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Platform: PSP

Game: From Russia With Love 007

Guide by: Kranti Nebhwani

E-mail: kn_the_glove@hotmail.com

Date Started: 9/21/2006

Date Completed: 

Version: 0.7

Copyright Kranti Nebhwani 2006

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Version History

0.1- Basic layout made

0.5- Introduction, Basics and closing finished

0.6- Introduction and London levels completed in Walkthrough chapter

0.7- Hedgemaze mission walkthrough complete, corrected minor spelling errors

 Table of Contents                                                        

1. Introduction
2. Basic Information
   a) Complete Controls
   b) The Story
   c) Review

3. Walkthrough
   a) Introduction
   b) London
   c) Hedgemaze
   d) Gypsie Camp
   e) Sniper Alley
   f) Consulate 
   g) Train
   h) Factory
   i) Octopus Base

4. Closing
   a) Closing Words
   b) Credits

1. Introduction

Welcome to my first ever strategy guide! I decided to make this guide simply
because there still isn't a guide for this game on the PSP yet. This game is 
great and it's the only 007 game on the PSP, so it deserves a guide.

In this guide you'll find the basic information to get you started, and then
the full walkthrough. Both chapters should easily help you beat the game, but
if there's a chance you still can't do something just email me. You can find 
the contact information near the top of the guide if you need help on 
contacting me. But please don't send questions about Bond Challenges, the 
Multiplayer or anything that has nothing to do with the guide. I'm going to 
add the multiplayer section soon, so keep coming back for more!

If you liked the other Bond games, you're going to like this one because this
is something new and special. You get to play as the old Bond, originally 
played by Sean Connery. So without further talk, let's start!! 

2. Basic Information

a) Complete Controls

Bond Controls:

Analog Stick- Move Bond.

Direction Pad- UP/DOWN- Choose weapon from a weapon's category.
               LEFT/RIGHT- Choose weapon/gadget category.

X Button- Action/Reload.

Square Button- Rotate camera left. Bond Focus Mode when locked-on to a target.

O Button- Rotate camera right.
Triangle Button- Crouch. Press near a wall to Wall Hug.
                 Press twice to perform a Dive Roll.

L Button- (Hold) lock-On to a target.

R Button- Fire Weapon/Use Gadget.

Select- Score sheet (multiplayer only).

Start- Pause game.      
b) The Story

The year is 1963. You're 007, James Bond. You have been informed that the 
Lektor, a soviet decoding device is in the hands of a beautiful Russian agent.
That's when things go wrong, and ruthless rivals try to take the Lektor. It's
now you're chance to relive Sean Connery as James Bond, and save the world.  

c) Review

This is my review on From Russia With Love 007, which you can also find in

Bond shooter had always been great, but they always lacked actions the real
Bond can do. 007 Everything or Nothing changed that, by changing the game into
a third person perspective and adding Bond-like actions. From Russia With Love
continues this style of presenting Bond Shooters, and this time releases it 
onto the PSP. With great gameplay and audio, this first-time 007 game on the
PSP succeeds, despite the few flaws.

The story of From Russia With Love is simply taken from the movie originally 
released in 1963, with Sean Connery as James Bond. There are some add-ons to 
the story, but the story is basically the same as the movie, so you won't be 
missing any of the good stuff from the film.

You are James Bond, and after protecting the prime minister of England's
daughter you hear about this soviet decoding device called the Lektor. It's
in a Russian agent's hands, but there seems to be a team of baddies trying to
get it. By heading to Istanbul, you meet up with the beautiful Russian agent
to solve this problem and to save the world once again.

The visuals in the game won't disappoint you at all, but there are a few 
glitches that occur now and then with the graphics of From Russia With Love.
Sometimes parts of your body can go through walls, but apart from that the 
visuals are fine. The cutscenes are performed perfectly, without a slight hint
of hesitation and complete with neat graphics that seems to have been polished
to the best state. The gameplay graphics might not be as good and clean, but 
they're good enough to let you feel like you're playing as the one and only
James Bond. All guns look good, the environments are detailed and the special
effects always create a great impact on screen without lagging the game too

In the movies the themes are always something people remember, and the game's 
no different. The excellent soundtrack is directly taken from the old 007 
movies. It really makes you feel you're living the action as the real 007 as
you play, when the theme is going on and the tracks change as you progress. 
The sound is perfect in From Russia With Love, whether it's the sound of the
weapons or the sound of the explosions.

Sean Connery himself came to voice his own character, which is great. I 
personally thought because of his old age it would sound terrible but it was 
really well done. He did seem to out alot of effort into his role. All the 
other main characters are voiced by their original actors so the audio of From
Russia With Love defitnitley will keep you amazed throughout the entire game.

The single player experience in this game is kind of up and down. Some parts 
it's just hard to control the camera in tight spots, but fortunatley it's fine
for most of the time. There are 8 action-packed missions in the this game, 
that do have replay value because there are awards to be earned by doing 
alternative feats in levels. I'm sure the single player will be great, since
you'll play some very enjoyable scenes from the film like the gypsie camp 
fight and do stuff like jet-pack flying. It's sad that they didn't include the
driving missions from the console versions, but they added an extra feature 
that will keep you from crying. Aside from the main story, there are 16 Bond
challenges that you can unlock and play. they include doing things like racing
or fighting bosses, which is cool and keeps things fresh.

The last part of the package is the multiplayer, which is where most of the 
downs are. The multiplayer in From Russia With Love consists 4 big levels and
4 seperate game modes. Some options can be adjusted like which weapon set you 
use, but other than those options you won't find alot of variety. 

The best part in the multiplayer is that you can actually fight with AI bots
if you don't have another friend with a copy of the game. You can fight up to
six players each time, and there is plenty of characters to choose from. The
multiplayer isn't all that bad, it's just not made as well as the single 
player portion of the game.

All in all, this game should be bought by all Bond fans and people who like
shooters or even FPS games. There's great replay value with the Bond 
challenges and multiplayer, so it's definitely worth checking out. If you're
stuck on what to buy next, think no more as this first Bond game on the PSP is
just what you are looking for.


Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Multiplayer: 8/10
Replay Value: 9/10

3. Walkthrough

a) Introduction
This chapter is the main purpose of this guide, so I hope you find it useful.
I've included detailed walkthroughs for each mission in the single-player mode
of the game here, so you'll definitley be able to complete the game by using
this walkthrough.

Before every mission I'll state the approximate time it takes to complete the
mission, and the difficulty of the mission. Note that I wrote this walkthrough
by playing the 'Agent' difficulty. That's enough talk- let's play!!


Difficulty: This is a indication on how hard the mission is. It ranges from 1
* to 5 *. The more * the difficulty is the more harder the mission is.

Approximate Mission Time: This shows around how much time it takes to complete
a mission. Note that the time written here is how long you would complete a 
mission in REAL time, not in-game time. 

b) London

Difficulty: *

Approximate Misson Time: 20-30 mins


The game starts with the infamous scene where Bond walks with a scope aimed at
him. The theme plays and he turns around to shoot the man looking at him with
the scope. Blood fills the screen and the screen fades and focuses on the 
London clock.

The cutscene continues by showing you a party hosted by the Prime Minister of
England's daughter. Bond has come here to protect her because she had recieved
a letter from the 'OCTOPUS' gang threatning to capture her. She looks at ease
though, probably because 007 is there to protect her. 

Suddenly Octopus gang members shoot down the guards and a helicopter fires a
missile to obscure the visions of the party members. A member of the gang 
drops down and takes the prime minister's daughter away! Bond kills a couple
of octogun man and watches the kidnapper take a left turn. The game then 
officially starts.

This level is a nice and simple one which isn't long either. This is a treat 
to fans of the movies because this mission didn't happen in the film, so it's
nice and fresh to the fans. Anyways, back to your game.


Objective- Rescue the prime misnister's daughter
When you start you have the Silenced PP7 in-hand. It's very useful in this 
level since it's quite accurate and has pretty powerful shots. But since we
want to save bullets, swap to your Kronen SMG for now. This weapon is also
powerful and fast, but a bit on the unaccurate side.

Lock-on to the nearest octo gunman with the L button and use R to fire and
finish him off. Hide behind the ledge to the left and press triangle to crouch
behind for better cover. You can still target and shoot behind cover. Press L
to lock-on, and press R to fire. Clear as much enemies as you can here, and 
then uncrouch by pressing triangle again.

There should still be a octogun man near the end of the path, so target him.
this time let's try your Bond Focus. While targeting him, press Square to zoom
in a bit and turn on Bond Focus. In this shooting mode you can shoot at 
anywhere on the enemie's body. Head shot him or shoot his weapons off. 2 more
octogun man should run in the path form the left. Kill them both. Collect some
ammo for your PP7 or Kronen SMG, plus don't forget to collect armor aswell.
Now enter the path the gunman came running in from and press X to opent the
door at the end.

you should now be in a medium-sized courtyard packed with enemies. You'll see
the kidnapper take the prime minister's daughter up stairs and through a door.
The foor can't be opened so down't try, instead focus on the octogun man that
are firing at you right now.

Clear the ones near you, then kneel behind the centre fountain. To the top 
left will be 2 octogun man coming down on rappels. Take out your Silenced PP7
and take them out with head shots. Go through the door beside where they were
to advance to the next section of the level.


Objective- Get to the roof

The kidnapper seems to have made his way to the roof. The guard tells you this
as the next part of the level starts. Beside him is a path leading to a room
which has a octogun man in it. This is the moment you learn how to wall hug 
and shoot.

Slowly walk against the wall and turn the camera once you reach the end. You 
should see a guard looking at the cabinet. Press Triangle near the wall to 
wall hug onto it. Press left to slowly go to the edge of the wall until a 
little bit of you is shown out of the wall. You can now lock-on to the guard.
Use your Bond Focus to head shot him quietly with the PP7. Now walk out of the
hug (press the analog stick away from the wall) and collect the ammo he drops.
there should be some for your PP7 and some for your Kronen SMG. Now head 
through the door to your right.

A bunch of guards should be trying to shoot down some octogun man at the end 
of this hallway. Take advantage of your fellow guards and let them take down
some of the enemies while you wall hug by the first pillar. Lock-on to the 
remaining Octogun men and fire at them. Use the Bond Focus and shoot at the 
targeted points to rack up some upgrade points. These add to your upgrades bar
below your weapon (the yellow bar). Once it's full you can upgrade any of your 
weapons or gadgets. Anyways, advance to the opening to the top left of the 
hallway after the men are killed. Don't forget to get the ammo and armor they

2 octogun man should appear right in front of you. This is the time to test 
your melee attacks. Melee one guard to death by locking on to him and pressing
R while standing very close. Three hits should do the trick. For the other one 
repeat the trick but after the first melee watch out for the button that 
appears above the guards head and press it quickly. You'll do a cool finishing
move to kill the guard and get some more upgrade points. Great! Now, don't 
forget how to do that : ).

Head up the stairs and shoot the octogun man with your Kronen SMG. Now go out
and shoot any of the enemies you see. Make your way around the turns and run
to the end of the lane opposite. Kill the 2 guards that appear and beside the 
balcony to the left you should find some ammo. Now get up the stairs here to
find a octogun man wielding a shotgun! Quickly take him out by shooting his 
grenade pack with the Bond Focus mode.

Get out of the room to find yourself in a room that looks like the last one.
Kill the rappeling octogun menand then press X by the opening to jump onto the
lights. Continue jumping from light to light, and then onto the ground on the
other side. Kill any of the rappeling enemies in between the jumps.

The door to the right will be locked, so you need to find how to open it. Look
along the wall behind you and you should find another door. Go through it to
find a lady. Talk to her to get the card key to the roof. Now you can go back
to the locked door.

Head through to complete this section.


Objective- Destroy the helicopter

A cutscene will show the prime minister's daughter and the kidnapper getting
away in a helicopter. Bond finds a guard reaching for a jetpack and whacks him
dead. He takes the jetpack and heads off to chase the helicopter. The cutscene
ends here, and starts your first boss battle.

Boss- Octo Helicopter

First of all, you should practice flying the jetpack. Use the four face 
buttons to boost up, down, left, right. Use the analog stick to turn and fly
forwards and backwards. Use the L button to lock on and the R button to shoot.
The direction pad is used for switching weapons.

Fly up with the triangle button and first work on the rappeling enemies on the
London clock. There are 2 enemies on each side. Use the rockets to shoot them
down quickly. Kill them on all four sides. Now the Octo Helicopter will come 
and get you. 

First swap to the machine gun turret and keep firing at him. Use the square 
and circle buttons to strafe. When the chopper gets close, use the rockets.
If your're low on health lower yourself and attack from below. Soon enough his
life should deplete to zero.

The cutscene will show Bond catching the prime minister's daughter before the 
chopper crashes and explodes. Your first mission is complete!! 

c) Hedgemaze
Difficulty: **

Approximate Misson Time: 30-40 mins


This is a step up from the previous mission. This level really requires you to
use stealth and planning. Luckily it finishes off with a nice section in Q's 

The story here is that after the rescue of the daughter of the British prime 
minister, Bond seems to be in a hedgemaze guarded by Octogun men. He needs to
past the maze and get to the mansion to infiltrate it for some unknown info.
The guy talking to him on the phone says something about a man following him..
After the cutscene, the mission starts.


Objective- Infiltrate the Mansion

You start in front of a maze guarded by tons of octogun men enemies. You can 
just blast right through the mission but remember- everytime you take out a 
guard without using stealth you'd have to kill extra guards that LOOK for you.
Yoou don't need that extra difficulty in this mission, plus you would want to 
learn the basics of using stealth so listen up.

Head down the small set of steps and crouch with the triangle button. Look for
a opening on the maze and slowly walk in (while crouching). Hide behind the 
wall and uncrouch. press the triangle button again to wall hug. Now this is 
where your PP7 comes in handy. It's silenced, so no guards will hear you if 
you take out the guard on the other end. Move to the end of the wall and you 
should see open ground, with a guard standing somewhere in the middle. Lock on
to the guard and take him out with a head shot. Exit at the gate. A cutscene
will show you a mysterious man (dresses like a agent) running away.

Once you get through stay low and quickly find a wall to hide behind. There 
are even more guards in this section, so you should Pick them off one by one.
If things get out of control and guards notice you, swap to your Kronen SMG
immediatley since you don't need to stay quiet once they've seen you. Make 
sure they're all dead before exiting via the gate. 

There's only 1 Octogun man in this area. The path is U-shaped. Take out the 
guard quickly and exit the gate at the end.

Now this is your first stealth challenge. This section of the maze is filled 
with guards, 2 near the left, 3 in the middle and some to the right. The 
ground is pretty open too so use cover wisely. Hide behind the hedge in front
and wall hug it. Take out the guard in the middle closest to you, then crouch
and advance to the next hedge quickly. If they notice you it's ok- the Octogun
man on the mini colloseum will see you sooner or later. Take him out then the 
ones on the left. Mop up the remaining Octogun men and head for the gate. It 
says it's locked.. You now need to find the south gate key.

Lucky for you the key is right next to you. Face the locked gate and turn 
around. To the left is a path leading to a table. Head there and on the table 
is the South Gate key!! Pick it up with X and then get out of the passage to 
find 4 Octogun men. One of them has the shotgun so get him first. Quickly kill
them with any weapon and then exit the gate to complete this section.


Objective- Find the North Gate Key

Let's get working on the objective. Watch the cutscene to see the mysterious 
guy again. Shoot the guys near the fountain and whip out your Kronen SMG and 
shoot them to hell!!! When the courtyard is cleared follow the passage to find
a house. Nope, that's not the mansion you have to infiltrate so don't get too 
happy seeing it. Enter the building and clear off the Octogun men on the first
floor. Heaed up satirs to find the north gate key! 

Head back down the flight of stairs and take out the guards. Exit the house 
and shoot any Octogun men that appear, no need for stealth now. Make a run for
the North Gate to end this section. 

Objective- Infiltrate the mansion

Back to our original mission! There's the mansion we have to investigate, so
we need to work our way to the stairs and up. Clear the area with your 
Silenced PP7 or Kronen SMG. Try to flank the enemies and shoot them while 
moving. Make your way up the stairs and shoot down the Shotgun Guard, too bad
we don't get the shotgun :(. There are some guards hiding behind the table so
crouch and take them out when they look out. 

Dash to the tables and hide behind them as a whole squad of Octogun men appear 
out of the door. Eliminate them while behind the cover to take the least 
damage. Yes, you did it! Now head for the mansion door..

A cutscene shows the mysterious man jump out and choke Bond dead! A woman 
comes out to talk to him. Oh, that was a fake Bond, phew! He peels of the mask
and walks away.


Objective- Take briefing for your next mission form M

Nope the mission is not over yet, you are taken to MI6 to continue with the 

After the cutscene with Moneypenny you find yourself as the REAL 007 in the 
MI6 base. You need to take your next mission so head through the door to M's
office. Talk to him and look at the projector to understand your next mission.
Seems to be a Russian device, the Lektor, is in bad hands! It's time for Bond
to save the world.

After the talking is done head for the elevator and enter it to head for Q's


Objective- Talk to Q to learn about your gadgets

Once the cutscene's finished talk to Q and then select any of the glass panels
with a gadget inside to see what the gadget is used for. Cool gadgets Q! Now 
head down the passage to the door to enter the training room.

Objective- Complete the training course

Listen to Q to learn how to use your Laser Watch. Use it to hit the switch on
the other end of the room and the door will open. Head in and use the PP7 to 
take out the Q-Robot. Follow the passage to some other robots, take them out
quickly with head shots. In the next area use the laser to destroy the 
explosive and blow up the glass. Head through and defeat the opposing Q-robots 
that appear. Head through the door killing any robots you find and you'll come
to the last training course: defusing bombs. Use the laser to hit the switch 
to open the door. Enter the room and shoot down the Q-robots. Head for the 
bomb at the end and hold X to defuse it. Wait for the bar to fill before
releasing X or you'll fail the mission. After the bombs defused.. mission 

d) Gypsie Camp
Difficulty: ***

Approximate Misson Time: 30 mins

This mission starts the story of From Russia With Love for real. Bond is sent 
to Istanbul to investigate this soviet decoding device that seems to be in bad 
hands. He meets with his old friend Kerim Bey, and they quickly head off to 
work. But just as they drive off,the mysterious man that was seen in Hedgemaze
appears and shoots a car behind them with a Bazooka. Bond and Kerim Bey then
heads for the Russian Consulate to find out who ordered the attack.

Once they reach there, they take an underground passage and overlook a meeting
above. Krilencu, the boss of the Octupus gang, is shouting something about the
Lektor and the Lektor's clearlyt in Bond's sight. He says to lock it up in a
safe then something about attacking a Gypsy camp of Kerim's. Kerim sets of to
save his "gypsy" friends while Bond goes for the blueprints for the Lektor.

A black screen takes us to the Gypsy camp. Bond arrives and says to Kerim Bey
that he got the blueprints. Kerim Bey seems to have warned his Gypsy friends 
already.. WHAM! Suddenly gangs of the Octupus pour in the camp shooting. 
Octogun men, Soviet Elites, and even a truck! The mission then officialy 

Gypsy Camp-3.1

Objective- Take out the Gunner.

This is one of my most favourite levels, and also one of the funest itself.
You get to play the infamous Gypsy camp fight here, yes, this is real.

Fist of all you need to take out the gunner on top of the truck. Quick, but 
not easy since he has a bunch of life. Luckily, he doesn't really attack you.
Press left or right on the direction pad and you'll find you have a bunch of
weapons and gadgets! Use the magnum and the Bond focus to quickly finish the 
Gunner. A cutscene then insues.

Coming Soon!

e) Sniper Alley

Coming Soon!

f) Consulate  

Coming Soon!

g) Train

Coming Soon!

h) Factory

Coming Soon!

i) Octopus Base

Coming Soon!

4. Closing

a) Closing Words

Hope this guide helped you! Remeber to look back in my guide for updates 
because I'll update it very quickly. In the mean time feel free to email me 
ideas of what to add! 
b) Credits

The following are who I thank very much for helping me with this guide,

My sister, who encouraged me to start this guide,

Myself, for typing this guide,

EA, for publishing this excellent game,

YOU, for reading this guide,

And last but not least, gamefaqs for excepting my first ever guide to fulfill
one of my many wishes.

Thank you all.