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Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0
Version 0.625
Created by: knuckles_sonic8 


Table of Contents:

1. Disclaimer
2. FAQ Information
3. Game Information
4. Version History
5. Quick Play
6. Outrun
7. Tuner Takedown
8. Career
9. Multiplayer
10. EA Pocket Trax
11. Extra Tips and FAQs
12. Tracks
13. Thank You


1. Disclaimer

I give permission to www.gamefaqs.com and www.1up.com to use my FAQ 
on their site. No other site, nor individual person, may use my FAQ 
in its entirety, or part of it, by ripping off, copying and 
pasting, selling, rewriting, redistributing or in any way 
shape or form duplicating or taking part of this FAQ without 
documented permission from me. To violate any of the above 
is a serious crime and you will be dealt with by the law. 


2. FAQ Information

This is an FAQ created by me to help you get through EA's, 
"Need For Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0". This should help you get
through the main Career Mode of the game whilst also helping
you on each of the designated tracks and courses. Also be
advised that this guide contains spoilers. So stop reading
immediately so you don't put yourself at risk. 


3. Game Information

Title: Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0
Platform: PSP
My Rating: 7.9/10
Number of Players: 1-4 Simultaneous  


4. Version History

Version 0.5   Format is established in all sections. Should
meet GameFAQS standards. However, there are many areas with
information yet to be filled in. Career Mode only covers the
first Boss in some detail as of now. Preceeding bosses will be 
covered in further detail in an alternate version. Will definitely
add a "Track" section in the very next version.

Version 0.6 - Tracks section added but only format has been
established as of yet. Chapter 2 in Career Mode has more 
detailed information now.

Version 0.62 - Added a little bit more information to the Tracks
section but no strategies as of yet. 

Version 0.625 - Edited Thank You section; added closing notes; 
added 1UP to list of sites eligible to host my guide.

5. Quick Play

This mode chosen at the Main Menu allows you to choose from
three seperate games: Instant Race, Custom Race, Outrun and
Tuner Takedown. In this section, Instant Race and Custom Race
will be considered.

******** Instant Race ******** 

Choose this game, and a random track will be selected, along with a
random direction, as well as a random car. Everything in
this mode will be selected at random. Select this race if
you just feel like racing against computers or setting
new track records.

******** Custom Race ******** 

Choose this game, and you will be able to choose the track
you will race on. As well, the car you race with will be the
current car you are driving in Career Mode that show up on
the right of the Main Menu. Again, select this race if
you feel like racing against computerized cars and/or setting
new track records.


6. Outrun

In this mode, you get to choose one of the game's 10 tracks and
you wil be able to race on it. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong!
Why do you think the race is called "Outrun"?! As soon as
you begin, a police patrol car will be waiting for you to pass
it. After which point, you must try to elude the car using
shortcuts to your advantage. However, as time progresses,
more patrol cars will appear, in an attempt to get you busted!
How far can you travel throughout the track without getting 

I've only played this mode once 'cause I find it quite boring, 
but my best time is "01:21.66" on the "Hillside" Track.


7. Tuner Takedown

In this mode, you get to be the cop! The point of this game is to
bust all speeding cars to get bonus time on the clock. The more arrests
you do, the more points you will recieve. If you reach the goal
on time, try to go for a bonus by arresting as many extra cars as 
possible for extra points.


8. Career

The Main Mode. This is where you try to get your way up to the top
of the "Black List" to gain respect as well as a good rep. 
However, 16 different racers stand in your way. You must clear
each chapter of racers, making sure to clear all challenges
within a chapter, as well, defeating the boss at the end of
the chapter after all challenges have been completed. Upgrade
your car on a regular basis to make sure you keep up with the
competition. Let's look at each chapter, shall we?

******** Chapter 1: Ho Seun ******** 

Bio: This clown's street name is T-Ho. He's dumped a whole lot
of dady's money into his car. He loves throwin' cash around. 
Work 'im when you're low on bills.
Boss Car: VW Golf GTI
Boss Statistics: Top Speed - Level 2
                 Handling - Level 4
                 Acceleration - Level 1

Event 1: Lay of the Land

You'll have to be on your 'A' game if you plan on winning this
1 lap circuit race.

Type: Circuit
Track: Hillside
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 1,000
Respect Earned: 15

Event 2: Still Warming Up

You can handle it. Place 1st in this circuit event and you're
that much closer to the boss race against Sonny.

Type: Circuit 
Track: Downtown Expressway
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 1,000
Respect Earned: 50

Event 3: New Kid On the Street

If you get stuck trying to beat the clock in this event, maybe
you need to upgrade your car.

Type: Time Trial
Track: Great Northern Way
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 2,500
Respect Earned: 75

Event 4: Making Friends

Sweep through this circuit race on Main & Terminal and you're
that much closer to the cash.

Type: Circuit 
Track: Main & Terminal
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 5,000
Respect Earned: 100 

Event 5: Bonus Part Challenge

You'll have to be on your 'A' game if you plan on winning this
tournament event.

Type: Tournament 
Track: Downtown Expressway
Direction: Reverse
Cash Prize: 0 
Respect Earned: 0 

Event 6: The Son Always Shines

Place first in this boss event to go up a notch in the Black List.

Type: Boss Event 
Track: Downtown Expressway
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 10,000
Respect Earned: 250

Congratulations! You have completed Chapter 1, resulting in you
gaining the 15th position on the Black List. One down, 14 to go.
On to Chapter 2...

******** Chapter 2: Vince Kilic ******** 

Boss Car: Mazda3
Boss Statistics: Top Speed - Level 1
                 Handling - Level 4
                 Acceleration - Level 1

Event 1: Show Your Stuff

To win the most cash and respect in this circuit race on Hillside, 
place 1st. Easier said than done.

Type: Circuit
Track: Hillside
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 2,000
Respect Earned: 500

Event 2: City Speed

To face Taz you'll need to get the respect. Placing 1st is the
fastest way to get there. Time to beat: 1:05.00.

Type: Time Trail
Track: Main & Terminal
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 2,000
Respect Earned: 750

Difficulty: 3/10
My Fastest Time: 00:55.19

Event 3: Moving Violation

These illicit street races want nothing more tahn to take you 
down in this 2 lap circuit race on Great Northern Way.

Type: Circuit
Track: Great Northern Way
Direction: Reverse
Cash Prize: 2,500
Respect Earned: 1000

Event 4: Confidence Game

After each lap the last car gets knocked out. Don't ket
it be you. You'll be racing on Downtown Expressway.

Type: Knockout
Track: Downtown Expressway
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 3,000
Respect Earned: 1,250 

Event 5: Bonus Part Challenge

Win this time trial event, and win the bonus part. You can do it.

Type: Time Trial
Track: Hillside
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 0 
Respect Earned: 0 

Event 6: Invincible

Win this boss event against Taz and earn a large cash prize. 

Type: Boss Event 
Track: Main & Terminal
Direction: Forward
Cash Prize: 15,000
Respect Earned: 2,500

******** Chapter 3: Victor Vasquez ******** 

******** Chapter 4: Isabel Diaz ******** 

******** Chapter 5: Lou Park ******** 

******** Chapter 6: Karl Smit ******** 

******** Chapter 7: Pierre Dupont ******** 

******** Chapter 8: Jade Barrett ******** 

******** Chapter 9: Kira Nazakato ******** 

******** Chapter 10: Hector Domingo ******** 

******** Chapter 11: Wes Allen ******** 

******** Chapter 12: Joe Vega ******** 

******** Chapter 13: ??? ******** 

******** Chapter 14: ??? ******** 

******** Chapter 15: ??? ******** 


Hopefully, you'll be able to clear all the chapters! Then again,
this could be an unfortunate thing to do as the replay value left
in the game will be extremely low. Nevertheless, still try tour
best to complete all chapters to make it to the top of the
Black List!


9. Multiplayer

Select this mode and you'll be able to play wirelessly
utilizing on of two connection modes: the common, AD HOC, or

Just in case you were unaware, AD HOC simply means that you
will play a game without a specified connection or access
point whilst Infrastructure will allow you to specify an
access point and you'll be able to play wirelessly from there.
Pretty neat, huh? I have yet to participate in a race using
this mode so there's not much really I can say about this mode, 
except try challenging your friends by setting up a date and
time when you all can be connected onto the Internet simultaneously.
If I am right, up to 4 (or 2; not sure about the specifics) 
can get into the action and try to have some fun, will you're at it!
See where you rank up in comparison to your friends and other
gamers online!


10. EA Pocket Trax

This is a composed list of all the music tracks found within
the game. I don't listen to the music so maybe you'll be able
to gain more out of this section than I ever would:

1. Blinded In Chains  
   Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
   Album: City Of Evil

2. Hand Of Blood 
   Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
   Album: Hand Of Blood

3. One Good Reason 
   Artist: Celldweller
   Album: Celldweller

4. Shapeshifter 
   Artist: Celldweller feat. Styles of Beyond
   Album: Not Specified

5. Barrier Break  
   Artist: Dieselboy & Kaos
   Album: Not Specified

6. Decadence  
   Artist: Disturbed
   Album: Ten Thousand Fists

7. B-Side Wins Again feat. Chuck D  
   Artist: DJ Spooky And Dave Lombardo
   Album: Drums of Death

8. Broken Sword  
   Artist: Evol Intent, Mayhem & Thinktank
   Album: Not Specified

9. Fired Up  
   Artist: Hush
   Album: Bulletproof

10. We Control   
   Artist: Hyper
   Album: We Control

11. Feed The Addiction   
   Artist: Ils
   Album: Bohemia

12. Feels Just Like It Should    
   Artist: Jandroquai (Timo Maas Remix)
   Album: Dynamite

13. Sets Go Up  
   Artist: Juvenile
   Album: Reality Check

14. Tilted   
   Artist: Lupe Fiasco 
   Album: Food & ...

15. Blood And Thunder   
   Artist: Mastodon
   Album: Leviathan

16. The Mann   
   Artist: Paul Inford and Chris Vrenna
   Album: Not Specified

17. Most Wanted Mash Up  
   Artist: Paul Inford and Chris Vrenna
   Album: Not Specified

18. I Am Rock  
   Artist: Rock
   Album: Not Specified

19. Skinnyman  
   Artist: Static-X
   Album: Start A War
20. You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP)
   Artist: Stratus
   Album: Dungeonmaster's Guide  

21. Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)
   Artist: Style of Beyond
   Album: Megadef

22. In A Hood Near You  
   Artist: Suni Clay
   Album: Suni Clay

23. Do Ya Thing   
   Artist: T.I. Presents the P$C
   Album: 25 To Life

24. Let's Mode   
   Artist: The Perceptionists
   Album: Black Dialogue

25. You'll Be Under My Wheels   
   Artist: The Prodigy
   Album: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

26. Tao Of The Machine   
   Artist: The Roots And BT (Scott Humphrey's Remix)
   Album: Blade II Soundtrack

11. Extra Tips and FAQs

These are all tips and FAQS from the EA Extras section
found on the Main Menu. Here they are:

******** What's New ********

             Infrastructure Mode

Take your tricked-out car online and test your driving skills
with the best players around.

Keep tabs on your opponents with the online ranking boards. 
Try to get in the Top 100 or compete for the fastest lap
             Career Mode

Earn enough respect on the street to become the most wanted street
racer. to get there, you'll have to race against the best players in
the street racing scene and increase your "heat" level if you want to 
get respect. If you build up enough respect you may just make
it to the top of the "Black List".

             Heat Level

When you drive aggressively, your "Heat Level" starts to 
increase and the cops will be more aggressive towards you. 

Win Carreer Mode events with high heat and spawn a Double Down 
challenge, where you can increase your cash and respect, but lose
it all if you get busted.


When you need to get out of a tight spot, activate Speedbreaker to 
trigger a slow-motion state where your driving skills become heightened.
You will be able to make precision turns and weave around obstacles. 
Speedbreaker only lasts for a short period of time, so use it wisely.

            Tuner Takedown

Now it's your turn to be the cop! Take out all the speeding tuner 
cars to get bonus time added to the clock. The more arrests you
do the more points you get.

Once you've reached the goal, try to arrest as many extra cars as 
you can before the time runs out, for an added bonus.

******** Controls ********

Simply shows the control configuration. The default controls are:

Accelerate - X
Change Camera - Triangle
Nitrous - Circle
Brake/Reverse - Square
E-Brake - R Trigger
Look Back - L Trigger
Steer - Left/Right (or "thing" at bottom left of PSP)
Pursuit Camera - Up
Speedbreaker - Down
Reset Car - Select

******** Hints & Tips ********


Use Speedbreaker to dodge cops, roadblocks, opponents and
oncoming traffic.

-Use Speedbreaker on difficult shortcuts to consistently shave
seconds off your lap time.
-Driving over 100mph recharges your Speedbreaker.


As you work your way up the Black List in Career Mode, you'll
unlock new cars, tracks, and upgrades. Perform really well and
you just may unlock events and bonus parts.

-To unlock hidden events earn high respect levels in Career Mode.

             Outrun Mode

Do whatever it takes to outrun the cops! One cop will try to get in 
front of you and deploy a spike trap to stop you. Watch out for
his backup cars that will be trying to slow you down.

-Try to get the early lead and use shortcuts to your advantage.

******** General ********

             EA Pocket Trax

Check out the new EA POCKET TRAX. Listen to your favorite tracks 
or customize the play list to your liking. Be sure to check out 
the all new visualizations! Select a song to play and toggle through
the diferent visualizations with the left and right buttons.


Hide out from the cops and enter the Safehouse to tune up
your ride, or by a new car if you have the cash.

Enter the shop to modify your car. Add performance upgrades to
stay competitive with higher class cars or select from hundreds
of visual customizations.

             4 Player AD HOC Mode

Now you can race with up to three friends in Ad Hoc mode. All
stats are tracked in the owned list. Own or be owned.

The owned list is your Ad Hoc stat sheet versus your opponents.
Look up your personal stats, the players you own, and the players 
who own you.


12. Tracks

View the following strategies on tips on each of the tracks
in the game.


******** City Power ********

Length: 3 KM
Difficulty: Hard

******** Great Northern Way ********

Length: 7 KM
Difficulty: Medium

******** Downtown Expressway ********

Length: 6 KM
Difficulty: Easy

******** Exchange District ********

Length: 5 KM
Difficulty: Hard

******** South Central ********

Length: 4 KM
Difficulty: Easy

******** Main & Terminal ********

Length: 3 KM
Difficulty: Easy

******** West Village ********

Length: 7 KM
Difficulty: Hard

******** Riverview ********

Length: 8 KM
Difficulty: Medium

******** 5th Precinct ********

Length: 10 KM
Difficulty: Medium

******** Hillside ********

Length: 9 KM
Difficulty: Medium


13. Thank You

Thanks to the following who helped in the making of this

-My fingers, for typing it. (You continue to amaze me!)
-EA for Developing the game.
-The game itself, where I was able to gain a lot of information
 from for the use of this guide.
-GameFAQS and 1Up, for hosting it on their site.
-YOU, for reading it.

I hope you enjoyed my guide! Contact me at "knucklessonic8@gmail.com"
for any questions or concerns you may have.