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Fearie Copy Shop?

I keep trying to copy items and its not working.
I have 2 copy shops with 3 fearies in each and the light blue bars are max or near max.
Please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Also I go back to the copy shops after winning 10-20 battles.

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The Items I try to copy are Swallow Eye, Coupons, speed boots, deep diver, and other stat increasing items.

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All I get back is the same item I can't seem to get a copy of it.

Ressurectedsoul provided additional details:

Ah one type of item with all copy shop fearies thanks.

Accepted Answer

AkumaRyuu answered:

When you say "its not working" i assume that you only get back junk and not the copy you want.

If that is the case than there is nothing much you can do. Save BEFORE entering the Village, check with your copy cats and if the results are not in your favor reload and check again.
Also it is best to only try to copy one kind of item with all of them at one time, i.e. only Power Food or only Swallow Eyes. If out of those six less than 4 make a successful copy, reload and check again. That worked best for me and is not as time consuming and frustrating as wanting the get the "perfect copy" with each faerie succeeding.

If you don't get any copy done at all (read: they don't finish when you check back) you most likely haven't fought enough battles. I think the average number of battles you need is 30. just fight low-level junk near a flower circle and check back after around 30 battles.
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