Question from jonfox84

How do I unlock Zaji and the other characters in the game?

I have 8 missing and 90% completion.

ani_fan94 asked for clarification:

Did you finish all mission at 100 points?


ani_fan94 answered:

To get zaji, you will get a mission where you have to kill him. He will later be unlocked. some characters can be unlocked by playing another character until level 10 (unlocked at lavel 10: ectra move/+ new character).
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DestinyGTA answered:

Get Akame General to level 10.

Akame General
Get Akame Samurai to level 10.

Akame Rifle
Get Akame Archer to level 10.

Akame Samurai with dual swords and new moveset
Get Akame Samurai to level 21.

Goh with Gamuran sword
Get Goh to level 21.

Get Ichijou General to level 10.

Ichijou General
Get Ichijou Samurai to level 10.

Ichijou Rifle
Get Ichijou Archer to level 10.

Ichijou Samurai with alternative moveset
Get Ichijou Samurai to level 21.

Kinu in alternative outfit with Gamuran sword
Get Kinu to level 21.

Pass every mission.

Get Sadame General to level 10.

Sadame Rifle
Get Sadame Archer to level 10.

Sadame Samurai
Get Sadame Samurai to level 10.

Sadame Samurai with iaijutsu moveset
Get Sadame Samurai to level 21.

Zaji with Gamuran sword
Get Zaji to level 21.
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