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Monster Guide by Storm_Skyflyer

Version: 1 | Updated: 10/19/10

Monster guide

I had to spend hours trying to find all the information about monster data so I decided to compile the information into a more comprehensive and hopefully more complete guide

Notes and Acknowledgements

I drew up this simple but helpful chart

  • Please note that each type is aligned with either dark or light, if you are fighting a monster that is aligned dark, say ice with a monster that is light say fire all attacks are more effective than if both monsters share alignment.

Monster Type Chart
Notes and Acknowledgements

This Chart was originally made by BeyondLegend in an excel sheet so all credit to this chart goes to him.

I am double checking everything for accuracy and trying to fill in the few gaps there are.(so far I have confirmed the info on monsters 1-19)
  • Each character can carry 3 jewels at a time and you have a party of 3 so that is a total of 9 monsters you can have with you, please note however each character can only send out one of their monsters at a time. Any additional monster you catch are put into the monster storage accessible through the monolith. When you catch a monster you have the option to switch it with one of your own, if you choose not to it gets sent back to the monolith.
  • Number in Parenthesis is how many total Quarts must be fused into the monster, You must have at least the number of specified quarts(first number) as listed you can use any quart to get the total.
    • For example to evolve Wyvern into King Wyvern it must have 10 wind and a total of 20 quarts fused into it so you could fuse 10 wind, 5 fire, 5 earth to evolve it
  • Please also not that some monsters must evolve between a specified time
    • For example to get steel Wyvern you must evolve fuse Dark Wyvern with 10 dark quarts and a total of 30 quarts last fusion must end between 11pm and 3Am
IDElementMonsterEvolved FromEvolved to
1WindKing WyvernWyvern + Wind 10(20)
2WindBaby WyvernN/AWyvern, Dark Wyvern, King Wyvern
3WindWyvernBaby Wyvern + Wind 5(5)King Wyvern
4DarkDark WyvernBaby Wyvern + Dark 5(10)Steel Wyvern
5FireFire WyvernBaby Wyvern + Fire 5(10)
6EarthBaby BehemothBehemoth
7EarthBehemothBaby Behemoth + Earth 5(10)Dark Behemoth
8DarkDark BehemothKing Behemoth
9DarkKing BehemothDark Behemoth + Dark 10(30) Behemoth +10 Dark(20)Steel Behemoth
10IceWolfFrost Wolf
11IceFrost WolfWolf + Ice 5(5)Stone Wolf, Thunder Wolf, Ice Wolf
12EarthStone WolfFrost Wolf + Earth 10(20)
13ThunderThunder WolfFrost Wolf + Thunder 10(20)
14IceIce WolfFrost Wolf + Ice 10(20)Fenrir
15DarkSteel WyvernDark Wyvern + Dark 10(30) Between 11PM ~ 3AM
16DarkSteel BehemothKing Behemoth + Dark 10(30) Between 11PM ~ 3AM
17IceFenrirIce Wolf + Ice 10(30) Between 6PM ~ 6AM
18EarthArmadilloGiant Armadillo
19EarthGiant ArmadilloArmadillo + Earth 5(10)Rhino
20EarthRhinoGiant Armadillo + Earth 10(20)Triceratops, Mammoth
21EarthTriceratopsRhino + Earth 10(20)
22IceMammothRhino + Ice 10(20)
23FireBaby DragonDragon
24FireDragonBaby Dragon + Fire 5(10)Thunder Dragon, Fire Dragon
25ThunderThunder DragonDragon + Thunder 10(20)Sacred Dragon
26FireFire DragonDragon + Fire 10(20Sacred Dragon
27LightSacred DragonThunder Dragon + Light 10(30) or Fire Dragon + Light 10(30) Between 6AM~6PM
28WaterForest DragonSea Dragon, Poison Dragon
29WaterSea DragonForest Dragon + Water 10(10)
30DarkPoison DragonForest Dragon + Dark 10~20??(?) Between 7PM~10PM
31WindFay HarePixy Hare
32WindPixy HareFay Hare + Wind 5(5)Elf Hare, Sacred Hare, Dark Hare
33WindElf HarePixy Hare + Wind 10(10)
34LightSacred HarePixy Hare + Light 10(20) Between 10AM~4PM
35DarkDark HarePixy Hare + Dark 10(20) Between 11PM~3AM
36FireLionFire Lion, Wind Lion, Blue Lion
37FireFire LionLion + Fire 5(5)Ashen Lion
38WindWind LionLion + Wind 5(10)
39WaterBlue LionLion + Water 5(10)
40FireAshen LionFire Lion + Fire 10(20)Sacred Lion
41DarkSteel GriffinGriffin + Dark ?(??) 11PM~3AM
43LightSacred LionAshen Lion + Light 10(30) Between 6AM~6PM
44WaterStone TortoiseMithirl Tortoise, Crystal Tortoise
45WaterMithril TortoiseStone Tortoise + Water 5(10)
46IceCrystal TortoiseStone Tortoise + Ice 5(10)
47FireFire TortoiseMagma Tortoise
48FireMagma TortoiseFire Tortoise + Fire 5(15)
49ThunderMystic HawkTropical Bird
50ThunderThunder VultureRoc
51WindRocThunder Vulture + Wind 5(10
52FirePhoenixTropical Bird + Fire 5(10)
53ThunderGriffinSteel Griffin
54WaterTropical BirdMystic Hawk + Water 5(5)Phoenix
55WaterEl BirdoElla Bird
56WaterElla BirdEl Birdo + Water 5(15) Between ?~? (Morning
57WindCraneRoyal Crane
58WindRoyal CraneCrane + Wind 5(15) Between ?~? (Morning)
59EarthSand WormScorpion
60ThunderBeetleCapterpillar + Thunder 5(5) Between 4AM~5AMCrystal Beetle
61WindCrystal BeetleBeetle + Wind 5(10)Beetle King
62FireBeetle KingCrystal Beetle + Fire 10(20)
63EarthScorpionSand Worm + Earth 5(5)Mantis
64WaterMantisScorpion + Water 5(10)Mantis Queen
65IceMantis QueenMantis + Ice 10(20)
66EarthGolemThunder Golem
67ThunderThunder GolemGolem + Earth 15
68FireMagma GolemArmored Golem
69DarkArmored GolemMagma Golem + Fire 5(15)
70WindHorned MareKelpie
71LightKelpieHorned Mare + Wind 5(10)Unicorn
72LightUnicornKelpie + Light 5(10)
73LightYoung TrentTrent
74LightTrentYoung Trent + Light 5(10)Snow Trent
75LightSnow TrentTrent + Light 5(15)
76LightPalm TrentSnow Trent + Light 10(20) Between 10AM~?? (Morning)
77ThunderBaby KirinKirin, Fire Kirin, Frost Kirin
78ThunderKirinBaby Kirin + Thunder 5(5)Silver Kirin
79ThunderSilver KirinKirin + Thunder 10(20)Golden Kirin
80ThunderGolden KirinSilver Kirin + Thunder 20(40)
91WaterFrog LordFrog Man + Water 5(15)
92IceSahagin LordSahagin Man + Ice 5(15)
93DarkPixy DevilReaper
94DarkReaperPixy Devil + Dark 5(10) Night
96LightAngel KittenPixy Devil + Light 10(10)? Morning
97WaterBlue RayDesert Ray, Steel Ray
98FireDesert RayBlue Ray + Fire 5Storm Ray
99ThunderStorm RayDesert Ray + Any 15
100DarkSteel RayBlue Ray + Dark 10(30) Between 11PM~3AM
101EarthViperBlue Ray + Dark 10(30) Between 11PM~3AMNaga
102EarthNagaViper + Earth 5(15)Shenron
103LightDeusNaga + Light 10(20) Between 6AM~6PM
104LightShenronEvent (Monolith)
105LightLichtDeepest level of "???"
106DarkSchattenDeepest level of "???"
107WindAnemosAmalgamate with "Icarus Wings"
108WaterNingnirAmalgamate with "Solomon's Ring"
109IceTatsukkoAmalgamate with "Stuffed Dragon"
110FireKagutsuchiAmalgamate with "Easter Egg"
Notes and Acknowledgements

This section was written entirely by me as I spent a good deal of time in each area checking what monsters there were. It does NOT include monsters that were events, just catchable monsters that are natural to the area.

  • Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress
Training GroundsBaby Kirin, Caterpillar, Fay Hare, Fire Tortoise, Sand Worm, Sahagin, Stone Tortoise,
Old RoadEl Birdo, Golem, Sahagin, Sand Worm, Stone Tortoise, Wolf
New RoadBaby Behemoth, Baby Dragon, Baby Kirin, Birdman, El Birdo, Fay Hare, Frost Wolf, Golem, Sahagin, Sand Worm, Stone Tortoise, Wolf
Mining Facility
Light HouseBaby Dragon, Baby Kirin, Baby Wyvern, Bird Man, Caterpillar, Fay Hare, Fire Tortoise, Frost Kirin, Frost Wolf, Horned Mare, Lion, Pixy Hare, Snow Trent, Stone Tortoise, Thunder Vulture, Trent, Tropical Bird, Wyvern
Notes and Acknowledgements

This is where I will be putting the Compendium monster profile data, copied word for word from the game.

  • Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress
IDMonsterProfile Data
1King WyvernThe King of the Skies has powerful wings that can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow the feathers off a small bird.
2Baby WyvernAn Infant wyvern with clawed wings that enable it to be nimble, even though it isnt skilled at flying.
3WyvernA dragon that can ne longer fly well because it has become to muscular. Walking seems to be easier for it.
4Dark WyvernA wyvern that has gained the power of darkness after living in the dark for many years. However it can no longer fly high.
5Fire WyvernA fire-clad wyvern that lives near deserts and valcanoes. It dies when the flames on its body are extinguished.
6Baby BehemothThis infant has sharp fangs and scaled arms. It is curious and very interested in human tools.
7BehemothThe scales on its arms serve as shields. It has a short temper and cant be stopped once it begins wreaking havoc.
8Dark BehemothIts blood-soaked fangs convey its ferocity. It can smell blood from afar, and once it finds the source, its all over.
9King BehemothWith its supernatural strength and shielded arms, this creature of darkness is a formidable foe.
10WolfA wild beast that attacks livestock. However, if one builds a relationship with it while its young, it will become a lifelong friend.
11Frost WolfAlthough humans use tamed frost wolves for hunting, wild frost wolves can be fierce, attacking in small packs.
12Stone WolfThis wolf likes to eat igneous rocks and appears frequently near volcanoes. It doesnt like to get wet, so it hates hot springs.
13Thunder WolfAlthough its coat is not electrically charged, one must be careful of its sharp steel fur.
14Ice WolfIt travels the world in search of food, bringing cold weather to the places it visits.
15Steel WyvernAppears during starless nights. The embodiment of anger and sadness, seeking only death and destruction.
16Steel BehemothThis monster has given in to the darkness. Its fists of destruction are a manifestation of repressed anger and sadness.
17FenrirA fierce ice beast that can bring about calamitous blizzards. Only the chains of friendship can bind its supernatural strength.
18ArmadilloAn easygoing beast that sleeps and average of 18 hours a day. If its slumber is disturbed, it will attack while still half asleep.
19Giant Armadillo
23Baby DragonThis small dragon yearns to grow big and strong. It trains in low altitudes so that one day it will be able to fly long distances.
24DragonThis mythical creature is said to live for hundreds of years. It commemorates the names of heroic dragons of ages past.
25Thunder DragonAlso called Lightning God for its ability to command lightning, this dragon is the strongest of its species.
26Fire Dragon
27Sacred DragonThis dragon controls the holy light. It is highly intelligent and can even understand human languages.
28Forest Dragon
29Sea Dragon
30Poison Dragon
31Fay HareIts basic nature is to help the wounded. It digs its nest in soft earth and lives among extended families.
32Pixy HareSince it flies by flapping its ears, it has difficulty hearing while in flight. Its spatial perception is guided by its sense of smell.
33Elf HareLoves to eat nectar of a sweet scented flower that only grows in warm climates with heavy precipitation.
34Sacred Hare
35Dark Hare
36LionFull of pride the cat is in training to one day become the king of the beasts.
37Fire Lion
38Wind Lion
39Blue Lion
40Ashen Lion
41Steel Griffin
42CaterpillarIts repulsive appearance is a defensive mechanism to protect it from enemies. But up close its actually quite cute.
43Sacred Lion
44Stone TortoiseThis tortoise camouflages itself as a rock during the day by drawing its arms and legs into its shell.
45Mithril Tortoise
46Crystal Tortoise
47Fire TortoiseIts always running around because the flames on its back are so hot. When it dies, the flames engulf it, leaving nothing but ash.
48Magma Tortoise
49Mystic HawkThis Birds long cockscomb allows it to turn sharply in flight. As this shrinks, the bird loses its ability to fly fast.
50Thunder VultureThis scavenger uses electricity to hunt, discharging hundreds of volts on its unsuspecting prey.
52PhoenixA mythical bird said to be alive since ancient times. Legend says the secret to immortality is in its blood.
54Tropical BirdThis bird stores large amounts of water in its stomach, only to spit it out at enemies.
55El BirdoIt doesnt look like a wild monster due to its plump figure, which it maintains daily. The amount of food it eats is astonishing.
56Ella Bird
58Royal Crane
59Sand WormA larva that not only eats the moss growing on a rock, but the rock itself. It is said to grow into a pupa.
61Crystal Beetle
62Beetle King
65Mantis Queen
66GolemA life form that exists only to protect the ruins. It clearly differs from other organisms, but its origin is a mystery.
67Thunder Golem
68Magma Golem
69Armored Golem
70Horn MareIts gentleness and ability to run fast make this beast a highly desired form of transportation. Just dont stand behind it.
73Young Trent
74TrentA crab-like organism that lived in symbiosis with a tree on its back until the tree withered. A sign of luck for married couples.
75Snow TrentAlthough it looks as if snow has fallen upon on its tuft, this monster is actually creating the precipitation.
76Palm Trent
77Baby KirinThis infant can be found playing with other kirins in forests and grasslands. Its fun spirited and cant resist playing tricks.
79Silver Kirin
80Gold Kirin
81Fire KirinThe heat this fire-clad being emits can be felt even at a great distance, yet it doesnt burn the flesh of those near it.
82Blazing Kirin
83Frost KirinThis mythical beast acquired the power of ice to guide those on the verge of death into a peaceful slumber.
84Ice Kirin
85Bird ManA bird whose wings evolved into human-like arms. Its intelligent and capable of creating weapons.
86Hawk ManAlthough it cannot fly no matter how furiously it flaps its wings, it can still be found training in its spare time.
87Frog Man
88SahaginThis amphibian uncharacteristically likes to live in dry places. It excretes oil to prevent its skin from drying out.
89Bird Lord
90Hawk Lord
91Frog Lord
92Sahagin Lord
93Pixy Devil
96Angel Kitten
97Blue RayOnce thought to be a crocodile that evolved legs over time, it is actually a shark that grew wings.
98Desert Ray
99Storm Ray
100Steel Ray
101ViperIf two viper infants are orphaned, they will chase each others tails endlessly.
106SchattenAn evil god that was born from the abyss. It lends its power to those filled with desire, eliminating their enemies.
107AnemosA Guardian beast that presides over the wind. It is known as the Fleeting Assassin for its agility and ferociousness.
109TatsukkoA guardian beast that presides over ice. Its body has already perished and only its soul remains.
110KagutsuchiA guardian beast that presides over fire. Its scorching flames will incinerate anything that comes near it.
Notes and Acknowledgements

This section of the faq was written by snkupo

  • Q: I summoned another Monster, but my LP value was left unchanged!
    • A: The LP value belongs to the characters in your party, not your Monsters.

  • Q: To evolve a Monster, I need to fuse a jewel with lots of Quartz stones, but hey, I can't fit that many stones in one fusion.
    • A: You can carry out several fusions. When you've fused enough Quartz stones into a jewel, the Monster will evolve. It doesn't matter how many fusions you carry out as long as the required number of Quartz stones are fused into the jewel. You can also add more Quartz to ongoing fusions.
  • Q: Ok, but won't it be hard for me to keep track of how many Quartz of each type I've fused into a jewels, since I have to carry out several fusions?
    • A: On each Monster's status screen, you can check what kind of, and how many Quartz stones have been fused with the Monster's jewel.
  • Q: I'm confused! What's the difference between a Monster and a jewel?
    • A: Monsters are kept inside jewels. Equipping or altering a jewel is the same thing as 'equipping' or altering the Monster inside. There's no difference.
  • Q: I can't seem to use Amalgamy on my Monsters!
    • A: Only Monsters that are stored in the Monolith can be used in Amalgamy.
  • Q: So, where do I use Amalgamy?
    • A: In the Amalgamy Lab at The Order's island.
  • Q: What can I do with Amalgamy?
    • A: Evolve Monsters, learn them new abilities, and boost their stats.
  • Q: Is there a level requirement that I need to fill before evolving a Monster?
    • A: No, you can evolve Monsters at any level.
  • Q: My Monster evolved faster than you said it would -- I didn't have to spend as many Quartz stones as you said.
    • A: Don't worry. Fusion Amalgamy is not 100% stable. There will be small differences all the time, no matter what you do.
  • Q: My monsters can only have 4 abilities each. Is there a way to expand this?
    • A: In most cases, you can earn a fifth ability slot by fusion 12 quartz stones into the monster in question. It doesn't matter what kind of quartz you use.
  • Q: How do I earn Amalgamy Points?
    • A: Win battles or recycle Monsters from the Monolith.
  • Q: Where can I find the Monolith?
    • A: In The Monolith building on The Order's island.
  • Q: How many Monsters are there in Jewel Summoner?
    • A: 110 different ones.
  • Q: How do I get Quartz stones?
    • A: Buy them from item shops. Monsters drop them as well.
  • Q: Where do I get prisms?
    • A: Buy them from the item shop in Azure Monde. Monsters drop them as well.
  • Q: What are prisms used for?
    • A: Catching Monsters. I.e. Fire Monsters can be caught by using Fire prisms.
  • Q: Where are the strongest monsters in the game found?
    • A: There's lots of them in the '???' dungeon.
  • Q: When I try to catch Monsters, they always run away!
    • A: Try catching them after lowering their LP.
  • Q: What does LP and JP mean?
    • A: LP is health, while JP is Jewel Power, which is consumed by using abilities.
  • Q: I always seem to run out of JP way faster than I'd like to.
    • A: This is why you should have several Monsters with you. If one runs out of JP, simply use another Monster.
  • Q: What happens if one of my party members gets defeated in battle?
    • A: He or she will be unable to fight, but after the battle, they'll get 1 LP.
  • Q: What does my Summoner Rank mean?
    • A: A higher rank means that you will be able to control stronger Monsters, have a bigger amount of maximum LP, and sometimes, it even gives you more options at the Amalgamy Lab. Your rank rises as you progress through the storyline.
  • Q: My monster does not evolve, even though i use the correct materials.
    • A: Some monsters can only be evolved at certain times a day. This includes the popular Caterpillar monsters. Please check the chart and double check the current time on your psp

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