of course, this
does not mean that another type of sports car will spawn only if you drive a
sports car.  It just increases the chances.

And one last note.  I will commonly describe the vehicles that may match real-
world counterparts by name.  If the names do not sound very familiar to you,
use image search to help you out.

Anyway, on to the vehicles.


-Reward:  $4000

-Description:  Resembles a Dodge Viper.  Always convertable, always has a
stripe down the center of the vehicle.  Probably the most common sports car
you will find.

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  Salvatore's Banshee appears crashed near his mansion after you
complete the "Trouble with Triads" mission.  It is locked, but you can
push it with another vehicle towards your hideout garage to unlock it.  Too
much trouble if you ask me considering how close you are to opening Staunton.
(and you obviously are in Staunton if you are doing this list).
-STAUNTON:  Random spawn in the back of the Staunton Casino.  Random
spawn in the multi-level parking garage near your hideout if you are driving
a sports car. Also parked in east Staunton by the docks just south of Callahan
-SHORESIDE:  Parked in a small picnic area on the North eastern side of
Shoreside, directly east from the Cedar Grove housing area.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  It appears early in the game in Vincenzo's mission "Hot Wheels".
Instead of delivering the car, take it back to your garage and destroy it to
fail the mission and keep the car. An excellent way to have one of the fastest
cars in the game in the first city.  Thanks to Elvis659 for jogging my memory.
The car also appears in the car salesman mission, but the game prevents you
from keeping it.
-STAUNTON:  You will find this driving pretty much all around Staunton.
riding a PCJ 600, you will eventually find one.
-SHORESIDE:  Fairly common on the streets of Shoreside.


-Reward:  $3000

-Description: A large dune buggy with its engine visible.

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  On the beach just below Salvatore's mansion in Portland.  As you
are standing on the dirt driveway looking towards the mansion, on your right
there is a hill that drops down to the beach.  Go down, and run south.
Eventually on your right, you will see a nook on the rocks with some sand on
it close to where the beach ends onto the warehouse district.  The BF Injection
normally is parked right here.  If you don't see it, you'll have to leave and
go back until it spawns.  Be patient, it will eventually show up.  It is
somewhat difficult to get out of the beach, you'll need to drive it out onto
the grass just south of where it is parked (where the ocean ends).

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  The vehicle shows up as a random spawn for the off-roading
customer in the Capital Auto salesman side mission if you have not done it
yet.  The good thing is, if you fail the mission, you still get to keep the
BF Injection.


-Reward:  $5000

-Description:  Looks similar to a Ferrari Testarossa.  Just shorter.  Like a
midget version of GTA's Cheetah.

-Parked Locations

-SHORESIDE:  Randomly spawns on the driveways in Shoreside in your hideout

-General Locations

-STAUNTON:  You will run into these eventually in Staunton when you
drive around in an Infernus, V8, or Banshee.  Otherwise you can partake in the
phone booth race mission "Deimos Dash" if you have not done it yet near
Staunton stadium which spawns these.  Get a car and start the race.  You
cannot jack the car right now as the doors are locked.  Do not participate in
the race, just stay where you are, wait for all the Deimos cars to win.  They
will end up parked where the race began.  Now you can jack a Deimos.  You will
obviously fail the mission though.
-SHORESIDE:  Appears on the street fairly common.


-Reward:  $500

-Description:  A moped/scooter where you stand on it instead of sitting down.

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  In Staunton you will find it by the steps in the Liberty Campus.
Also parked before the docks near Asuka's apartment from GTA3.  (leave your
Staunton hideout, take a left.  Take another left just passed the multi-level
parking garage.  Follow the road as it curves, and the Faggio will be parked on
the right.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  It isn't as common as a PCJ or Freeway, but you should have no
problem running into one of these- especially if you are riding a motorcycle.
-STAUNTON:  Common on the street.
-SHORESIDE:  May be less common on the street in Shoreside.


-Reward:  $2000

-Description:  The classic "road hog" type of motorcycle.  Looks like a Harley.

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  The multi-level parking garage next to your Staunton hideout, a
random spawn in the parking lot south of the Staunton stadium, as well as the
parking lot at Staunton hospital.
-SHORESIDE:  By the steps of the Francis International Airport building.

-General Locations
-All 3 AREAS:  You won't have a problem finding this.  Just walk into the
street and you will see one in all the 3 islands.


-Reward:  $500

-Description:  A black hearse.  What else is there to say?

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  In a parking lot behind the Carson General Hospital in Fort
Staunton  (not to be confused with the hospital's main parking lot).  The
easiest way to find it is to be in front of the hospital sign that reads
"Carson General Hospital" and take the road just left of it heading north.
Take the first right and the back of the hospital will be on your right.
There is a small parking nook where it is usually parked.  If you don't see
it, once again, just drive around the block until it spawns.

-General Locations

-STAUNTON:  You will find it during the very first Donald Love mission
"The Morgue Party Candidate".  If you wish to obtain it this way, drive it
to your hideout garage, then destroy it.  You will fail, the garage will
repair it, then drop it off the Love Media garage.


-Reward:  $3000

-Description:  An amalgam of late 60s, early 70s style muscle car.  Looks
similar to anything from a Chevy Nova to a 68 AMC AMX.  The hood seems to
always have a different paint color from the body.

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  Inside the Capital Autos showroom if you have beaten level 4
of the Capital Autos salesman side mission.
-SHORESIDE:  Spawns parked in the driveways of your hideout neighborhood.
It will randomly spawn even if you have not beaten level 4 of the Capital
Autos mission.  Thanks to Adam Miller for that info.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  Appears early in Vincenzo's mission "Snuff", if you happened to
have kept the car.
-SHORESIDE:  Although it appears parked in the driveways, it does not appear
driving around the streets.


-Reward:  $5000

-Description:  A high-end sports car.  It best resembles a Jaguar XJ 220, but
only with a much larger rear spoiler.

-Parked Locations

-SHORESIDE:  Parked randomly in the large parking lot at the airport.

-General Locations

-STAUNTON:  Get ahold of a Banshee or another sports car and you should
eventually come across an Infernus.  May be rare to some players.
-SHORESIDE:  Still not so common driving around, but you'll probably have a
higher chance running into it here than in Staunton.


-Reward:  $3000

-Description:  Looks like an average sport utility vehicle/urban 4x4.

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  In the Capital Auto car lot (the lot, not the showroom).
-STAUNTON:  Parked by the barn near the pond inside the Belleville park
in Staunton.  Also a random spawn behind the Staunton Casino parking lot.
-SHORESIDE:  Parked at the old hideout of GTA3- an apt. in Wichita Gardens.
Random spawn in the airport parking lot.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  Frequently can be found driving around Portland.
-STAUNTON:  Should be a fairly common find in Staunton.  It should not pose
any problems getting a hold of one.
-SHORESIDE:  Commonly driving around Shoreside as well.


-Reward:  $1000

-Description:  A tiny vehicle, sometimes it is a convertable.  I guess it may
be most similar to a Geo or some other type of 3 cyclinder car.

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  Parked in the multi-level parking garage right by your
Staunton hideout.  Also almost always parked near the front entrance to the
Staunton church (which has the Church Confessional missions).

-General Locations

-Portland:  Fairly common on the street.  You can also find it as one of the
car salesman cars.
-Staunton:  Very common driving around the streets.
-Shoreside:  Still commonly found in Shoreside as well.


-Reward:  $4000

-Description:  A Hummer/Humvee.

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  In an alleyway that is south of the Ammunation.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  You can find it as one of the cars of the Capital Auto car
salesman missions.  It also drives around very common on the streets.
-STAUNTON:  The streets of Staunton is littered with these.  You will not have
a problem finding this no matter what vehicle you are driving.
-SHORESIDE:  Fairly common once again.

-PCJ 600

-Reward:  $3000

-Description:  A "cafe racer" styled sports motorcycle.

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  Always at Salvatore's mansion in Portland.
-STAUNTON:  You can find it Inside the multi-level parking garage just outside
your hideout.  It is also a random spawn behind the Staunton casino parking
-SHORESIDE:  Parked in one of the driveways in your hideout neighborhood.  Also
a random spawn parked at the airport parking lot.

-General Locations

-ALL 3 AREAS:  Setting foot outside any and all hideouts is enough to run
into one of these.


-Reward:  $5000

-Description:  An 80s style American sports car, sort of a cross between a
Corvette and a Trans-Am.  It always has cheesy "chrome" trimming all over the
car.  At least I'm assuming thats what the trimming is.  For those who have
played GTA Vice City or GTA SA, it bares a slight resemblance to a Phoenix.

-Parked Locations

-SHORESIDE:  On a gravel lot just west outside of your hideout.

-General Locations

-STAUNTON:  Appears rarely on the streets.  Try using a sportscar to have it
-SHORESIDE:  Fairly common on the streets of Shoreside.


-Reward:  $4000

-Description:  A luxury 4-door sedan.  Not to be confused with a Leone

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  Inside the Capital Autos showroom if you have beaten level 2 of
the car salesman mission (but not beaten level 4).  If you do try and get it
this way, after beating level 2, you must take the Kuruma and ditch it.  It
will spawn afterwards (by going around the block, or loading a save).
-STAUNTON:  A random spawn behind the Staunton casino (parking lot).
I seem to have more luck having it spawn when riding in a higher end vehicle
such as a V8 Ghost or Banshee.
-SHORESIDE:  A frequent random spawn parked in the large airport parking lot.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND and STAUNTON:  You can find the Sentinel roaming about every now and
then but it is not such a common vehicle.  You can go to Portland and jack a
Leone Sentinel to force spawn them.  But you will find them in Staunton as well
if you ride anything from a PCJ to an Infernus.
-SHORESIDE:  You will find it commonly driving around Shoreside.


-Reward:  $4000

-Description:  A 50's style hot-rod with flames painted on its side.  Similar
to ZZ Top's car (if you know who they are- if not, just do a google search).

-Parked Locations

-PORTLAND:  In a parking lot in Portland, near the entrance ramp to
the Callahan bridge.  If you are coming from Staunton, once you exit the
bridge, take a left and you will see a building on the left with a parking
lot with blue trimming and shrubs.  The parking lot is almost always empty,
an Esperanto occasionally is parked here.  If you do not see the Thunder Rodd,
drive around the block until it spawns.  Remember, be patient.

-General Locations

-PORTLAND:  This is the vehicle driven by Sucho in Ma's mission set
"Grease Sucho".  If you happen to have saved it, well, that would be amazing
but otherwise it is easy to find it parked in Portland just off the Callahan


-Reward:  $5000

-Description:  Looks like a cross between a Lotus Esprit and a Ford Mustang.

-Parked Locations

-STAUNTON:  Frequently spawns in the lot just a block north of the Love
Media garage.  It is in the terra cotta tiled lot where a blue van "Campaign
Rumpo" spawns as well.  These also are a random spawn in the parking lot
behind the Staunton casino.
-SHORESIDE:  You may find it randomly spawn in the driveway of your hideout
neighborhood.  You'll find it in a parking lot in the "S" road between
Cedar Grove and Wichita Gardens.  Also can be found parked at the Hospital.

-General Locations

-STAUNTON:  You can spawn these driving around a Banshee or Infernus
among other things.  They spawn much more frequently than the Deimos SP, but
not so easily as a Banshee.
-SHORESIDE:  Very common on the streets of Shoreside.

Well, thats pretty much it.  If you choose to do this w/out Shoreside unlocked,
be patient!!!  Cars such as the Deimos and especially Phobos VT will require
a good deal of patience or luck for it to come around.  Just do missions and
such and you may just come across it when you are not looking for it.

Other cars with specific spawn points, mainly the BF Injection, Hearse, V8
Ghost, and Thunder Rodd- is not always at their spawn point.  They will surely
be there eventually if you drive around the block and go there again, or load
up your file again.  If you cannot find them ever, this simply means you are
looking at the wrong spot.


4 -Other Questions

Q.  -Ok, so besides the cash per car, the 2 fairly common vehicle spawns
delivered to your hideout, and its requirement as part of the 100% complete
game status, why bother doing the list?

A.  -I wanted to add this opinion of mine to the FAQ.  If you are going to do
the garage list, it may be best to do it as soon as you unlock Staunton.  But
truthfully, it will be harder to complete it if you do so.  If you were to wait
until you unlock Shoreside, you will have easier access to some of the rarer
vehicle spawns, but then you will miss out on the convenience of the Staunton
hideout reward.  I don't know about you, but my vehicle of choice is the PCJ.
Having this vehicle spawn at your hideout during your Staunton missions is just
so convenient, it is a no-brainer.  Not having to worry about replacing it into
your garage, just stepping out of your "apartment" and jumping onto the bike to
ride off to your mission points, Its definitely worth it if you do it early on.

Q.  -What is the Capital Auto car salesman side mission you always refer to?

A.  -After you complete Vincenzo's 2nd mission, "Dealing Revenge", the salesman
mission is available to you.  In Portland, across the street from the gas
station and next to 8 Ball's bomb shop, is the Capital Auto showroom.  There
you will find the yellow mission starter.  You only can get the mission during
the hours of 8:00-18:00.  Each subsequent mission level will be saved after
you beat it.  In other words, if you have beaten level 2 and quit, the next
time you start the mission, it will be level 3.

Q.  -Capital Auto car salesman (for the Hellenbach GT) is a pain!!

A.  -I thought so at first, then it got pretty fun.  Its kind of a shame that
after you complete mission 6, if you fail, you won't get to do it anymore.
Anyway, here is some tips for you.

Some, if not all weather in the mission is pre-set.  Keep this in mind.

Speaking of which, pedestrians tend to not come out during the rain.  This
makes the crazy "getaway vehicle" customer phase that much harder.  A good 
thing you can do is drive-bys on vehicles (and explode them) or kill cops to
get a 1 star, then keep driving around until the star disappears for a good
chunk of customer satisfaction.

Sometimes you will get a bad draw on customers who want a different car color.
If a certain customer wants another color to your dismay, just forget it.  
Retry it.  It is completely random whether or not the customer will ask for a
different car color.  It is either good luck or bad luck.  I certainly always
just gave up and failed when the off-roading guy wanted a different car color.
Not worth it in my opinion unless you've built up a good amount of minutes on
subsequent level advancements.

As for the guy who wants a fast ride in the sports car, behind 8-ball's
bomb shop there is long train track/tunnel which you can always use to fully
satisfy this customer.  To boot, you probably can keep the car in perfect
condition and save a trip to the pay and spray, thus having more time saved and
added on your timer.

Q.  -Where is the Staunton Casino you keep referring to?

A.  -It is at the South-eastern most city block of Staunton.  To access the
parking lot, you'll have to drive through the center entrance to the casino
and it connects to the back parking lot.

Q.  -Where is the Carson General Hospital in Staunton?

A.  -You will find the hospital on the Northern most central city block.
East of the stadium.

Q.  -I do not have Shoreside accessible, when will it open up for me?

A.  -After you finish the Donald Love mission "Love on the Rocks".

Q.  -I tried to deliver XXXX car and the garage doesn't open!!

A.  -I ran into this problem with the BF Injection.  I got it from the beach,
drove to Staunton, and it wouldn't accept it.  I drove around for good measure,
and also left it on the street, went and got another vehicle on the list, which
the garage took, but it still did not take the BF Injection.  I tried pay and
spray, putting the psp on sleep, etc.  I did awhole bunch of stuff.  And
still nothing.  I had to reload a save and try again- with success.  Hey,
the game is obviously glitchy.  If reloading a save file does not work (let say
you had the vehicle stored in your garage), then you will have to grab an all
new vehicle.  This should work.

Q.  -Is the reward PCJ 600 and V8 Ghost bullet proof?

A.  -Nope.  If you want a bullet proof PCJ, steal it from Wayne in Maria's 
"Biker Heat" mission.  You need to kill him while he is on the bike, or knock
him off the bike then take it.  If he reaches the end of his route and he 
gets off the bike on his own free will, it will no longer be bullet proof.
As far as a bullet proof sports car goes- eh... I don't think there is one in
this game.

Q.  -Will the PCJ and V8 Ghost always respawn?

A.  -Yes, they will respawn.  No need to store them in your garage.

5 -Legal and Copyright

Content and supplied images, copyright 2005 gasiousbary.

This was written to be hosted at  Permission given to as well.

Report violators.  1-800-HERO.  No, thats a joke, do not call that number.  It
just makes me laugh because thats the actual number for reporting car-pool
violators in Washington State.  Yeah, hero, suuuuuure.

6 -Credits and Thanks

-Thanks to  Although they should thank me for submitting a faq!
Ahahahah!  Just kidding, <3.  No really, they should.

-Thanks to my girl for posing for me for my PSP wallpaper.  I need a bib to
wipe the drool off.

-Elvis659 & Adam Miller for contributing information.

-Thanks to my SBC iced latte.

Yeah, thats it.