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A Miscellaneous FAQ by HamsterCheeks (nssm82@gmail.com)
Version 1.0
Created Nov. 7, 2010

Note 1: This transcription of the "History" section in the game's menu explains
the overall in-game story. I only got 95% completion, so contributions for the
missing parts are welcome!

Note 2: The translation in this game is inconsistent, so I edited to compensate
for spotty grammar in some places.


Bardus and Octum have a battle, resulting in Octum being locked up in the
Sealed Land.
After Bardus and Octum fall into sleep, the "Blue Tribe" develops their own
magic civilization and conquers the land.

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Year 52   Cathedral, the headquarters of the Bardus Church, is created on the
          Sealed Land of Octum.

Year 117  Octum's Apostles is formed in the desolate land in the southern area
          of Dusis.

Year 200  During this time, the confrontation within the Red Tribe starts to
          get aggravated by the plot of the Witchcraft Master Tempest.
          The entire El Phildin gets involved in the whirlpool of the war.

Year 247  The Battle of the Cadesh Plain between Miligan the Warrior and Zamza
          the Swordmaster of the Red Tribe.

Year 251  Tempest is defeated due to the joint efforts of Miligan and the giant
          dragon Arvrehit.

Year 258: Miligan the Warrior unifies the Red Tribe in dispute and establishes
          the united kingdom.
          He is supported by the church and ascends the throne. Later he is
          called the "Flame King."

Year 258  Gagharv west side is referred to as El Phildin.

Year 417  The Durga Temple encased in the ice is found in the northern region
          of Boreas.

Year 502  The Grand Cathedral in Valkd is completed.
          It becomes the headquarters of the Bardus Church. Cathedral starts to
          be treated as the sacred place for the priests to train themselves.

Year 703  Captain Bale discovers a southern route and Gagharv. Many sailors
          challenge Gagharv, but none of them succeeds.

???  ????????

Year 802  The Sorcery School is founded with the royal family's support. This
          contributes to the rapid development of the spell system in El

Year 886  Sage Lemuras is given a special mission by the guardian of Nephtys.

Year 898  Sage Lemuras gives the role of advisor to the church to Dinerken.
          That year, he builds Lookout Cottage in the Notos Mountains and
          retires there.

Year 913  Miligan the Sixteenth takes the throne after seven years of

???  ????????

Year 915  Sea Hero Gawaine is given the title of Sage by the royal family and
          Later the same year, he is given the role of advisor from Dinerken.

Year 916  Oracle Bellias is given a revelation at Truth Island and leaves the
          Bardus Church.

Year 918  The Adventurer's Guild is established with the help of the royal

Year 921  Kanaphia Island is attacked by Octum's Apostles.

Year 921  Borgeid joins the raid of Kanaphia Island and murders Dominique,
          daughter of Durga.

Year 924  Avin and Eimelle are orphaned. Supreme Priest Esperius takes them in
          and they start to live in the Cathedral.

Year 929  Cathedral is attacked by Octum's Apostles.
          The same year, the Dark barrier covers Cathedral, making the holy
          land inaccessible.

Year 929  Avin is entrusted to Sage Lemuras by Sir Gawaine.

Year 929  Avin and Mile from Ourt Village meet.

???  ????????

Year 929  Lightning Douglas leaves Castle the Sword Saint and joins the
          Adventurer's Guild.

Year 931  Hordes of monsters attack the village where Rutice and Rouca grew up.

Year 931  Castle the Sword Saint entrusts his beloved Lightning Sword to
          Douglas and passes away.

Year 933  Rouca's sister, Rutice, goes missing, leaving only a letter.

Year 936  Sage Lemurias entrusts Avin with Sacred Treasure Kabessa and passes

Year 936  Avin meets Martie on Sheep highway and they defeat the monster
          Hamakages together.

Year 936  Mile receives the Guardian Bell from his father.

Year 936  Avin goes on a quest with Mile to find Eimelle.

Year 936  Avin and Mile take the certification test at the Adventurer's Guild.

Year 936  Avin and Mile begin collecting donations for Bardus Church.

Year 936  Avin and Mile go on a quest to find a stuffed animal, Bang Bang.

Year 936  Avin and Mile defeat the monsters in the jewel mine with Martie as a

Year 936  Avin and Mile become certified by the Adventurer's Guild and obtain
          the Adventurer's Map.

Year 936  Avin and Mile meet Phildin soldiers at the entrance to Tibri Village.

Year 936  They obtain the "Bonds of Life" at the Royal Library.

Year 936  They rescue Shannon, a young girl from Tibri Village, who was
          kidnapped by the Syamseal Gang and taken to Ziziki Cave.

Year 936  They meet Sage Dinerken, who lives in Prayer Woods.

Year 936  They fight against Octum's Apostles, who attack Sage Dinerken.

Year 936  They get attacked by bandits on the Highways of Two Towns, and
          Kabessa and Guardian Bell are stolen.

Year 936  They get saved by Adventurer Douglas and wake up at the inn in Borun.

Year 936  They undertake the task of catching the bandits at Torkas Cave
          through the Adventurer's Guild.

Year 936  They defeat the bandits at Torkas Cave and take back Kabessa and
          Guardian Bell.

Year 936  Avin represents the town of Borun to participate in the water match.

Year 936  Avin meets Engineer Rouca from Guia at the town of Borun and assists
          in the search of his missing sister.

Year 936  Avin defeats Douglas in the water match and wins first prize.
          As a prize, he wins the Lightning Sword.

Year 936  Helps the young girl Archem in the Tree Spirit Forest.

Year 936  Receives the letter to the Great Oracle Avarice at Benequia Monastery
          from Karaba, Archem's grandfather.

Year 936  Meets Professor Ollesia again at the Benequia Monastery.

Year 936  New Borun gets engulfed in poisonous air.

Year 936  Helps Meefas who are being attacked by monsters at Golda Cave.

Year 936  Meefas clear away the poisonous air that was engulfing New Borun.

Year 936  A man with a blue bandanna attacks Great Oracle Avarice at the
          Benequia Monastery.

Year 936  Avin gets tricked by a fake letter from Eimelle.

Year 936  Travels to Koruna Village with Rael.

Year 936  The Syamseal gang, led by Fatima, attacks the Sorcery School.

Year 936  Travels to Koruna Village with Elenoa.

Year 936  Rael gets the "Book of Life" robbed by people sent by Borgeid.

Year 936  Borgeid attacks Guia.

Year 936  Gets rid of the monster attacking Balloa.

Year 936  Meets with Eimelle again at the city of Balloa and obtains the
          Sacred Treasure Cuerpo from Eimelle.

???  ????????

Year 936  The Syamseal Gang attacks Balloa.
          Eimelle gets kidnapped.

Year 936  Showdown with Syamseal Gang on the ocean.

Year 936  Avin gets attacked by the duo of Rutice and Bernard at Theta.

Year 936  Gets attacked by Bellias while traveling the Holy Capital Highway in
          a monster cart.

Year 936  Avin wakes up at the Grand Cathedral.

Year 936  Receives the Guardian Bell from Sage Gawaine.

Year 936  Avin successfully escapes from the Grand Cathedral with the help of

Year 936  Avin is attacked by Borgeid in front of the barrier that envelopes

Year 936  Travels to Truth Island with Gawaine.

Year 936  Hears Rutice's story of her past and decides to travel together.

Year 936  Meets a man in a robe in front of the underground shrine at Truth
          Receives a revelation.

Year 936  Hears stories about Sacred Sword Elucion from the Supreme Priest

Year 936  Defeats monsters that attack Valkd with the help of Douglas.

Year 936  Meets Lucias on the Quitt Highway and defeat the monster together.

Year 936  Defeats the Dark Sorcerer at Pregon Cave.
          Parts with Lucias.

Year 936  Scotia departs from Quitt Village.

Year 936  Gets entrusted the Sacred Treasure Dellepied from the Spirit Scotia.

Year 936  Parts with Douglas at Theta.

Year 936  Fights against Octum's Apostles at Tia Bridge with the help of

Year 936  Hears from Guia's plant manager about the Rare Metal Sword being made.

Year 936  Meets with Rael and Elenoa at the Ice Palace.
          Avin goes to Hades.

Year 936  Saves the Guia mine from an attack of monsters. Rouca meets with

Year 936  Heads to Garden Hill in order to visit the Idun Shrine.

Year 936  Garden Hill gets covered with poisonous phosphorous powder caused by

Year 936  Archem clears the poisonous phosphorous powder from Garden Hill with
          the help of Meefas.

Year 936  Spirit Idun entrusts them with the Sacred Treasure Delleboura.

Year 936  Saves Benequia Monastery from the attack of Octum's Apostles.

Year 936  Spots Mile's father who is acting very strangely at Phildin.

Year 936  Fights with monsters that were conjured up by Mile's father at
          Phildin Castle.

Year 936  Hears about Jenis Water from Sage Dinerken.

Year 936  Mile's father turns back to normal by Jenis Water's powers.

Year 936  Mile appears at Ourt Village.

Year 936  Obtains information regarding Nephtys Shrine at the Lookout Cottage.

Year 936  Spirit Nephtys entrusts them with the Sacred Treasure Isboura.

Year 936  Travels from the Transfer Gate at the Royal Library to the Grand
          Cathedral of Valkd.

Year 936  Obtains the Rare Metal Sword from Supreme Priest Croir.

Year 936  Gets on board the Planetos at Brizahc. While traveling to Kanaphia,
          discovers Michel who is drifting on the ocean.

Year 936  In order to calm the rough seas, they end up going to Eiton Cave in
          search of the Crimson Fire.

Year 936  An earthquake hits Eiton Cave, and Rutice gets trapped. The Crimson
          Fire is used to save Rutice.

Year 936  The rough seas are calmed down due to the Crimson Fire filled by the
          magic of Rutice, Gawaine, and Michel.

Year 936  Meets Madram at the graveyard and all Sacred Treasures are taken

Year 936  Madram fights with Borgeid. The Sacred Treasures that belonged to
          Avin is returned to him.

Year 936  Battle against Borgeid in front of the Zar Shrine. Borgeid is
          defeated with the sacrifice of Madram.

Year 936  All Sacred Treasures are obtained and their powers are put inside
Rare Metal Sword, resulting in the Sacred Sword Elucion.

Year 936  The barrier surrounding Cathedral is broken by the Sacred Sword

Year 936  Meets with the spirit of Esperius at the chapel at Cathedral.

Year 936  Fights with Mile. Mile regains his consciousness.


Final note: A lot more happens in the game! Play and see!