Question from zandoi20

how can i get higher DP?

how can i earn easily more DP?

monkey2006uk asked for clarification:

There is no fast way to get D.P just keep dueling everyone till you get the amount you want.

Accepted Answer

Nick_Kazama answered:

Find Nova, the Obelisk Blue student. He can be found at the main gate (after class) or at the classroom before class. Duel him and you will find that he is not actually worthy of being an Obelisk - all he seems to do is draw and draw and draw. He has a few annoying cards like Cyber Jar (Flip: Destroy all monsters on the field and then draw 5 cards, summoning all level 4 or lower monsters along the way), Morphing Jar (Flip: Both players discard their entire hands and then draw 5 cards from their Decks) and Exchange of the Spirit (swap each players Graveyard with their Deck).

Other than that, he's not hard at all, I mean, he has 3 Thunder Dragons in his Deck but no Polymerization or Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon! He even has cards which he never uses for some reason...

So yeah, go and Duel him. Wait for him to Draw half of his Deck in one turn and then chip away at his Life Points with your Monsters.
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jon_91 answered:

U can go to free duel and duel with a noob example damon and set the settings to 2000lp and no time limit so tat u will win faster.U can oso play tag team with two same charecters
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GenocideHeart answered:

Find the character called Nova - he's in the classroom before class, and at the main gate afterwards. He's an Obelisk Blue student with an Exchange deck, but he sucks horribly at using it, so if you make a deck with strong monsters (1700+ attack, level 4 or less) and rush him, you should utterly destroy him before he can mess around with his deck.

He gives 200DP just for beating him, plus the usual bonuses, meaning you will get anywhere between 300 and 400 points usually, plus eventual levelup bonuses.

Damon (the Tarzan wannabe who does nothing but draw) and Gillian (blonde Slifer Red outside your room) can also be crushed fairly easily, but they don't give nearly as many DP as Nova.
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