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Breath of Fire III
Masters 101
Written By: David Stiefermann--kixer_mcdohl@hotmail.com

This FAQ can be found at:

-GameFAQs [www.gamefaqs.com]
-Neoseeker [www.neoseeker.com]
-Alexandria RPG Classics Game Database [alexandria.rpgclassics.com]

If found somewhere else, please inform me.

This FAQ Copyright 2002 David Stiefermann
All other rights reserved by respective parties
-Version 1.0 (and hopefully the last)      Wednesday, June 26, 2002
-Version 1.1 (I guess I lied)              Sunday, March 30, 2003
-Version 1.2 (Damn, I'm getting sloppy)    Tuesday, April 1, 2003
-Version 1.3 (Seems I've been lazy lately) Friday, March 5, 2004
-Version 1.4 (Just some maintenance)       Saturday, October 2. 2004

-----Table of Contents

1. Technical Info (You should read this)

2. Introduction (You should read this, too)

3. FAQ History

4. Things You Should Know/Tips

5. Masters 101

6. Credits/Thanks

1----Technical Info

Feel free to put this FAQ on your own website, just as long as you
e-mail me and give me the URL and all that. I don't want you selling
this FAQ, as I wrote it and it, therefore, belongs to me.

If you've got any questions, comments, etc., feel free to e-mail me. I,
of course, will give you full credit for any new information you give

And if you'd like to put parts of this FAQ in your own, contact me and
give me credit.


Welcome to Masters 101!
This FAQ, which coincidentally is my first, contains all the
information on the Masters System in Bof III that you'll need.

The reason that I'm writing this FAQ so late in the game is because
some people still have questions about Masters (including me) and
that this is, I think, one of the coolest parts of the game. I
originally wrote this for my use only, you know, for whenever I decide
to go through BoF III again. It's the only guide I use.

THIS FAQ IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH! This is just a humble guide to the
Masters system.

3----FAQ History

Version 1.0 - The first version of this FAQ. Hopefully it's the last
since I believe I have covered everything.

Version 1.1 - After much delay and complaints and other crap, I
decided to finally try to clean up some of this guide. Changes include:

* The addition of a shameless plug included to make me money
* A new treat for true fans in the Introduction
* The minor change of some text
* Changes in the Personal Thoughts sections for the following Masters:
- I Bunyan
- III Yggdrasil
- V Fahl
- VI Durandal
- VIII Hondara
- X Deis
- XVII Meryleep
* A new note for the following Masters:
- VII Giotto
* An overall cleanup of the FAQ

Version 1.2 - Something I forgot...

* Added a list of sites this FAQ can be found on

Version 1.3 - Some changes

* Added another site to list of places this FAQ can be found
* Removed shameless plug. I'm a new person
* Removed so called special treat for fans of BoF III (didn't work out)
* Added small bit to the Introduction
* Added small spoiler warning
* Added a note to:
- 4-Things You Should Know/Tips
* Misc. other changes
* Corrected errors for the following Masters:
- VII Giotto
- XVI Ladon

Version 1.4 - Maintenance

* Fixed some typos

4----Things You Should Know/Tips

-In order to learn skills from a Master, bring their apprentice(s) back
to them every so often after leveling up. If they have met the level
requirements, the Master will teach them a skill.

-Check the Master List in the tent. If the Master has a star by his/her
name, your character has learned all the skills that they have to teach.

-You can only learn a skill once. For example, let's say Nina and Ryu
are apprenticed to Mygas. Mygas won't teach both of them Magic Ball.

-If you run out of room on any character's Skill list, just use a Skill
Ink to unload some useless skills. You can get a Skill Ink from any of
the Fishing Spot Manillos.

-If you are using a Master just to learn the skills, DO NOT stop
training as this will cancel any levels you have built up under them
and you'll have to start over. Not pretty.

-You can't combine levels. For example, let's say that Ryu and Rei are
apprenticed to Ladon. You can't build Ryu up three levels and Rei up
six and expect Ladon to teach you Aura.

-If a character knows skills and leaves your party due to storyline, the
skills will go to the Skill List.

*TIP*-- When you want to level up quickly to learn a skill, or otherwise,
use Monopolize (more info later).

*TIP*-- If you have any really low level characters, use them to learn
the skills. Then all you have to do is Skill Ink them to the character
you want to have the skill. You'll find it's much quicker than leveling
up a level 50 Ryu.

---Regarding Stat Boosts/Penalties Due to Master's Influence---

Many thanks to *Benjamin Lee* for this
Stat Boost/Penalty Section!
Credit belongs to him!

*A character levels up and due to level gain, that character will add
a +2 to his/her Power Stat. But since this character is apprenticed to
a Master that gives a +3 Power boost, this character gains +5 in his/her
Power Stat.

* A character levels up and due to level gain, that character will earn
a +4 to his/her Power Stat. But since this character is apprenticed to
a Master that deals a -2 stat penalty, this character will only add +2
to his/her Power.

*If a character was apprenticed to a Master that dealt a -2 penalty to
Power, but gained +0 Power at a level up what would happen? Can tutelage
under a Master actually decrease your stats? In my honest opinion, I really
don't think so. But this is waiting to be clarified as you read this.

5----Masters 101

This is the meat of my FAQ. I will give you all information on each
Master in the game, in the order that the Master List lists them. I
will give you:
-Basic Master Info
-Their location
-Any tasks they may want you to complete and some tips to help
-The benefits of being taught
-Any skills, other rewards that they'll give you
-My personal thoughts on the Master

Let's get on with it, then.

This FAQ contains some minor (and some possibly major) spoilers. C'Mon
people, if this is your first playthrough, explore the game and have fun
before you dig into the FAQS. The storyline is the best part.

I----Bunyan - Woodsman

Where is he?
- He's chopping wood at his cabin in the Cedar Woods, in the Yraall Region.

Any tasks?
- Nope. After Rei, Teepo, and Ryu are separated after the battle with Balio and
Sunder, Bunyan finds you. Bunyan can, from that point on, be a master. Just go
back to him and he'll be your Master.

Stat Benefits?
- HP+2
- Power+2
- Defense+1
- AP-2
- Intelligence-3

What can you learn?
- Risky Blow....at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Critical damage if enemy is hit

- Focus.........at 5 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Raise Pwr when used; max. X2

- Super Combo...at 8 levels
  AP cost.......12
  Description...Attack (one target); press button

- Disembowel....at 10 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Fatal blow; MAX HP down

My personal thoughts?
- Early on in the game Bunyan is worth it. With his stat boosts and Disembowel,
he's a good Master for the fighter of your party. In the beginning I use him
for Rei.

II---Mygas - Journeyman wizard

Where is he?
- Mygas can be found at the stump of the Yggdrasil Tree in the Yraall Region.

Any tasks?
- After Rei, Teepo, and Ryu defeat the Nue, Spring comes to the Yraall Region.
Mygas then appears. Mygas will be your Master on the condition that you give
him all of your zenny.

*TIP*-- Use most of the zenny you have to buy equipment. After you've got all
the equipment and items you need, agree to Mygas' terms and you get his skills
while paying him the lowest amount of zenny possible... Heh, heh. Sucker.

Stat Benefits?
- AP+1
- Intelligence+2
- Power-1
- Defense-1

What can you learn?
- Frost.........at 1 level
  Ap cost.......2
  Description...Frost attack vs one target

- Meditation....at 4 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Raises Int when used; max. x2

- Magic Ball....at 6 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Attack using solid ball of magic

- Typhoon.......at 8 levels
  AP cost.......7
  Description...Wind attack vs all targets

My personal thoughts?
- When Mygas first becomes available, I apprentice Teepo, but later on I
apprentice Nina until she has learned all of his skills.

III--Yggdrasil - Sacred tree of wisdom

Where is it?
- It is the Yggdrasil located in Eastern Wyndia. Near the Plant.

Any tasks?
- Use Peco to talk to it and then give it a Wisdom Fruit.

*NOTE*-- Only Peco can talk to Yggdrasil.

Stat Benefits?
- AP+1
- Defense+1
- Intelligence+2
- HP-1
- Power-2
- weak vs flame

What can you learn?
- Sanctuary.....at 2 levels
  AP cost.......5
  Description...Dispels all support magic

- Recall........at 5 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Cast random magic spell

- Shield........at 8 levels
  AP cost.......4
  Description...Raise all targets' Def

My personal thoughts?
- I put Peco with Yggdrasil... They're both plants, right? Actually I don't use
Yggdrasil much.

IV---D'lonzo - Female cat burglar

Where is she?
- She is in the Coffee House area, at the highest point on the hill.

Any tasks?
- You must be holding 15 different kinds of weapons. Only weapons in your
inventory count.

*TIP*-- Once she agrees to be a Master, sell the weapons. I'm sure you need the
extra cash, plus she doesn't hold it against you if you sell them after she
becomes your Master.

Stat Benefits?
- Power+1
- Agility+1
- HP-1
- AP-2
- Accuracy

What can you learn?
- Monopolize....at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Steals all EXP

- Intimidate....at 3 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Cancels one target's movement

- Steal.........at 4 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Steals item from enemy

My personal thoughts?
- I use Rei for D'lonzo but I give up the Steal skill since Pilfer is the same
exact thing.

V----Fahl - Bartender of Genmel

Where is he?
- He's in the bar in Genmel (Balio and Sunder charged him with the task of
keeping Ryu and Nina prisoner).

Any tasks?
- After the Contest of Champions he will be a Master on the condition that you
win thirty battles in a row, without resting.

*TIP*-- Just go back to the Cedar Woods, or any "!" mark on the world map, in
the Yraall Region to easily meet his objective.

Stat Benefits?
- HP+4
- Power+1
- Defense+3
- Agility-3
- Intelligence-3

What can you learn?
- Charge........at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Damage altered based on Def

- Counter.......at 4 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Auto counter-attack when in use

- Resist........at 6 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Invulnerability for 1 turn

My personal thoughts?
- Fahl is a defender. Apprentice anyone to him that you feel needs to raise
their defense.

VI---Durandal - Wanderer

Where is he?
- On the world map near Wyndia, you notice a path running around Wyndia, just
to the right of the entrance to the city. Follow the path to a "?" area and
enter. There is a cabin and inside that cabin is Durandal.

Any tasks?
- Nope. If you talk to him he'll teach you.

Stat Benefits?
- ????
- ???? (Ooooh... Mysterious!)

What can you learn?
- Unmotivate....at 1 level
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Target loses will to fight

- Feign Swing...at 2 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Take a practice swing

- Backhand......at 3 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Attack vs one target; non-lethal

My personal thoughts?
- Just as Durandal says, he really is no good. I learn the skills because it
opens up Hondara, but that's it. I kind of feel sorry for him, the poor

VII--Giotto - Strange fishman

Where is he?
- There is a beach south of Rhapala. You can find Giotto there.

Any tasks?
- Answer that you think fishing is a true sport (in his words) and then pull
out your rod and tacklebox because you're gonna need 2000 fishing points.

*NOTE*-- The 2000 fishing point requirement has been verified by *Tsukai
Mikado*! Thanks!

*TIP*-- It's best to start fishing as soon as you can, so as to get a head

Stat Benefits?
- HP+4
- AP+3
- Power-1
- Defense-1
- Agility-1
- Intelligence-2

What can you learn?
- Trump.........at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Usable at 0AP; casts random spell

- Berserk.......at 5 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Raises Pwr for 3 turns; then death

- SuddenDeath...at 8 levels
  AP cost.......1
  Description...Casts Death on random target

My personal thoughts?
- With that HP+4 and AP+3, it's Ryu all the way. At least until I learn the

VIII-Hondara - Priest

Where is he?
- In the Urkan Tapa area of worship (the preachy fella behind the podium).

Any tasks?
- He says some crap about how you are too eager for the destruction of your
enemies and says that there is a fighting style in the world that allows you to
fight without killing your enemies. Durandal teaches that method. Learn all of
Durandal's skills and Hondara will train you.

*TIP*-- Learn from Durandal before you meet Hondara. Saves time.

Stat Benefits?
- AP+1
- Intelligence+1
- Power-2
- Holy prop UP

What can you learn?
- Purify........at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......4
  Description...Cures poison

- Kyrie.........at 5 levels
  AP cost.......5
  Description...Destroy undead

- Benediction...at 8 levels
  AP cost.......20
  Description...Restores all dead members...?

My personal thoughts?
- I learn the skills with Peco.

IX---Emitai - Wizard adept

Where is he?
- Emitai can be found in his house in the Dauna Hills.

Any tasks?
- You've gotta cough up 10,000 zenny.

Stat Benefits?
- AP+4
- Intelligence+4
- Power-2
- Defense-2

What can you learn?
- Barrier.......at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......4
  Description...Raise one target's magic Def

- Mind Sword....at 4 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Attack with magic sword

- Enlighten.....at 6 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Raises user's Intelligence

My personal thoughts?
- After Nina learns what she can from Mygas, I apprentice her to Emitai and
leave her there because of the AP+4 until Deis becomes available.

X----Deis - Ancient sorceress

Where is she?
- Remember that temple on Mt. Zublo? The Cave of Ages? That's where you find
her, but you'll have to wait until after you finally get the boat.

Any tasks?
- Be a smooth ladies man and tell her that you like the way she looks... as a

*NOTE*-- Only Ryu can examine the wall that leads to Deis' lair.

*NOTE*-- Her "Yes" answer when she asks if you want to be her apprentice is
"Yes, ma'am."

Stat Benefits?
- AP+3
- Power+1
- Agility+1
- Intelligence+3
- HP-3
- Defense-3

What can you learn?
- Inferno.......at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......10
  Description...Flame attack vs all targets

- Blizzard......at 5 levels
  AP cost.......10
  Description...Frost attack vs all targets

- Myollnir......at 8 levels
  AP cost.......10
  Description...Electric attack vs one target

- Sirocco.......at 11 levels
  AP cost.......12
  Description...Flame&Wind attack vs all targets

- Celerity......at 15 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Abilities up; usable at fixed time

My personal thoughts?
- I apprentice Nina until I learn the skills. I have Nina keep Inferno and
Celerity. I move Nina back to Emitai when I'm done.

XI---Hachio - World's best cook

Where is he?
- He's in the Wyndia Castle kitchen.

Any tasks?
- After you enter the castle as adult Ryu, Hachio becomes available. He wants
the ingredients for some recipe and you've got to bring them to him. He wants a
Swallow Eye, a Beef Jerky, an Angler, and a Martian Squid.

*TIP*-- If you happen by any of these things on your journey, just save them
until you get to Hachio. The Martian Squid and the Angler both need to be
fished for. I think you can find (at least) two Swallow Eyes on your journey
(up to this point) and you get a Beef Jerky from your raid on Bunyan's house.
Just save them until you need them.

*TIP*-- An Angler can be fished for at the Fishing Spot on the path that leads
to the Tidal Caves in the Urkan Region. It will bite a Float. A Float can be
bought from the Manillo in the Fishing Spot by McNeil Farm.

*TIP*-- A Martian Squid can be fished for at the Fishing Spot to the right of
Mt. Myrneg. It will bite a Worm. A Worm can be bought in the McNeil Village
Item Shop.

Stat Benefits?
- HP+2
- Power+2
- Defense+1
- AP-2
- Agility-1
- Intelligence-1

What can you learn?
- Mighty Chop...at 2 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Attack vs one target; ignores Def

- Demonbane.....at 4 levels
  AP cost.......1
  Description...Attack; extra damage to devils

My personal thoughts?
- I apprentice Ryu for the skills. I keep Demonbane with Ryu, but I give Mighty
Chop to Garr.

XII--Bais - Oldest quadruplet brother

Where is he?
- Near the fountain in Wyndia.

Any tasks?
- Challenge him and the other three to a game of hide and seek.

*TIP*-- Bais will be in the Dauna Mines, near the giant dragon chrysm.

Stat Benefits?
- Power+1

What can you learn?
- Chain Form....at 3 levels

*NOTE*-- This is a battle formation.

My personal thoughts?
- Bais is the only useful one of the Hide 'n' Seek gang. Chain form is a useful
formation, as it sets all of your characters' speeds to that of the character
in point.

XIII-Lang - Youngest quadruplet brother

Where is he?
- Near the fountain in Wyndia.

Any tasks?
- Challenge him and the other three to a game of hide and seek.

*TIP*-- Lang will be in the Wyndian Royal Family graveyard behind a tombstone.

Stat Benefits?
- Defense+1

What can you learn?
- Cupid's Lyre..at 3 levels

*NOTE*-- This is an item.

My personal thoughts?
- I wouldn't bother with him if I were you. You can find the Cupid's Lyre a few
times in the game. Oh well. It's kind of useful.

XIV--Lee - Oldest quadruplet sister

Where is she?
- Near the fountain in Wyndia.

Any tasks?
- Challenge her and the other three to a game of hide and seek.

*TIP*-- Lee will be at the Eastern Checkpoint. She is behind the wall, all the
way to the left.

Stat Benefits?
- Intelligence+1

What can you learn?
- Magic Form....at 3 levels

*NOTE*-- This is a battle formation.

My personal thoughts?
- Do what you will.

XV---Wynn - Youngest quadruplet sister

Where is she?
- Near the fountain in Wyndia.

Any tasks?
- Challenge her and the other three to a game of hide and seek.

*TIP*-- Wynn will be in Junk Town, on the lowest level, behind a building. Just
look for her.

Stat Benefits?
- HP+1

What can you learn?
- Refuge Form...at 3 levels

*NOTE*-- This is a battle formation.

My personal thoughts?
- Despite the fact that the Hide 'n' Seek gang doesn't have any negative stats,
they really aren't that useful. At least not to me. I use the Normal Form,

XVI--Ladon - Divine king of dragons

Where is he?
- In Dragnier. Do you see the blank panel above the entrance to the Relay
Point? Use Ryu to examine it.

Any tasks?
- You must have all Dragon Genes and have beaten Jono, the town elder.

*TIP*-- Dragon Gene locations:
-Reverse........."?" spot under Mt. Boumore
-Thorn...........In the clearing after the escape from Momo's tower
-Frost...........At the house by the Maekess Gorge
-Thunder........."?" house north of Rhapala
-Eldritch........Roof of Lighthouse
-Miracle.........Vocano, Mt. Zublo
-Force...........Hidden on the vents inside the Plant
-Gross...........Towards the exit of the Tidal Caves
-???.............Inside Bow's house, to the left of Steel Beach
-Mutant..........On Steel Beach
-Trance..........Lost Shore Yggdrasil
-Failure.........Way, way over to the left side of the Colony Container Yard
-Radiance........The easiest way to get it is through Relay Point A
-Infinity........Defeat Jono and grab the gene

*NOTE*-- Only Ryu can examine the blank panel.

Stat Benefits?
- Power+2
- Defense+2
- Agility+1
- Intelligence+2
- HP-6
- AP-6

What can you learn?
- Mind's Eye....at 3 levels
  Ap cost.......0
  Description...Raises to-hit % temporarily

- Holy Strike...at 5 levels
  AP cost.......2
  Description...Holy attack vs one target

- WardOfLight...at 7 levels
  AP cost.......5
  Description...Raises Def & counterattack %

- Aura.......at 9 levels
  AP cost.......20
  Description...Holy attack vs one target; PwrX2

My personal thoughts?
- It makes sense to apprentice Ryu to Ladon, him being a dragon and all, but
that HP-6, AP-6 really doesn't fare too well. Aura is worth it, though. Ladon's
good for the skills, but not much else.

XVII-Meryleep - Wandering faerie

Where is she?
- She is in the pond in the Faerie Woods in Eastern Wyndia.

Any tasks?
- After adult Ryu re-recruits Peco, bring Peco to the Faerie Woods. Have Ryu
clear the bushes in front of the pond. Give Peco a running start and have him
headbutt the conveniently placed rock into the water. Meryleep will come out
and lay the "I could have died!" spiel on you. For her fogiveness, she wants
you to find her Flower Jewel. In Central Wyndia there is a Fishing Spot that
has a description that says "Hangout of the River Gang." Just north of that
Fishing Spot, and around a small mountain is a "?" spot. Enter that spot and
near the tent, which I'm guessing belongs to the River Gang, is a tree with a
crow in it. Use Peco to headbutt it and the Flower Jewel will fall out. Bring
it back to Meryleep and she'll teach your characters.

*NOTE*-- Be prepared to bring Peco with you every time you visit, as he is the
only way to get Meryleep to come out.

Stat Benefits?
- Agility+2
- HP-1
- Power-1
- Defense-1

What can you learn?
- Charm.........at 2 levels
  AP cost.......0
  Description...Increases chance of finding item

- Shadowwalk....at 5 levels
  AP cost.......8
  Description...Warp attack; critical blow

- War Shout.....at 8 levels
  AP cost.......6
  Description...Raise all targets' Pwr

My personal thoughts?
- Meryleep is a good Master for Rei because of the Agility+2.


Well, there you have it, my little contribution to the Breath of Fire III
players of the world. I'd like to thank the following people/organizations:

-First of all, I'd like to thank me, for writing this FAQ and going through BoF
III for the 7th time just to get the information.

-Next I would like to thank the contributors to this FAQ!
*Benjamin Lee
*Tsukai Mikado
Let's give them a round of applause!

-The people of the GameFAQs Breath of Fire III message board for any info they
might have given me.

-Capcom, for making my all-time favorite videogame.

-Squaresoft for making the Final Fantasy titles so I could figure out those
infernal damn Roman Numerals.

-And a big "screw you" goes out to the people of the ESRB for taking scenes out
of BoF IV. What the hell is wrong with you people?

-Close Curtains-