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Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire is an action adventure game that takes 
you through several key points through the new Harry Potter movie. You 
can choose to play as eather Ron, Harry, or Hermione through such levels 
as the Forbidden Forest, and play as Harry through all three Tri-wizzard 
Tasks, and the final confrontation against Lord Voldemort.

1.C Controlls
2.W.1 Quidditch World Cup
2.W.2 Defence against the dark arts (Lessons1-2)
2.W.3 Hogwarts Exterior
2.W.4 Forbidden Forest
2.W.5 Tri-Wizzard tournament-1
2.W.6 Herbology
2.W.7 Tri-Wizzard tournament-2
2.W.8 Tri-Wizzard tournament-3
2.W.9 Voldemort
2.W.10 Moodys Chalenges
3.TS Tri-Wizzard Shields
4.CC Collector cards
5.C. Conclusion
6.L Legal stuff

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1.C Controlls
X button: Jinks.
[] button: Charms.
Tri-angle: Accio.
Circle: Magicus Extremus.
L button: Scroll through Collecter cards. 
R button: Scroll through Collecter cards. Accelerate in TW tasks.
Left analog stick: Controll charecter.
D-Pad: Controll charecter.
Start: Pause.
2.W.1 Quidditch World Cup
When you select a new game it will take you to a "Choose Character" 
screen where you can select, Ron, Harry or Hermione. After you select 
your character you will see a brief cut scene. Afterwards you are given 
controll of you character. Follow the path and press Accio (Triangle) 
to pick up the beans. up the path you will be ambushed by a couple 
dugbogs. The best way to defeat them is to knock them out and cast 
wingardium leviosa. After their're taken care of run over to the big 
boulder and Rons dad will meet you. Cast wingardium leviosa and the 
others will repete. After the boulder is out of the way continue 
following the path. Collect the blue beans along the way, untill your 
in a area full of rocks and a few enemies. take care of them and 
continue down the path with red and blue beans. In the middle of 
the path there will be a boulder. Use wingardium leviosa and move 
the rock. 

Go past the boulder that you moved and there will be more red and 
blue beans. Up ahead you will meet up with Rons dads and a tree log 
in the way. Use Carpe retractum and move it out of the way. Once its 
out of the way, go up the path and there will be another tree in the way, 
move it and keep on going up the path. Another tree in the way. Move it 
and continue. Once past there will be a couple beans and more dugbogs. 
Defeat them and move up the path to another boulder and a couple of 
dugbogs, defeat them and move the boulder and head across the bridge. 
Once across, move along the path till you see a death eater on the rocks. 
Pull the tree out of the rocks and the path will clear. After the quick 
scene run across the bridge to complete the level.

2.W.2 Defence against the dark arts (Lessons1-2)

After a breif scene you gain controll of your character, Jinks to bucket 
on the table twice and go through the door. Once in the next room 
there will be a few dugbogs that you'll have to take care of. after the 
first few are gone the bars will drop and there will be more enemies 
droping from the cage on the top on the screen. Use Wingardium 
Leviosa on the dugbogs and the bars will drop. Jinks the dugbogs if 
you want or just run through the other door, there is also some 
boulders that you can drop on the dugbogs. Go through the other door, 
with a bunch of health booster things, use accio to make them come 
towards you. After you got them the bars will drop and you can now go 
get the Aqua Eructo spell book.

After the cut scene you get controll of your chosen character. Go 
through the door and you will see parts of the floor on fire, use Aqua 
Eructo to put the fire out. Once the fire is out the gate will drop and 
there will be more fires that you'll need to put out. Once the last gate 
drops run over to the door and as soon as you step on the carpet it 
will explode into flames. Put the fire out and Go through the door and 
meet a new type of enemies, Salamanders. To defeat Salamanders you 
have to cast Aqua Eructo to put out their fire. Once the fire is out just 
Jinks them untill their destroyed. In this room there are several 
Salamanders in this room so just defeat them all and run through the 
door at the end of the room. 

You'll now be outside on the rooftop. Put out the fire out and run 
through the path collecting the blue bean. Just run up the stairs 
putting out the fire untill you come to an area with the ground burning 
and Salamanders jumping out of it. Use Aqua Eructo on the fire on the 
ground then kill the Salamanders. Afterward the gate will rise. run up 
the stairs and put out the fire like previously, untill you come to 
another area with fire on the ground and a couple Salamanders. Put 
out the fire on the ground then take care of the Salamander. 
Afterwards run over and use carpe retractun to pull the bridge down 
and run across. Go up more stairs into the last area. This time there 
are two fires burning and allot of Salamanders. Just  put out the fires 
and then take care of the salamanders. After that the gate will drop 
and you can run over and get the Tri-Wizzard shield, ending the level.

2.W.3 Hogwarts Exterior

This level isn't like the others, in this level your only objective is 
collecting Tr-Wizzard sheilds. Below is a list of where you can find 

1) From where you start run forward and turn left, and run towards 
three boxes, cast wingardium leviosa and stack two on top of each 
other, take the last box and put it on the ground in front of the other 
two and climb up them. run around the corner and get the sheild.

2) From where you start run all of the way over not turning down the 
stairs this time but going past that and turn left. Up ahead there are 
two boulders in the path. Move them and continue on, up ahead a 
little you'll see stairs leading off the path. Go down them and turn 
left and go into the next area. In this area there is a box and a ledge. 
Take the box and move it towards the ledge. Climb up, and you'll be 
at a pound, you need to use the herbivicus (Obtained in herbology) 
on the little plants in the water and it will turn them into lilly pads. 
There is a fountain in the middle that you have to get to. Once there, 
grab the shield.

3) From where you got shield number two, go across the pound and 
open the gate. There will be a box next to a tree on the right, a fire 
burning up ahead, and two ledges to the left. Take the box and move 
it on top of the first ledge so you can climb up to a gate. Once on top, 
use Carpe Retractum and pull the gate down, go across and there will 
be a box. Move the box beside that tree that you saw earlier. Now 
from where you are jump on the box and climb up the ledge and 
take the shield.

4) Go from the boxes on the lower level down the ledge to where a 
Cauldron is and break the supports all the way until you at a bridge. 
Put out the fires and run across. There are three fires with allot of 
Salamanders. Put out the fires and destroy the Salamanders, then take 
the cauldrens around the area and break the 3 supports and you will 
recieve the shield.

5) From the start run all the way forward not turning down the stairs, 
turn left and move the boulders ahead. This time dont go down the 
stairs, just keep opening the gates untill you come to some stairs. go 
up the stairs and use Carpe Retractum and pull down the gate and 
you'll come across a new enemie, erklings. To defeat them just jinks 
them. Afterwards pull down the gate and go into the next area. There 
are two gates two the left. I suggest you go to the second one on the 
left so the erkling on the other platform cant hit you. Run across the 
bridge and defeat the erkling. Go up and stairs, defeat another 
erkling and run up more stairs to the right. There are more erklings. 
After their defeated run across the platform to more stairs. At the 
top of the stairs run torward the shield. After it gets set on fire 
defeat the all the erklings around the area then put out the fire and 
get the sheild.

6) Run down from where the boxes are are and use the cauldron to
destroy the wall to the left. Jump up the ledge and run forward to the
gate. Use wingardium Leviosa to lift the box on the other platform
down. Direct it towards the third farthest platform. Climb up on the
ledge and recieve the shield.

7) Run forward from the start and obtain it.(Must find all Mini-Shields
to obtain it.)


There are ten Mini-Shields in this level, and once you find all of them 
you get a regular shield. Below is a list of the Mini-Shields location. 
It wont be as detailed and the five shields I did above. This is just 
where you can find ,them.

1) Run forward from the starting point to obtain it.

2) From where the three boxes are. Directly down is a fountain. Use
a Cauldron to brake the fountain. Once its broke, use accio to get
the Mini-Shield.

3) From where the fauntain is, brake five walls across with the
cauldron, and obtain the shield.

4) Brake the wall directly in front of you from where you got  shield 
number three. Run forward and turn right. Put out the fire and use 
the cauldron to destroy the second statue in front of you to obtain 
the shield.

5) Run across the bridge and you will now be in a area with three
fires and allot of Salamanders. Put the fires out and use the 
cauldron to brake the support the the left of the bridge to obtain
the shield.

6) Go to where you got Tri-Wizzard shield number 2 where the
fountain is and the Mini-Shield will be directly in front. Cast accio
to get the shield.

7) Open the gate right from where you got Mini-Shield number 6.
Run forward and put out the fire and get the Mini-Shield. 

8)Take the box thats on the ledge to the right and move it to the 
ledge on the left. Climb up and pull down the gate. Get the shield 
thats by the box.

9) From starting point run forward all the way down the path and
turn left. Go forward and move the boulders. Go up the path and 
open the gates untill you get to some stairs. Go up the stairs and
pull down the gate. Defeat the Erkling and pull down the next gate.
Run forward and get the Mini-Shield.

10) From where you got the previous mini-shield, pull down one
of the bridges and cross it. Defeat the Erklings and run up the 
stairs. Defeat another Erkling and run up the spets to the right.
Once up the stairs, defeat a few more Erklings and run down the 
ramp. Turn right and go a little way down the path and get the

2.W.4 Forbidden Forest
After a brief scene you gain controll of your character. Run forward 
untill you come across a big green plant know as a Butotuber. To 
move it out of the path use Carpe Retractum and launch it forward. 
Once its out of the way move up the path it was blocking and there 
should be a Dugbog. Defeat it and run around again green plant. 
You should now be in a area with a tree stump and a Mini-Shieald on 
top, also another green plant and a couple of Dugbogs. Defeat the 
Dugbogs and use carpe retractum on the gree plants and launch 
them towards the poisonus mushrooms to clear the path. Once clear, 
head up the path a little bit and there'll be a scene with some 
Dugbogs and three boulders. Use the boulders to defeat the Dugbogs 
and go up the path till you see a lidge. Climb up and run back down a 
hill and there'll be more Butotubers. Move them and head a little bit 
and the dragon will destroy two more Butotubers, but it will create a 
wall of fire. Use Acua Eructo to clear the fire and go up the path 
colecting beans untill you see a cut scene with the dragon. After the 
scene clear away the wall of fire and two Dugbogs will attack. Defeat 
them and move ahead untill your in a area with a big circle star 
thing on the ground. 

From there turn left and there wiil be more Dugbogs. After there 
dealt with just keep following the path till your  at a fork. To the 
right is a fire and behind the fire is a mini shield. turn left to where 
there are more Butotubers and more poisonus mushrooms. Use the 
Butotubers to clear away the mushrooms. After their cleared use 
Carpe Retractum to move the log. Once use move the log more 
Dugbogs will attack and the dragon willburn down another tree log. 
Defeat the enemies and move the log. after your through you'll see 
a scene with the dragon starting the ground on fire with some 
Salamanders. Put out the fires on the ground and then take care of 
the Salamanders. to where the second fire on the left was go through 
the opening into a area with some health boosters. Run up the steps 
and there will be several fires coming out of the walls. For the next 
part just run around the area puting out fires untill you come to a tree 
log. Run across and Defeat the dugbogs. After their defeated you'll 
see a scene with a Skrewt. Go into the area with the skrewt and jinks 
the skrewt from behind to defeat him. After he has been defeated get 
the shield to end the level.

2.W.5 Tri-Wizzard tournament-1
This is the first tast of the Tri-Wizzard Tournament and its fairly 
easy to abtain Gold for this tast, thus getting 3 Tri-wizzard shields. 
In order to get Gold you will have to get and least 250 beans or 
have at least 90 health left, and also finish with a good time left. 
I suggest trying to get 250 beans and finish with a good time, to 
do this, try to hit some of the blue rings to boost you speed, but 
you dont have to hit all of them. Try mostly for the rings of red 
beans, and you should get gold in no time.

2.W.6 Herbology
After the quick scene you gain controll of your character. Run down 
the steps and turn left. Head towards the gate and open it using 
Carpe Retractum. Run forward and collect the Herbivicus spell book. 
Go back to the stairs and move the boulders out of the path. Use the 
Herbivicus spell on the two plants to reveal two lilly pads. Run up 
and turn left. Follow the path untill you come to a pound. 

This part is very confussing. When you enter you'll notice about five 
platforms. Use the Herbivicus spell to get across the pound to get 
to the second platform on the on the left. There are also several 
mosps in the area so just have the other two character hold them 
off. Once on the platform use Carpe Retractum to pull down the 
bridge. Now go to the other platform directly in front of the 
platform your on. Once there run up the steps and cross the 
bridge you pulled down earlier. Use Herbivicus on the three lilly 
pads. Once on the last lilly pad use Carpe Retractum to pull down 
the bridge, cross it and run down the steps. Follow the path and 
run up the stairs. Use Herbivicus on the lilly pads and turn right 
and go into the next area. Run down the steps and use Carpe
Retractum to open the gate, revealing a skrewt. 

Just Jinks him from behind and you'll defeat him. After hes defeated 
run towards the steps and put out the fire. Go up the stairs into 
another  confussing area. Run forward and turn right, then left and 
pull down the bridge. Run back to where you entered the area and 
go straight this time. Turn right and cross the bridge that you pulled 
down earlier. Go all the way down the path and use Herbivicus for 
the two plants. Open the gate and go forward, down the steps into 
another area. Run forward to the open door of the shach and start 
running up the stairs. This next part is very long and boring. Just 
keep running up the spiral steps and using Herbivicus on the 
plants and avoiding the mosps. Once at the top of the greenhouse 
use the caulderens to brake the chandelier above untill it brakes. 
Run back down the stairs and put the fire out. Get the Tri-Wizzard 
shield to end the level.

2.W.7 Tri-Wizzard tournament-2
Like the previous task, this again, is easy to get gold on. One of 
the ways to get gold is to have a good time limit. Try to have it 
between 5-7 minutes. You also could try to get as manny beans as 
possible, and try not to pass out. To go fast try and run into the 
gillyweed to make you speed up. In some parts of the level there 
will be tadpole like enemies that block the path, just jinks them 
and they'll clear away. 

2.W.8 Tri-Wizzard tournament-3
This level can be hard if you don't know where your going. I can't
give a stratigie as to where you have to go, but it wont be that 
hard. When you get to a sertain part in the maze, you'll see a cut
scene. Afterwards you'll be running from some vines. While your
running, just pick any path you want and you will eventually come
to a part where you will have to fight two Skrewts. To defeat them
just make them run into the wall and the will be knocked out, 
while their knocked out, jinks them from behind to defeat them.

2.W.9 Voldemort
This is it. The last level. Its kind of dissapointing how easy it is. 
At the start allot of skeletons will start attacking. To defeat them 
just use Wingardium Leviosa to swing them out of the way, and 
they'll dissapear. After a while Voldemort will cast Avada Kedevera. 
You will now have to swing the spell that is connecting you and
Voldemort to destroy all the skeletons. After a while, Voldemort
will start using a statue to try and hit you. When it lands use the
spell at is connecting you and Voldemort to destroy it. After about
four hits with the spell the statue will be destroyed, ending the
level. Congratulations you have now completed the campaign
missions of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

2.W.10 Moodys Challenges
Dugbogs Avifors
Defficulty rating: 9/10
Gold Rating. Time needed: 1:45
Silver Rating. Time needed: 2:15
Bronze Rating. Time needed: 3:15
Strategy: This is the second hardest challenge and it would be allot
easier if you were playing multiplayer. To cast Avifors, knock out
the dugbogs and use Wingardium Leviosa and one the the other
characters will cast Avifors. Do this ten times in 1min. 45 seconds
to get gold rating.

Levitation Challenge
Difficulty Rating: 4/10
Gold Rating. Time needed: 0:55
Silver Rating. Time needed: 1:30
Bronze Rating. Time needed: 2:30
Strategy: This is very easy. Just use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the
rocks and set them on the platform in under 55 seconds to get 
Gold rating.

Exploding Cauldrons
Difficulty Rating: 6/10
Gold Rating. Time needed: 1:00
Silver Rating. Time needed: 1:30
Bronze Rating. Time needed: 2:00
Strategy: Another easy challenge. Use they Cauldrons to destroy
everything on the tower in under 1 minute to get Gold rating.

Butotuber Fling
Difficulty Rating: 10/10
Gold Rating. Score needed: 500
Silver Rating. Score needed: 250
Bronze Rating. Score needed: 100
Strategy: This is the hardest of all the challenges. In order to
score 500, you have to shoot the Butotuber to the target on the
second farthest to the left, which will give you 50 points. Just hit
that every time and you should get a Gold rating.

Tower Blocks
Difficulty Rating: 3/10
Gold Rating. Time needed: 1:25
Silver Rating. Time needed: 1:50
Bronze Rating. Time needed: 2:30
Strategy: This is the easiest one, just stack five blocks on top of
each other in under 1min. 25seconds and you can easily get a 
Gold rating.

3.TS Tri-Wizzard Shields

Go to the Hogwarts Exterior section of the walkthrough for a 
complete list of all the Tr-wizzard Shields and Mini-Shields.



To find the locations of these areas, refer to the mini-shields part
of this level.

1) From where the dragon cage is, go to the left side and put the 
fire out to get the shield.

2) **Must have the Herbivicus spell**. From where to entered the
area with the dragon cage go to the far right there are some poisonus
mushrooms. Use the Butotuber to clear the path and go up to the
side of the cage and use Herbivicus spell on the vine to reach it

3) Go to where the skrewt is, in about the middle of the level was to
get it. (Must defeat skrewt to get it)

4) **Must have the Herbivicus spell**  Go to the right of where you 
got the previous shield and use Herbivicus on the vine. Climb up 
using the herbivicus spell and there'll be another skrewt. Defeat
the skrewt to get the shield.

5) From the save circle thing go right and it'll be in the air. You
must get the box thats way up the path to the left. Use Wingardium
Leviosa to get the box back to the shield and place it underneath it. 
Climb up to get the shield.

6) **Must have the Herbivicus spell** Right outside of the area 
where you fought the skrewt at the end of the level go up the path 
to the right and at the end of the path it will be on a big vine. Use
Herbivicus to reach it.

7) Obtained once you defeat the skrewt at the end of the level.

8) Obtain once you find all of the Mini-Shields.


1) From where you start, look ahead and its behind two boulders.

2) From the boulders, run up the path using Carpe Retractum on
the Butotuber. Once past, a dugbog will attack. Defeat him and 
there will be a shield behind a group of mushrooms, use Carpe
Retractum on the butotuber and clear the mushrooms and get the

3) From the previous shield, go up the path a little ways and the
next shield will be on a tree stump.

4) Move the butotuber and clear the path. Keep on going up the
ledge in the next area. Use the cauldron to clear away the 
Butotubers. Run fast to where they cleared away and get the 

5) From the last shield, this time run to the right past the 
Butotubers and run up the hill beside them to get the next Shield.

6) Run down from the platform and put the fire out thats behind
the Butotubers. keep following the path untill you reach the save
point. From the save point circle run straight past a gruop of
Dugbogs, untill you reach a fork in the path. To the right there
will be a Fire/Poisonus mushrooms. If you've beat the level it
will be poisonus mushrooms. If you haven't, then it will be fire.
Use the butotuber to the left to clear the path and get the Shield.

7) Move the treelog blocking your path from where you got the
previous shield. Once past the log turn right and it'll be behind 
some mushrooms.

8) From where you got shield number 6, run past the log and go
right up the path this time. There should also be a box up the
path.  From the box, go to the left and clear away the poisonus
mushrooms and run up the stairs. Once up the stairs, put the
fire out and go up the other set of stairs and get the shield.

9) Go to where you found mini-shield number 3 from where
the tree stump is and go straight. You will then be attacked by
a few Dugbogs. Continue straight  to where a fense used to be
and clear the poisonus mushrooms. Keep going down the path
untill you come to a skrewt. Defeat the skrewt and the shield is
to the left.

10) From where you begin the level, run forward to the Butotuber 
and turn right this time. run past a few more Butotubers and a 
little way more up the path there will be a butotuber in the way. 
Try and shoot the butotuber to the far right to clear more
poisonus mushrooms. follow the path till a scene with the
Dragon. On the far left side behind the cage, is the final Mini-



1) Run down the steps from the start, and look right, its behind 
some Poisonus Mushrooms.

2) Go behind the spell book and use the cauldron to break the
wall. Use Herbivicus to get the shield.

3) From the save circle, open the gate and run past the mosps
to a box. Run around the side of it to another small like pound. 
The shield is in the middle of the pound.

4) From the save circle open the gate and hurry up and put a
rock on the whole the mosps are coming out of. Take the box and 
move it to the stairs. Climb up the box and use Herbivicus on the 
plants and the shields at the top.

5) From the save circle, open the gates and go left to the stairs.
Run up the stairs to the area with all the bridges. Run forward 
and turn left. Pull down the bridge and turn left again. At the 
end of the path turn right and pull down the bridge. Run across
the bridge and turn right. Pull down another bridge. Turn around
and go to where you pulled down the first bridge. Run through 
doorway and turn left and run across the bridge to pulled down 
previously. Pull down another bridge and run back to where 
you pulled down the first bridge. This time turn right. Go forward
and turn left. Forward again and turn right. Follow the windy 
untill to come to anther bridge pull it down and run all the way 
back to where you pulled down the first bridge. From the bridge 
turn right and run all the way forward and go across the bridge 
you pulled down earlier. Turn right, then left to get the shield.

6) In the area right outside the spiral stairs, the shield is right 
behind the poisonus mushrooms

7) You get the shield once you find all of the mini-shields.

8) You get the last shield once you complete the level.


1) Its right behind the spell book.

2) From the start of the level, run down the steps and go straight.
Move the boulder and run up the step. Use Herbivicus on the 
plants. Follow the platform and get the shield on the ramp.

3) In the next area from the previous shield, go to the platform
on the right side of the pound to get the shield.

4) In the pound area, Go to the far platform straight ahead to get
the next shield.

5) From the save circle, the shield is behind the stairs.

6) Open the gate from where the save circle is, the mini shield is
on the stairs to the left.

7) From the very next area from where the Mosps were, run forward 
and take the first left and you will be half way across the bridge. 
Use Carpe Retractum to pull the other half of the bridge down. 
Once across the bridge turn left and theres the shield.

8) In the very next area the shield is at the top of the steps.

9) Run down the steps, and the next shield is behind a group of

10) The last mini-shield is at the top of the spiral steps.

4.CC Collector cards
Collector cards are cards that can increase your health, jinks power, 
and Magicus Extremus. In order to unlock cards, you must level up.
To get the final three collector cards, you must have all the spells 
mastered, and found every item.

When you unlock a set of cards you must have the required number
of beans. You get beans each time you defeat a enemy. For example,
one card may cost 50 beans. You must have at least 50 beans to buy 
that card.

5.C. Conclusion
Well, thats it. I hope this giude helped you out through the hard 
parts of the game. The only time i might update is if i find a major 
error in the guide

6.L Legal stuff
Like my preious FAQ i will not be taking any e-mails which is why 
I'm not putting up my e-mail address, so no one else can use this 
faq on thier site.

Copyright 2006 CounterShock