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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get loki and his wife to leave the house?

I dnt know what too do ive been stuck 4 days i cant get them too leave i intimadate i flirt i chat nothing works.

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You have to gite thes thing from lokis closit and till hes wifs secret to hem then go give the theng you fond in the closit and give it to his wife then thil start fiting. thats how to gittom out of the Room.

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You go in the bedroom click on the closet theres an option to examine do it and your sim will open it.they find lokis things give them to his wife make sure you told each one of them the other ones secret and shell get pissed then they fight you then hack the door and theres a door to your right go in and youll fing the garbage man thats it ur welcome

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You first need to talk with Circe. Find the Secret Patents in the closet and give that to her.
Then talk to loki and intimidate circe to find out she has a affect with doctor newlow.
Talk to loki and then hack the keypad

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Yeah what Roydmm said

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