Question from meizhen

Asked: 6 years ago

How to get lvl 99?

My game play is 143hours,
is there any enemy where i can i get high exp?
or any strategies to get level up fast?
Well i BEATEN the GAME already.

Additional details - 6 years ago

my character already in the ff level:
Ryu - level 90
Rei - level 80
Momo - level 78
Nina - level 70
Garr - level 64
Peco - level 56

its really getting hard to level up as your level goes up...
im wondering where is the best enemy to level up.

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From: SorrowTanuki 5 years ago

>Gabi_chan83: Be a little more detailed, yeah?

Gabi is correct. The Container Yard is an excellent place to level. But, what wasn't mentioned was the 2 specific enemies that make appearances there: the Beserker and the Arch-Mage. Two, incredibly powerful enemies that will indeed test your skill as a BoF3 player. They are rare, so they may not show up at first. But, after a few battles, one of the two will show up to fight. However, at your current level, you should be alright. Game On!

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Go in the Container Yard, there you can find the most powerful enemies in the whole game and make a lot of experience!

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SorrowTanuki is right... Sorry.
I voted your answer ^_^

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Go to the place were you find lavamen(the name escapes me)and hit then with fire move till they get really strong
then kill them and you will get a lot of experiance if you use enouph fire attacks you'll get 16000 experiance!

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